Friday FabOoolousness – June’s MarvOoolous Mashup & Blog Awards

This month, fellow writer & Twitter friend, Raelyn Barclay awarded me with my second blogging award – the Versatile Blogger Award.

THANK YOU, Raelyn!  Winning this award for my Tele-Tuesday and Friday FabOoolousness posts means so very much to me.  I hope to share the things that make me say Ooo with others out there, whether it is television, movies, authors, novels, mysteries, or other bloggers.

From now on, anytime someone clicks on the Versatile Blogger Award icon on my site, they will experience Raelyn’s fabOoolous blog!

This award comes with a few fabOoolous rules:

  1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
  4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

Before I share seven random facts about me, I first pass the baton.  The Versatile Blog Awards go to:

  1. Amber West
  2. Ellie Ann Soderstrom
  3. Sonia G. Medeiros
  4. Catie Rhodes
  5. Jess Witkins


In addition to these 5 versatile blogs, click on these fabOoolous sites in my June edition of MarvelOoous Mashups!

What’s the first rule of Author Club?  WRITE a GOOD story! Oh, what a great post by Andrew Mocete.  Brad Pitt even helps him out with the rules….

If you are your TV like Catie Rhodes suggests, I’m in trouble.  My DVR is jam-packed full of random programming – does that mean that my head is jumbled with complete randomness?  Uh-oh…

Bond, James Bond.  Who doesn’t love 007?  Piper Bayard and her partner Holmes break down some of the Bond films in their new series: Classic Spy Films.

Trapped in a city surrounded with zombies, what do you do?  How about Vote Your Own Adventure by Mark Lidstone.

Let’s flip the switch now to grammar.  Remember that class?  Take the Homonym Hell test issued by Girls with Pens.

Sticking with the writing theme, check out the writing series by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, aka The Bookshelf Muse – 7 Deadly Sins of Writing.

My last mashup goes to the great Jenny Hansen.  This week, we celebrated the release of James Rollins’ new novel, The Devil Colony.  On Tuesday, we partied like it was going out of style on Twitter, and Jen deserves a prize for all of her fabOoolous posts.  Check out a few of the devilish blogs she put together for the event:  Devilish Snacks, Devilish Movies, a Devilish Playlist, and a fabOoolous Devilish mashup.

In addition to my awards & mashup, I was “tagged” (kinda like – Tag; You’re It!) by two fellow Twitter friends & bloggers this month.  It may have taken me a while to get to the game, but sure, I’ll play….

First up, Angela Wallace:

Angela tagged me and the rules state that I must answer these questions & tag eight other bloggers.

1. Do you think you’re hot? I’ve never considered myself hot, like most girls I’m sure.  However, when I darkened my naturally blonde hair to a deep red (not fire engine red), something happened.  Blondes have more fun, but men like red heads!  My new hair color definitely compliments my fair skin and light eyes better than the blonde, but I miss my pretty highlights.

2. Upload the picture or wallpaper that you’re using at the moment.

Having fun in a picture booth….

3. When was the last time you ate chicken? Last night; we eat chicken a lot in my house.  This time, I served chicken with cream of mushroom and sautéed garlic & green beans.  It received rave reviews.

4. What song/s have you listened to recently? “Independently Happy” by Blue October.  BO is my motivational music at the gym.

5. What were you thinking as you were doing this? Holy Toledo this is taking forever….

6. Do you have nicknames?  What are they? I’m T-BRAT for those of you who don’t already know.  T-Brat stands for a few different things: Tiffany-Brat (my brother refused to call me Tiffany growing up, I looked more like a Brattney); Tech-Brat (Guns’ Up, Red Raiders!); and, T-bird-Brat (my very first car was a cherry red Ford Thunderbird).

I have another nickname, but in order to keep the blog clean, think the Meredith Brook’s lyrics….”I’m a _____” – You fill in the blank.

Now, I tag 8 friends: Tymothy Longoria, Robyn Sadler, Jennifer Starks, Haley Whitehall, Mia Castile, Nichole Chase, Leah Lozano, and Elizabeth Sogard.

Next, we have Julie Glover

This tag requires me to type the phrase, “Writing is like…..,” and finish it, post it on my  blog, and then tag three other bloggers.

Writing is like….staring out the window and dreaming of all the wonderful things in this world that you’d like to accomplish but having the ability to transcribe those thoughts into words.  Writing is capitalizing on your imagination, taking the journey you’ve always wanted to travel, and silencing the voices in your head.  (Okay, other writers will understand that this doesn’t make me crazy!)

Now I tag –

Amy Thomas, my friend Wordluster on Twitter, and the creator of my Facebook writing group Young Adult Sisters (and Brothers).

Shellie Sakai, my WANA alumnus, and fellow writer in the fabOoolous Round of Words in 80 Days challenge (aka Row80).

