Friday FabOoolousness – MarvelOoous Mashups & Awards

One of my twitter pals awarded me with my first blogging award this month – The Stylish Blogger.

Ashley, THANK YOU! Being new to the blogging world, this award means the world to me!  From now on, every time anyone clicks on the Stylish Blogger Award icon on my website, they will experience Ashley’s fabOoolous blog!

The award comes with just a few fabOoolous rules:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Before I share seven random facts about me, I first pass the baton.  The Stylish Blog Awards go to: 

  1. Jen L Kirchner
  2. Jen Greyson
  3. Julie Glover
  4. Grace Lewis
  5. Robyn Sadler


In addition to these 5 stylish blogs, click on these fabOoolous sites in my May edition of MarvelOoous Mashups!

Looking for something to make for dinner?  Check out Kait Nolan’s Pots and Plots. Kait also features a special segment – Gluten Free Friday. Gluten free flour tortillasGluten free beer batter fish?  Yum – Try one out!

At DFWcon, I kept hearing about this guy Chuck Wendig.  I couldn’t ignore my new-found writer friends, so Chuck was one of the first people I followed on Twitter.  I am so glad I did!  His post, 25 Things Every Writer Should Know, prompted me to take notes, laugh, take more notes, and then laugh some more.  Chuck is helpful and FUNNY!

Did you read the Choose Your Own Adventure books growing up? Similar to the Stylish Blogger award recipient Jen Kirchner’s Vote Your Next Adventure, Anne-Mhairi Simpson also posts a What Happens Next You Decide blog.  Vote – 1, 2, or 3…A, B, or C…

Roni Loren is brilliant!  Every week she posts her Boyfriend of the Week, which helps the rest of the female writing population’s creative juices flow.  Previous boyfriends have included Ian Somerhalder, Vampire Eric Northman aka Alexander Skarsgard, and Joshua Jackson.  Roni, please keep them coming!

Know the characters – that’s one of the most important things for any writer when traveling this journey.  Ashley Graham’s post, 7 things you might find interesting about my MC, gives a perspective that other’s might benefit from when shaping their main character.  This article really peaked my interest in Ashley’s MC Elena, and I want to read The Socialite.

Now to my 7 fun-facts — A few of my favorite things:

1) I am a bit “Monkish” – Tony Shaloub’s fabOoolous character from the hit tv-show, Monk.  I love to clean; therefore, one of my favorite fabOoolous household items is the Bissell Spot Lifter.  I can’t live without it.  This one invention has saved both of my cats on numerous occasions.

2) Keeping with the “Monkish” theme, I love, love, love for things to smell good.  For my furniture, I use the fabOoolous Febreze Clean Linen Spray.  I use it so much, that friends and family members retreat in fear that I will spray them upon entry of my house.  Ugh, I’ve never once sprayed anyone!  I don’t know why they’re so scared…

3) If I had known in 1993 when I read Ray Bradbury’s famous opening line from Fahrenheit 451, “It was a pleasure to burn,” what I know now, I would have invested in a candle company.  That’s right!  I am a full-fledged pyromaniac.  The fabOoolous Circle E candles are my favorite candle – they burn evenly (there’s my “Monkish” attribute again), and the scent of one burning candle fills every square inch of my house.  If you haven’t already, please sample Circle E’s Bird of Paradise and Slice of Life candles.

4) Everyone knows that the spring & summer weather in Texas can be brutal and that makes it important to stay hydrated.  Water gets so very boring glass after glass, so I throw in a glass of ice tea as often as possible.  Sun tea is tasty, but what’s even more fabOoolous?  My Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker might just be the best $15 I have ever spent!

5) The DVR is the best electronics invention – ever!  I am addicted to television (could you tell?), and my fabOoolous AT&T U-Verse DVR allows me to record four shows at the same time!  I’m in Heaven every single night when I curl up in my love-seat, grab my blanket, and turn on the boob-tube.  Will I ever get my recordings below 100?  Probably not…probably not.

