Friday FabOoolousness – August’s MarvelOoous Mashups and Blog Awards

This month, fellow writer & Twitter friend, Angela R. Wallace awarded me with a very fun blogging award – the Blog on Fire Award.

THANK YOU, Angela!  Winning this award for my posts means so very much to me.  I love the color red, and I love to light candles, so why not set the blog ablaze?  Well, I don’t want to burn it, but I’m definitely adding the fun badge to my homepage!

From now on, anytime someone clicks on the Blog on Fire Award icon on my site, they will experience Angela’s fabOoolous blog!  While you’re there, be sure and check out her post, My First Vampire.

The fun thing about this award is that I’m supposed to rattle off seven random things about myself.  But before I do, I want to award this honor to my fellow writing friend and She-Writes member, Jillian Dodd.

Jill is new to the blogging world, and her blog is on fire!  Just a few weeks in, she’s blogging three times a week – check out a few of my favorites.

The Bad Boys of Monday’s MANday Who would you choose?

Freaky Friday’s film Review of The Change Up starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.  Jill’s review chart is quite fun!

In addition to the fabOoolous blogs by Angela and Jill, be sure to click on these sites featured in the August edition of MarvelOoous Mashups!

PART I: FabOoolous writerly posts

Every writer wants to know how to take their written words to the next level.  Check out Market Your Novel, a guest post by Donna Galanti via Stacy Green’s fabOoolous blog.

In addition to the manuscript and query, writers need a synopsis.  Roni Loren offers five helpful tips to get us through the Not So Dreaded Synopsis.

Every writer wants and needs to hook the reader.  Catie Rhodes helps us Get the Ball Rolling with our inciting incident by offering a few movie references as examples.

Amy Romine shares her realization that the word “writing” and the word “exercise” are interchangeable.  After all, Writing is Exercise for the Brain.

 PART II: Just because they’re fabOoolous

Julie Glover helps decipher a few British terms with American translations in The Queen’s LanguageUse your favorite in a sentence below in the comments section.  Bloody Brilliant.

Who doesn’t like to laugh?  Jess Witkins reminds us of a few television sitcoms that Make us Snicker.  That reminds me – I must queue up Freaks and Geeks on Netflix….


What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you see the world ‘Rebel’?  That’s what I thought – James Dean.  Catie Rhodes remembers the young talent gone too soon, and explores The Curse of Little Bastard.


Hobbits – are they primitive, futuristic, or Tolkein’s creation?  Gene Lempp researches the mythology of Hobbits and Pygmy Elephants.

Once Upon a Time….  Sonia G. Medeiros revisits the fairy tales that captured our imaginations as children.  Watch for her new blog series!  What’s your favorite fairy tale?

What were the best and worst movies of 2009?  Lyn Midnight reveals in the Secrets of ZeldaWhat didn’t make the list?

Manon Eileen feels that drug criminality is the most interesting field of criminology, and she recommends these 10 Drug Movies for our entertainment pleasure.   What film would you add?

And, now seven random things about me.  Enjoy!

1 – I name my cars.  My first car was a 1993 Red Thunderbird named Scarlett from my mother’s favorite movie, Gone With the Wind.  Today, I drive the car that most females in Texas drive – my Black Beauty, a 2003 Yukon.  She’s really a dark shade of grey that sparkles like the Texas Tech football helmets when the sun shines on her.  What, you don’t name your car?


2 – I’m naturally blonde, technically strawberry blonde.  Most of the online universe is fooled by my recently darkened hair courtesy of my profile pictures.

3 – I’m overly competitive.  In school, I had to be the first one done with the tests AND I’d be upset if I didn’t score a perfect 100% on each one.  Because of this, I actually gave myself a stomach ulcer from self-imposed stress at eight years old.   Okay, maybe I didn’t give myself an ulcer, but I coincidentally was diagnosed by the pediatrician as having an ulcer around the very same time I realized that I wanted to be perfect.  It took me a while to realize that perfect isn’t possible – we all just have to be our very best.


4 – I love monkeys.  My favorites are the See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil Monkeys.  Ironically, one of my favorite episodes of Charmed is when a spirit steals a sense from each of the sisters using evil monkey magic – Phoebe loses her hearing; Paige loses her voice; and, Piper loses her vision.


5 – If I’m ever brave enough to get a tattoo, it will be of the triqueta – also known to fellow Charmed fans as the symbol on the Book of Shadows.  Where?  The inside of my left wrist so that my watch can cover it up when necessary.

Or, maybe I’ll get an Ankh Cross?  I can’t decide, and it doesn’t help that I’m absolutely terrified of the pain from the constant sticking of the tattoo needle.  Maybe I’ll just stick to my Henna tattoos?  They are painless, and they wash off after two weeks, another bonus.