Liz Schulte, another fellow writer and Twitter friend who graciously invited me to join HP’s Writing Group on Facebook, as well as the proud author of the new thriller, Dark Corners.  Check it out!  I’m pretty sure Liz is still up in the clouds….as she should be!

Finally, to my 7 fun facts – This time I tackle the top 7 travel destinations on my bucket list:

1.        Italy – specifically Positano, Rome, and Vatican City.  I want to experience the history, the architecture, the food, and the wine – Now, that’s a vacation!


2.       Hawaii – any island, just take me to the beach!  Perhaps a trip while Hawaii Five-0 is filming would be best….it might increase my odds of meeting Alex O’Laughlin. 


3.       Canada – I’d like to travel at least once to the west (Vancouver) and once to the east (Prince Edward Island).  Anyone with me?


4.       The Caribbean – specifically Jamaica and The Bahamas.


5.       Paris – do I really have to explain?  What female doesn’t want to travel to Paris?  See the Eifel Tower?  Eat a fresh macaroon and drink a cup of black coffee at a Parisian café?


6.       Germany – my great-grandfather emigrated from Germany to New York.  I’d like to experience the land of my ancestors, and participate in the real Oktoberfest.  Beer & Frankfurters, please!

7.       London – like most Americans, I’m infatuated with the Royal family.  I’d like to see Buckingham Palace, the changing of the Queen’s Guards, ride the London Underground, and experience a culture and history we’ll never quite understand in the states.


Who are your favorite fabOoolous bloggers? Do you have a bucket list of places to travel?  If so, please share!  Leave a comment; I’d love to hear from you!

One final note, if any of the award recipients or tagged bloggers don’t feel like playing, no worries!  I realize this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

14 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness – June’s MarvOoolous Mashup & Blog Awards”

  1. Congrats on the award you deserve it and you are definately Mahvelloooous!

    So, my dear, what exactly am I supposed to do? Bare my soul, share some cake or invite everyone over for coffee? Let me know please! >:)

  2. Congratulations on the award. I do love your blog. You are more of a TV hound than I am. 😀 And that is a compliment.

    Travel bucket list:

    Rarotonga, Cook Islands (I have a feeling that, once I get there, I won’t leave)
    Formentera (Spain)
    Santorini (Greece)
    Machu Picchu (Peru)
    Sedona, Arizona
    Koh Lipe (Thailand)
    Big Bend National Park (Texas)

  3. Congrats on your award and thank you for sharing its honor with me! Your the second redhead to award this redhead a blogging award, should we suspect bias? Oh well, I don’t care! It should be assumed redheads are faboolous!

    Thanks for sharing a great mash-up!

  4. Thanks SO much for including my blog! You made my day!! I feel fabuloooos. =)
    You are such a fantastic blogger, with oooodles of writing talent. I want to go to Paris and the Republic of Congo before I die.

  5. I saw your post come across today while I was at work and I’ve been dying to come visit your blog.

    Thanks for the linkage…such nice compliments. I’m with Ellie – you made my day!

    I’ve been to a few of your place (Hawaii and London) and I agree that they rock. Paris and Italy are on my list, especially because we love food and wine – that means I’m much more into the countryside rather than Paris.

    My bucket list places:

    – Scuba diving in Belize and Palau
    – Alaska…I think with a cruise thru the glaciers.
    – Germany, Austria, Switzerland as a single amazing trip.
    – Ireland – all parts.
    – Netherlands trip to include Denmark and Belgium and Norway.
    – I have a tie betwwen Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

    Why, are we planning an overseas writer’s conference???

  6. Fantastic travel bucket list. Pretty much mirror’s my own. Though I’ve been able to tick at least four off the list. I live in London, so if you need a tour guide… 😉 lol And you will LOVE Paris and Rome. AMAZING cities. Hawaii… there are no words. I never wanted to leave. lol My new bucket list:
    1. Italy – Herculaneum, Cinque Terre, Sicily and Florence. Oh, yes, and Venice.
    2. The Greek Isles (None in particular, though Santorini at the very least.)
    3. Egypt (Desperate for a Nile cruise even though I suffer motion sickness. Go figure.)
    4. Norway and Sweden (Eric Northman, anyone? lol)
    5. Australia/New Zealand
    6. Brazil (Rio, baby!)
    7. Teotihuacan

  7. Love your award answers 🙂

    I’ve been to all your locations but Italy. Want to go to Italy, Greece, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand, Costa Rica, Chile, Alaska. Want to go back to France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii. I get to Canada fairly regularly as I have family coast to coast 🙂

    Oooo, an overseas writer’s conference?! I like it!

  8. Hi Tiffany. Thanks for the shout out. What an honor!

    Your blog would certainly be on my list of favorite blogs, along with Kristen Lamb, Clay Morgan, and every single person you mentioned. 🙂

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