Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday – Bones & Squints

Fall television is right around the corner, and many of our favorite programs are returning.  Amber West and I decided to change things up this week, and we’re sharing Why It’s Worth a Watch to check out a few of the FOX hit TV shows coming back in a few weeks – House and Bones.

First up, Bones!

Based on the book series of the same name by Kathy Reichs, Bones follows forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI Special Agent Seely Booth as they solve some of the toughest cases surrounding the Washington D.C. area.  Each week’s episode begins with the discovery of human remains and showcases the unique personalities of partners Booth and Brennan as they work alongside each other and the team of expert scientists (also known as “squints”) at the Jeffersonian Institute to solve crimes.

Note – I don’t recommend watching Bones during the dinner hour.  The human remains are sometimes a bit graphic and very realistic. 

Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel, Rose Red)

In addition to being quite possibly one of the most intelligent, and one of the best forensic anthropologists in the world, Temperance “Bones” Brennan is also a bestselling author.  Saying she’s socially awkward is an understatement, she completely lacks what most of us consider common sense and she’s void of any pop culture knowledge making her jokes fail miserably with the rest of the team.  Her education clashes with her friend’s cultures and beliefs (particularly religious affiliations), but she makes an honest attempt to better understand those that she loves.  The Jeffersonian team and Booth are her family.    

FBI Special Agent Seely Booth (David Boreanaz, from Buffy and Angel)

A former Ranger Sniper, Booth’s sharp shooting skills have come in handy during his tenure with the FBI.  Of course, those same skills and his record number of kills have also haunted him over the years, especially considering his moral code, Catholic beliefs, and interpersonal relationships.  Booth struggles constantly with his past: his father was an abusive alcoholic and his brother is following the same path, minus the abusive side.  Booth focuses his life on being the best man and father he can be, and he’ll do anything to protect Brennan and her team.  Talk about a man of honor….         

Forensic Artist Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin, The Lincoln Lawyer)

Angela is Brennan’s best friend, daughter of ZZ Top band member Billy Gibbons, wife to Jack Hodgins, and proud mother to new-born Michael Staccato Vincent (after Nigel-Murray) Hodgins.  Her role with the team is to help with facial reconstruction, and she uses some really cool 3-D graphics programs that help generate holograms from even the smallest portion of a skeleton.  Angela is responsible for most of the social improvements seen through Brennan’s character growth season to season.    

Entomologist Dr. Jack Hodgins (T.J.Thyne, How High)

Hodgins is the teams’ expert on all things spores, soil, and bugs, and he often times refers to himself as “King of the Lab“.  Hodgins is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, a fact not at all helped by his massive education.  His family has considerable wealth and is actually one of the main endowment donors supporting the Jeffersonian.  He loves Angela, while comically fearing her father (he has a huge tattoo of Angela’s face on his shoulder courtesy of a night out drinking with her dad).

Pathologist Dr. Camille Saroyan (Tamara Taylor, Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman)

The head of the Jeffersonian team, Cam, is Booth’s ex-girlfriend and is responsible for Booth asking Brennan to assist him on FBI cases.  She is the newly adopted mother of her deceased ex-boyfriend’s daughter, Michelle, and she struggles daily with trying to not control Michelle’s teenage years and collegiate future. 

Psychologist Dr. Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley, Freaks and Geeks and Waiting)

Introduced in Season 3 to help Booth and Brennan with their partnership, well, really the sexual tension affecting their partnership, Sweets has grown to be a favorite character on Bones.  He’s very young to have earned his Ph.D, and oftentimes encounters negative and rude comments from others about his age.  Sweets is brilliant, but not as secure with romantic relationships (he has an on again/off again love affair with one of the squints, Daisy).  Sweets is essential to the team and helps them solve many cases using his criminal profiling expertise in interrogations.     

Booth and Brennan have solved many crimes, the most dangerous and popular being the serial killers Gormogon (a cannibal) and The Grave Digger, who actually buried Brennan and Hodgins alive during season two.   Their partnership and relationship has survived brain tumors, gun-shot wounds, girlfriends and boyfriends, Booth’s return to the Army to train soldiers, and Brennan’s archeological digs around the world.

Each week, the Jeffersonian squints change.  This is explained in the storyline by Brennan’s inability to decide on an official intern replacement after Dr. Zach Addy (Eric Millegan) is taken away (I don’t want to give away any SPOILER alerts – you’ll have to watch the series).  The cast of other squints include: Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry), Colin Fisher (Joel Moore), Vincent Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright), Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat), Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd) and Daisy Wick (Carla Gallo). 