6 – I quit the game of basketball after one hellacious week at Lady Raider Basketball camp.  The camp came as my first trip back to the court after dislocating my knee cap (I had to wear an awful pink knee brace for what felt like forever), but the final straw was when another girl elbowed me in the mouth and my upper lip got stuck underneath my braces.  The head trainer at Texas Tech University had to pull my lip out.  Isn’t basketball a non-contact sport?

Isn’t the knee brace awesome?

7 – I hate to get dirty, especially my hands and fingernails.  Even as a child, I’d cry and run to the nearest adult and beg them to help me wash my hands.  I’m quite certain that I bawled my eyes out when my parents pushed my hand into my first birthday cake.  I don’t remember, but that’s what they tell me.

Knowing that I didn’t like to get dirty, my cousin used to throw dirt on me just to watch me squirm.  Don’t worry; I got her back….plus some!  Love you, Ali!  Perhaps my parents should have seen this as one of the early stages of OCD.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m Monkish, right?  Man, I really miss Monk.


Who are a few of your favorite fabOoolous bloggers? What’s a random fact about you that you’d like to share?  Do you have any tattoos, if so what and where? What’s your favorite fairy tale, and do you like any of the recent cinematic releases? Do you agree with Lyn’s best and worst movie list of 2009?  What drug film should Manon watch that she didn’t list on her blog?  I’d love to hear from you!  Happy Friday FabOolousness everyone! 

35 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness – August’s MarvelOoous Mashups and Blog Awards”

  1. First off, thanks for the mentions–both of ’em. I loved your random facts, girl. We’ve got a lot in common.

    I have several tattoos. 12 to be exact. Getting tattooed doesn’t really hurt. I used to doze while I was getting them. The thing about tattoos in very visible locations (like the wrist and ankle) is that they are going to get a lot of exposure to the sun.

    Faded tattoos is not just an old wives tale. Do a google image search to look at some of them. Unless you’re willing to wear sunscreen every time your tattooed skin is going to be exposed, I recommend getting your tattoo in a place that’s easy to cover up. [Sorry about the tattoo lecture.]

    I love monkeys, too. I have been starting a collection of old sock monkeys. I think they’re just adorable…and, besides, I look sort of like a monkey. 😀

    Random fact about me: I have to brush my teeth after eating. When I’m traveling, I carry those Wisps (basically one-use toothbrushes) so I can simulate brushing my teeth.

    1. To be honest, Catie, I will probably never get a real tattoo. I’m a big chicken, plus I’m not thrilled about the idea that they never go away (unless you pay an arm and a leg for more discomfort and pain). I do LOVE my Henna tattoos, and I get one every single time we go to Vegas. It’s like my mid-life crisis. 🙂

      I do think it’s best we live four hours away from one another or we might just take over the world….I typed that as I stared at my sock monkey sitting on my desk.

      I have to go brush my teeth now….

  2. I want to thank you so much for the blog love!! I’d like to comment more, and will, when I’m not on Valium. I think a writer + Valium = someone who never shuts up. I just called my mother and rambled on for an hour about plot twists. Aside from the fact that my mouth is still full of cotton, I may have been slurring my words slightly as well. (Oh, and I had a wisdom tooth removed, I don’t normally use Valium for plot ideas.) Although I will admit, I’ve had a lot of creative ideas, I just can’t remember any of them.
    Congrats on your award, Tiffany. Your blog is definitely on fire.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention. Lots of great links on here to check out. I only have one tattoo, and I hate it. It’s an sun that needs more color. I wimped out during and it’s just not filled in enough. And I have no idea why I got a sun. I plan on having it changed into a butterfly if I ever get up the nerve.

    Random fact: I have to check the front door three times to make sure it’s locked before I leave my house. Drives my husband crazy.

    1. Stacy – Me too! I also check the stove, the garage door, the back door, and all the candles in the house (even if I haven’t lit one!). 🙂 Thanks for stopping by – and you are very welcome!

  4. I have zero tattoos & zero piercings. I started playing Dungeons & Dragons at age seven and the first thing I ever wrote to completion was a revision of the game rules.

    Thanks for including me, Tiffany, you are FabOoolous and on fire! (not literally, of course, unless you choose to be, then I who am I to judge *smile*).

    1. Hey, Gene! I think another reason why I don’t have a tattoo is because I’m a big chicken. I nearly ripped my ear piercing in high school, so when I turned 18 I went and got a 2nd hold in my ears to wear my earrings in. I first got my ears pierced when I was five; I don’t remember it hurting. But when I was eighteen? I got a migraine….true story. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Congratulations on the blog award, Tiffany. I loved your links and all of your random facts. What a great way to get to know you better. 🙂

    Random fact: I eat ice cream bars for breakfast.

