Friday FabOoolousness – Kristen Lamb

When I lost my job in 2010, I decided there would not be a better time to embark on my next journey.  I immediately started my first manuscript, a story I’ve dreamed of telling since college.  The writing came naturally, but then I started to ask myself – what’s next? 

In November, I registered to attend DFWcon, and hoped to answer just that.  My friends had always laughed at my refusal to set up a Facebook account, and one friend harped on me for years that I needed to blog.  So, I faced my fears, and walked into a Branding and Social Media Introduction class led by Kristen Lamb.

Kristen Lamb

At the conference, I heard over and over again that social media leads the way, and helps aspiring authors build their community & platform.  If people like you, they’re more inclined to buy your novel.  Isn’t that what all writers want?    

So I bit — I took a big bite for me — I enrolled in Kristen Lamb’s online workshop.  For thirty days, she provided her FabOoolous insight and held my hand as I took baby steps into social media.  And I mean baby steps.  I think they may have coined the saying, “there’s no such thing as a stupid question,” for me; to make me feel better.  At the end of the first month, I started panicking.  I wasn’t ready to go out on my own!  Kristen proved herself even more FabOoolous when she extended the workshop for another thirty days.  Whew!  That was music to my ears! 

Now, thirty-six days in, I have tweeted, blogged, and Facebooked.   I have officially joined the 21st century.

Kristen Lamb knows what she’s talking about.

Facebook is one thing; I found most of my old elementary, high school, and college friends, and have built my community around them.  And you know what?  I should have joined years ago.  I’m having a blast catching up with everyone! 

But Twitter?  Day one, I had two followers.  Two weeks later, I am just shy of 200!  I have met hundreds of writers who are just like me.  What a relief, I am not alone!  I love reading their posts, and have found so many useful tips by simply following the writing community on Twitter. 

And the blog – I was probably the most nervous about blogging.  I’m not an expert in anything, so what do I blog about?  Kristen recommended that I reach out to friends and family and build a list of 100 words that described me:  my very own spaghetti sauce ingredients.  What a fun exercise!  The word that most of my dearest replied with was opinionated.  I have to laugh, there’s no surprise there!  With my list, I built my platform. 

My Platform = My Opinion

Week one, I had over 470 visits to my blog.  To me, that is amazing!  And now, I’m blogging two posts a week:

 Tiffany’s Tele-Tuesday – where I give my opinion based on my addiction to television

Friday FabOoolousness – where I give my opinion based on all other things fabOoolous (authors, books, movies, sports, etc.)

I didn’t know Kristen Lamb in February, but today I have the honor of saying I do. 

Kristen, you are absOoolutely FabOoolous! 

Kristen, you are my social media guru!

I highly recommend everyone check out Kristen’s FabOoolous blog, her FabOoolous website, & buy a copy of her FabOoolous bestselling book, We Are Not Alone – The Writer’s Guide to Social Media.  

Who is your guru?  Who has helped you achieve a goal?  I’d love to hear from you! 

Check back next Friday for a FabOoolous Scream edition!

14 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness – Kristen Lamb”

  1. Love the blog! And anything new screams of STRANGER DANGER! Kudos for taking the leap. And by the way, you’ve got a fabOOOlous writerly voice–fun stuff. Looking forward to mOOOre!

  2. So very proud of you for being so very savvy with social media! Since my ADD is in full swing today, and I can’t concentrate on my work, I’m going to subscribe to your blog and even read your archives! Woo!

  3. Squeeee! Sorry it took so long to get by here. Jen says “Hi” btw. The Internet here is soooooo slow. Like a glacier could out pace it. Awesome job!!! I am so happy to be part of your successful launch and I look forward to being part of your career-building team. And I am a total Bob Mayer fan girl. James Scott Brown and Larry Brooks too.

  4. I meant James Scott Bell. Ugh. I am also really exhausted by had to stop by and cheer for you.

    1. Thank you so much for everything – sharing your knowledge, these words of encouragement, and for being so fabulous (real word this time). I know what a crazy life you have and it’s amazing that you find time to help the rest of us. I hope you had a great time in LA! I am so jealous…

  5. Hi Tiffany. *waves* Welcome to the blogosphere. Kristen pulled me into the world of social media, too. We joke that I am her guinea pig, and she adopted me, all wet and shivering, from the Writer’s Shelter.

    It’s a scary thing to start blogging. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing at first, either. Now, I have it worked out so that I’m blogging on Monday and Friday, my writing partner has Thursday and Sunday, and we do a blog together on Wednesdays. It’s a lot of work, but it’s getting easier over time.

    I love your writer voice in this blog, and I’ve watched you dive into Twitter like it’s your second home. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you at DFW, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing you next year. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. All the best.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! You were one of the first people Kristen introduced me to on twitter. I have enjoyed chatting, and reading your blog. I too wish we could have met at DFWcon and I definitely look forward to next year. Until then, I’ll keep seeing you online!

  6. Jen did stop in to meet Kristen (who is just as amazing in person…and much prettier than even that sassy Gravitar – who knew?). Love the blog…I’ve been meaning to look but i had to go meet Kristen and Dean Koontz!

    My gurus…Kristen of course, especially lately. And Bob Mayer. Julia Cameron for sure.

    But the people who kept me going in the early days were Natalie Goldberg, Anne Lamott, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Jennifer Crusie and Stephen Cannell. I either read their books or saw them speak and felt like they were speaking directly to me, laying down a path of writerly glitter for me to follow. I don’t know if I’d have kept the faith if I hadn’t gotten regular doses of “keep going” from all of the above.

    I’m gonna agree with Amy and tell YOU to “keep going” with this bubbly, friendly voice of yours. Blog, Twitter and write on, my friend!

    1. Jen, Thank you so much for stopping by, and your words of encouragement! I have enjoyed getting to know you these past few weeks, and I look forward to our chats & your blog! You left me some names to google, thanks!

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