Friday FabOoolousness – Click & See!

The end of the week snuck up on me so I’ve decided to take this time and publish my first Mash-Up.

What’s a Mash-Up?

Blogs that can’t be missed

Blogs that deserve a click

 Blogs that I recommend

 My Mash-Up ranges from beautiful randomness, to information hot spots.  I hope you’ll click all ten & see!

Monday Mystery Fun: 

Check out Masters of Mystery Monday by K.B. Owen.  She hosts fun facts and quizzes, all about classic mysteries.

Check out all of K.B.’s other posts on her website:

Perfect Blog for Animal Lovers:

“Bling, Bitches, and Blood” by Amy Shojai – my favorite is Tuesday’s Tips.  You can catch Amy speaking at the OWFI (Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Inc.) conference in Oklahoma City, May 5-6.

Check out all of Amy’s tips at her website:

Informational Blogs:

Jen Hansen’s blog is great for writers, the technically challenged, dating, book reviews, and more.   A perfect example, Jen provides step by step instruction on how to schedule a blog’s publishing date and time using Wordpress and Blogger.

Check out all of Jen’s other posts at her blog: 

Piper Bayard’s blog “On Life, Belly Dancing, and Apocalyptic Annihilation” – yes, really – all those things.  I love movies; therefore, I love the Bayard, Holmes, Movie and No Popcorn posts most, but enjoy so many of her apocalyptic pieces too.

Check out the other posts at Piper’s blog:

Peter Saint Clair’s “My Silent Fury” covers everything from mystery fun, to writing tips, to cults, and to crime.  And, as his tag line reads, “whatever the hell else I want.”  This week he featured The Columbine Tragedy and the David Koresh and the Branch Davidians’ anniversary stories.  I’m hooked!

Check out Peter Saint Clair’s other posts at his website:

Blogging Randomness and Pure Fun:

Daniel Garner writes of living life in your 30’s on his blog, “Post Thirty Post”.  Plus, he has fabulous guest posts written by my dear friend, Jenn.

Check out all of Daniel’s posts at his blog:

Blogging for Writers:

Social media queen, Kristen Lamb, provides information galore including writing techniques, time management for writers, and social media 101.  Kristen’s Twitter Tuesday posts are perfect for those wanting to stick their toes in, and learn to swim the distance.  Kristen Lamb’s blog addresses all of these topics in a fun, humorous tone.

I credit Kristen, my guru, with throwing me in, and teaching me how to swim (in the pool of social media, that is).  Check out all of Kristen’s posts on her blog:

Blogging for Writers:

The great “How We Write” series, written by Jennifer Holbrook-Talty, and different writing techniques to the same series, “How We Write”, by Anna DeStefano, includes multiple ways to plot, revise, edit, and so much more.  Two ways are always better than one, right?

Check out more of the series, and their posts, on their blog sites: “The Glamorous Life”,  and “Anna Writes”

Writing tips galore!  Check out Roni Loren’s Fiction Groupie.  R The Ten Commandments of the Successful Author or The Author Bio – Six Important Components.

Check out all of Roni’s posts on her blog:

What’s your favorite blog that you absolutely can’t miss?  I’d love to hear from you!

14 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness – Click & See!”

  1. Wow, Tif, how awesome to be in with so many people I admire. I didn’t see a single link here that I DON’T love! I hadn’t been to K.B. Owen’s site (shame on me) so I’m going to take a look at that.

    Two others I love a lot:
    Writers in the Storm:
    (I blog there every few weeks so I know I’m biased but Laura Drake’s series on Agents and any of Sharla Rae’s craft blogs are FabOoolous!)

    The Script Lab:
    (The way they lay out character and 3-act structure has been really helpful to me.)

    I can’t wait to see what sites everyone else recommends. Thanks for putting together such an awesome mash-up AND putting me in it. 🙂

    1. Do you write screenplays? I’m so very interested in that. I attended some of the screenplay classes at DFWcon. I want to convert my WIP, but I’m haunted by the format. Thank you for The Script Lab link & thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Good-looking Mash-Up and what a team player! But, this is how social media works best, when we support each other as a team. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, energy and encouragement. You are VERY appreciated :D.

  3. Hi Tiffany. I can’t miss Kristen’s blog or Clay Morgan’s blog, EduClaytion. I try and keep up with about thirty more, though. They are the two must haves. Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

  4. Hey, Tiffany, thanks so much for including me in such great company! Been away from the computer Friday (now it’s Saturday!). What a nice surprise. Terrific support from a “fab-ooo-lous” friend! 🙂

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