  6. Love today’s blog. Glad you honored Jill. She’s become one of my favorite people as well as one of my favorite bloggers. Of course, you are, too along with Catie and Jennie and Piper and too many more to name. Hope to see you tomorrow.

    1. Aw David, you just like me because I’m helping to make your protag more sexxxxxyyy. Gotta have a sexy protag, don’t you agree Tiffany?

  7. You’re welcome, Tiffany! I love Charmed too! That was a great show. I named my car once because my friends were naming theirs, but that was a while ago and now I don’t remember the name I had chosen. 😛

  8. I want a monkey, but my husband won’t let me have one 😦

    And I’m not OCD, but I must have something…I can’t stand what I call “unecessary noise.” If it doesn’t need to be heard, I shouldn’t be hearing it (gum popping, forks grating against teeth, pencils tapping on a desk)…I go into major fits! I have no problems with bulldozers, hammering, etc….those are “necessary”. 🙂

      1. You both would probably have a breakdown if you were at my house right now. Seriously. I may get a tooth pulled more often, just for the drugs. You wanna hang from the chandelier and shoot your Nerf guns? Sure, why not. Sounds fun. You wanna try and jump from the deck, over the concrete and into the pool? Go for it. You wanna chant Doug, Doug, so my daughter’s bf will come play Nerf wars with you? Scream louder please, I can’t quite hear you. How many pizzas should I order? The answer to this is 5 large, along with multiple liters of Coke, 24 honey BBQ tenders, and some lava cakes.

  9. Can’t wait for The Change-Up! And I had to cringe at your basketball story. I was big into sports when I was younger. I had played basketball, softball, and volleyball all through the middle school years. Then I remember going out for practice the first few weeks of basketball training in high school. They made us do stadium stairs in 90 degree heat and then we had to go across the whole football field doing squats, then sprints. After that workout, I went up to the coach and told her I decided I didn’t love basketball that much, lol. I quit the team on the spot and almost passed out from heat stroke.

    Thanks for the link love!

    1. Hey, Roni! I want to see the Change-Up too. I’m a big Ryan Reynolds fan (since your Boyfriend of the Week status with him is almost up, he’s back to being mine), and Jason Bateman gets better with age.

      It seems we made similar sports-ending decisions. You’re right – it’s not worth it. After I quit, I joined the student training program. The help and support I received from the team during my rehabilitation helped me chose my next path. I don’t regret my decision at all. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I love that you name your cars–especially Scarlett! I wrote last week about GWTW on my blog. You’ve mentioned some great bloggers–I read most of them, but will check out the others, I have no tattoos and just the usual ear piercings. Random fact–I’m a high school dropout, no GED, no diploma; I do have two master’s degrees and am finishing a Ph.D. Proud to be a geek!

  11. I name my cars, too! Serenity is the current car. Past names have been Freya, Mystique, Snow White, and Mitzi. I’m just not happy unless I personalize my vehicles. They’re like my heavy metal horses. Lol.

    Also, my daughters have tattoos on their ankles. The eldest has one and the youngest two. I feel I should get one, too. I was thinking maybe a dragon with a rose? Or maybe a cross with a rose? Or maybe just a rose? How about a celtic dragon fly? Choices, choices. Lol.

    1. Hey, Alana ~ I had a mole removed from my angle a few years ago and thought that pain was horrible enough when the needle only punctured my skin one time! 🙂 I have also thought about Japanese lettering inside my wrist, but the thought of the pain scares me away every time! I’m a chicken….

  12. Two tats. A band around my arm with the names of my two boys and ex… the other is a triskele on my shoulder. The triskele was a symbol in my first novel, Again. For my next novel, I am designing another symbol (sorcerer style) and will have that inked on me as well. Haven’t decided where though…

  13. Tiffany, thank you so much for the mention! (Imagine I said that in a British accent, please.)

    My Honda Civic is named Keiko. No tattoos; ain’t ever gonna happen. I’d go the temporary route on that one. Favorite blogs: Catie Rhodes, Tawna Fenske, Roni Loren, and many others! My Monk moment? All the presidents must face the same way on the currency in my wallet.

  14. Your blog IS on fire!! 🙂
    It was great to find out more about you.
    Bloggers I like: Piper Bayard, Albert Berg, Amber West, The hack Novelist, Clay Morgan, Kristen Lamb, and all the ones you named!
    I loved Lyn’s best/worst list.
    Great mash-up!
    Now I need to go check out Roni’s Not So Dreaded Synopsis post because I’ve always dreaded them.

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