6) I’m spoiled, and I believe in spoiling!  I’ve spoiled my cat rotten, so much so he’s actually drawn blood protecting me.  I named him Shady-cat after my best friend insisted he had Bipolar disorder, but really I just liked the fabOoolous Eminem song at the time.  Shady is big like a dog: he plays fetch like a dog, and he runs to the door when the bell rings like a dog.  I actually rely on Shady to protect me more than I do our 65-lb dog, Shadow!

7) I’ve saved the best for last — I’m the luckiest girl in the world.  I have the most fabOoolous man standing by my side, and supporting me every day to accomplish my dreams.   Without him, this blog would not be possible, and I’d still be dreaming about writing my first novel instead of writing my first novel.  He makes my dreams come true; He is my dream come true!  XOXO, honey!

Who are your favorite fabOoolous bloggers? Do you have a list of must-have items?  If so, please share!  Leave a comment, I’d love to check them out!

16 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness – MarvelOoous Mashups & Awards”

  1. Great bloggers: Kristen Lamb and Piper Bayard

    Must have items: PS3, laptop, celly (cell-phone for the uncool people) and Netflix

  2. Post-It Notes, my Nook, you already got the Febreeze. My Keurig coffee maker. LOVE having every cup fresh and hot and not having to commit to a whole pot of one flavor.

    Great fun!

  3. You’re SO VERY welcome, Tiffany! I love our swoon fests over Damon and Eric and Jason and all the rest to come! Our taste in men, I must say, is immaculate. That, and we share a special bond with television. I love Febreeze. I bet I have, like, 25 bottles spread throughout my house at this very second. Also? Definitely share your love for candles, my friend. I have an entire bottom cabinet filled to the brim with them. It’s a bit of an obsession. I’ve not tried the ones you’re talking about — I’ve gotta check those out! My favorites are the Kitchen Spice candle from Bath & Body Works and the seasonal Pumpkin Spice (I think that’s the name) from Walmart (who would’ve thought?) in the Fall. Best. Autumn. Candle. EVER. (Now I’m obsessed with a Target brand.)

    Anyway. What I love most about you is that I KNOW that if we were ever to meet in “real life” we’d be the best of friends. If I ever come your way, we’ve GOT to hook up! (In a purely friend kind of way, LOL.) SO excited you wanna read The Socialite. I can’t wait till we swap reads!

  4. Bloggers: Kait Nolan’s Pots & Plots, Kristen Lamb, Holly Lisle, Lilith Saintcrow, Piper Bayard, Gene Lempp (recently discovered).

    Products: DVR, iPod Nano Touch, Swiffer Sweeper Vac, Lemi Shine (will get your dishwasher clean), Bigelow Vanilla Chai tea, Becker Vineyards Lavender Lotion, Zote Soap.

  5. Great blogs? I would check out James Moran and Lucy V Hay for a more British perspective on the whole writing Schemozzle, but be warned: They’re screenwriters, not novellists. Mind you, story is story. People are people, and you still need to hook ’em in the first ten pages!
    Devices I can’t be without – my coffee machine, as proved by two desperate weeks in the UK. Instant coffee used to be my life blood, but now….. And my old netbook. The ones that the Dell workshop SWAPPED FOR THIS EVIL AND SHODDY REPLICA! Ok, so they did fix the problem double-quick, but they took away a lot of the good stuff too. Must go and cry now.

  6. Wow, I’m honoured to be included with all those bloggers!

    Bloggers: Pub Rant and Aimee L Salter. Things: my toaster, my iPod Touch and my HP laptop. And my Maglite torch – bad wiring in my apartment.

  7. Favorite things: My Android phone, My Happy Light, and Nivea Self Tanning Skin Lotion (I’m paler than Caspar without it).
    Just a few Fav bloggers: Gene Lempp, Pat Thunstrom, Jen Hansen (3 great teachers), Kristen Lamb, Amy Shojai (kitty issues), Danielle Meitiv, SuperWriterMom, the Elegant Thrifter, the Decorista…. too many to name all of them!
    And YOU!

    1. Hi, Pamela! I have an android too – the Epic from Sprint. I LOVE it! Thanks for the great blog suggestions – I need to check out Gene and Pat. Thanks for stopping by!

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