Tiffany’s Tele-Tuesday #1

Do you not have enough time in the day to watch everything you want on TV?

Is there so much on each night that you don’t know what to select and therefore forego it all together?

My favorite:  Do you find something on the networks that you really do like and then all of a sudden it’s removed without so much as an explanation?

It goes without saying that I’m addicted to television.  Many of you don’t have the time to watch more than a couple of hours of TV a night, if that much, and I want to use my addiction to help you.  My friends laugh at the amount of television I watch.  I love TV!  I personally feel the DVR is the best invention since the Internet, and I put it the test.  My AT&T U-Verse DVR records up to four shows at a time!  You think I’m crazy?  Join the club.

Every Tuesday I’ll introduce more shows and sometimes I will even provoke thought.  Since this is my first edition of Tiffany’s Tele-Tuesday, I’m going to keep it simple and start with my favorite shows on each network, in no particular order.  Due to the inordinate amount of television that I follow, I will break this into two parts.

Part 1

ABC – Detroit 187.  I used to love NYPD Blue and ABC launched a new show this year starring Christopher Moltisanti, I mean, Michael Imperioli, as a top Detective in Detroit with secrets and quirks.  Detroit 187 reminds me a lot of NYPD Blue, and as the season progressed I enjoyed it more and more.  Warning – ABC has already aired the season finale.

CBS – This is tough.  I believe CBS might be the best network out there.  I don’t miss an episode of Criminal Minds or any of the three CSI shows.  CBS even wins for the network with the best new shows in 2010-2011 as far as I’m concerned:  Hawaii 5-0, The Defenders, and Blue Bloods.  If you’re one of those that don’t know what to watch, tune your set to CBS and just let it run while you cook, clean, read, whatever it is you do from 7pm-10pm CST.

In the meantime, I promised a favorite so I choose….Survivor.  I can’t resist watching who can Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay each other.  Every season promises pure entertainment and crazy people.  This season, the show introduced Redemption Island.  I absolutely love the new twist in the game.  Go ahead, watch.  Is this season’s Philip really a former federal agent?  Oh, and I’m Team Boston Rob.


CW –Supernatural.  Brothers, Sam & Dean Winchester save the world from demons, vampires, shape-shifters, the Apocalypse, etc.  Did I mention that Dean loves classic rock?  Best Supporting Character?  The music!


FOX – Bones.  Do you like mysteries?  Forensics?  Did you watch Buffy or Angel and develop a crush on David Boreanaz?  Bones follows one of the best forensic pathologists lacking most social skills, and her partner, a former military sniper and current FBI agent, as they solve murders.  Is there sexual tension?  TONS!  You can’t help but fall in love with Booth and Bones.  Warning – Don’t watch the show when you’re eating dinner!


NBC – Chuck.  Pure Monday night fun.  Chuck is half 007 and half geek.  I can’t remember the last time an episode ended and I didn’t have a smile on my face.  For whatever reason though, Chuck is always rumored for cancellation.

To be continued…

What’s your favorite TV show?  I’d love to hear from you!

Tonight, Body of Proof debuts on ABC at 9pm CST starring Dana Delaney.  I have mine set on the DVR!

21 Replies to “Tiffany’s Tele-Tuesday #1”

  1. Hmm. I haven’t seen any of those shows. And we watch a ton of TV here. What about Southland? I didn’t catch it until the third season, but thought it was wicked good writing.

    1. I do like Southland but the networks have moved it around so much that it’s difficult to follow. TNT has it now so maybe it will build a more solid following. Thanks for reading!

  2. I love Criminal Minds and CSI, Bones is fun. Used to watch House quite a lot. The new Kathy Bates lawyer show is pretty good, too.

    For reality shows, I can’t miss American Idol. And Biggest Loser usually brings me to tears.

    1. I like so much TV that I limited this first post to my favs. House is on my DVR but when I had to choose for FOX I went with Bones. You and I will get along great! Thanks for reading!

  3. I love Criminal Minds, it is one of my favorites, and I love all the CSIs too! We have U-Verse too so we always have a ton of stuff recorded. I have never watched Bones, Supernatural or Detroit 187, but you are making me want to start! I may have to add them to my list! And by the way, wow, I am impressed, first facebook, then twitter and now your own blog! 🙂

  4. Well first Chuck is in its final season…thanks to Subway we get to see the rest of the episodes….and you choose Supernatural over Vampire Diaries???? Your are sickly mistaken there, showing your judement to be impaired…besides their music is rocken’ on VD and the vampire Barbie is HOT…..FINALLY what about Justified not one of your favs either? Really? Really? Raylon is the baddest cop(federal) there is…he makes me shake my head every episode….I guess I have no choice but to keep checking back to see if your opinions come around and see the light..”don’t go into the light little girl”

    1. 1st – Thank you subway! 2nd – I do love Vampire Diaries but this 1st edition covered my favs for just a few of the networks. Yes, I love VD but I’ve been watching Supernatural longer. It’s tough to choose sometimes. 3rd – The other networks will be covered in part 2 next week (FX, USA, TNT, Sho, HBO, etc). I just read on Twitter that Justified was picked up for Season 3. YEA! And, finally, thank you bubby for reading. Don’t give up on your little sister just yet. I love you!

  5. We cut off our cable last week – true! Just couldn’t ever find a show we wanted to watch that ran right through. They always seemed to be jumping out of series four and back to two or whatever. I like Bones though, may rent the DVDs or go through Netflix. I’ll be relying on your recommendations!

    1. I just don’t know what I’d do without my cable. I can vaguely recall a time in college when all I had was basic…then one semester after finals I treated myself with the whole-shebang (that just made me think of an old Ricky Martin song!). Thanks for reading! I have some good ones coming next week too! Definitely netflix worthy…

  6. Oh reading this post is painful! But only because I have given up TV for Lent! I didn’t realize how addicted I was until now. I love Bones so am glad it made your list. My kids and I really enjoy USA Network and it gives us shows we can watch together over the summer like Psych, Burn Notice, Royal Pains and White Collar. On ScyFy we watch Eureka

    1. You gave up TV? Kudos to you! That is a real sacrifice. I gave up sodas and fried foods. The no sodas is tough but the friend foods has been easier than imagined. But no TV? CRAZY! I’ll talk about USA & TNT next week in Part II. You have some good taste in tv shows! Thanks for reading!

  7. Wow, I hop over from Kristen Lamb’s link to meet you and there it is, right out there for me to see. Chuck. You are officially my new favorite stranger of the day. So I guess we’re technically not strangers anymore since I’ve bestowed accolades and all.

    I rarely watch TV, but when I do it’s Chuck. Like you, I don’t know why those cancellation rumors persist. They better not leave us hanging!

    1. Hi! Thanks for coming over and reading! I hope the rumors about Chuck are wrong too but I keep hearing that Subway has saved it maybe for the last time. I personally think NBC is nuts if they take it off the air!

  8. Fun stuff, but I have to question – no NCIS? No love for Leroy Jethro Gibbs? Seriously? I’m a TV addict too, but I can only watch reruns during the day – and soon may have to cut cable out entirely (damn economy). I must say, I DO miss Buffy…

    1. I watch so much TV that choosing one favorite per network for this first blog was tough. Don’t hiss, but I don’t watch NCIS…I do however love NCIS LA. I started watching because of LL and “Robin” but now find myself looking forward to Eric Christian Olsen’s character in every episode. Well, not just his character. I think he’s adorable. Thank you for reading and please come back!

  9. Tiffany, better late to the party than never. I finally made it to your blog. Hey, girl! I might have to start watching more TV. You’re convincing me that I’m missing some really good programs. Thanks!

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