Ryan O’Neal reprises his role of Max Keenan, Brennan’s criminal father, throughout the series.  Other recurring characters include: Brennan’s brother, Russ Brennan (Loren Dean); Booth’s girlfriend, Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick); U.S. Prosecutor, Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher); Booth’s ex-girlfriend and mother to his son, Rebecca Stinson (Jessica Capshaw); and, Booth’s brother, Jared (Brendan Fehr). 

Bones happens to be one of the rare television programs that has me sitting in anticipation the first twenty minutes of the hour so that I can press play on the DVR and watch without commercial interruption.  I know, you’re thinking that I’m a TV addict and I feel this way about a lot of programs, but that’s not true.  Bones is an absolute favorite and therefore I must award the GTV rating.

The sexual tension between Booth and Bones; the love affair between Angela and Hodgins; the quirky relationship shared between Sweets and Daisy; the comedic oddities of each and every character; all of this is TV at its finest: yummy Gourmet Television.  Compare it to the best cut of meat, red wine, and flaming dessert available. 

Are you a Bones fan?  Without spoiling it for anyone who isn’t current with the series, do you feel the surprise announcement at the end of season six will ruin the show or take it in a new, fun direction?  Did you feel the Zach storyline jumped the shark?  Who’s your favorite Bones squint and why?  I’d love to hear from you!

Now click over to Amber’s blog and check out her review of the hit Fox medical drama, House!  

Come back next week when Amber and I review a few more of our favorite programs returning this fall – the opposing 10pm EST/9pm CST Monday night hit series Castle & Hawaii 5-0.

Remember to stop by the #watchwed hashtag in Twitter to discuss any of today’s reviews, or to mention any television programs that you’d like to see on Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday in the future.  We’re currently working on our September schedule and would love to chat with you!

A Recap of The WatchWed Review System:

GTV (Gourmet TV): Everything we want and more
MacTV (MacNCheese TV): Guilty pleasure. Not perfect, but is satisfies
JFTV (Junk food TV): It’s not great for us, but we’ll go back for seconds
SSTV (Still Simmering TV): It has potential, but the jury is still out
NIV (Nyquil Induced Viewing): Perfect for that late night television sleep timer
LOTV (Liver&Onions TV): Do we really have to explain? Blech

47 Replies to “Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday – Bones & Squints”

  1. I am terribly behind on Bones, since I only started watching when you and Jen threatened bodily harm (ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad).

    Sadly, it IS a good show, so now I have a million episodes to watch. 🙂

  2. I maybe probably need to watch Bones. I’d have to have a marathon and watch like the whole series first.

  3. I’ve watched a couple of Bones reruns and little snippets of House. The reason I haven’t really watched these shows? There are just too many things to watch! Seriously, I can’t possibly watch everything I need to. I can only DVR two things at once, and I have to either watch one of those two things or watch somethings that’s already been recorded. If I didn’t have to share TV time with hubby, I could watch more of these kinds of shows. But hubby and his sitcoms….grrrrr. When U-verse finally comes to my area (they’re working on it), I can finally get Netflix and watch all those things I missed. Right now, my Verizon card is just too slow to stream movies, plus it only allows so much data usage. 😦

    1. U-Verse has a fabulous DVR, Lauralynn. That’s how I manage all of my television programs. I can record 4 shows at a time and you can watch the programs on any TV in the house with a box. I can pause in one room, and pick it right back up in another room. I’ve had many services over the years, but U-Verse is my favorite. Their internet speed is pretty good too. 🙂

  4. I LOVE Bones. Emilie and David have incredible chemistry, and I think the shows are a lot more interesting than the books. Every single character on the show, including the squints, is interesting and well acted. As for the surprise twist, at first I was disappointed we didn’t SEE certain things, but then I realized we’ve been there done that, and I think the way they did it was pretty slick. I think it’s going to take the show in a new direction, and the constant push and pull between Booth and Brennan will still be there, just in a new way. Have you seen the new preview? November can come soon enough!

    1. Yay, Stacy! We have a new show to talk about. I am so sad that this season’s episodes have been cut down, but best wishes to Emily and her new baby! As a fan, I guess I can manage for her first born. 🙂

      I love every single character, even Caroline and she’s not on many episodes. I think the relationship between Booth and Bones will be fun in the new season…just how much “M” instinct (remember, no spoilers!) will Brennan have? That storyline alone should be fun.

      Believe it or not, I’m so weird when it comes to previews. Just ask @AshGraham. She’s been trying to get me to watch The Vampire Diaries preview for almost a month now and I simply won’t do it. I love the surprise and the build up. Call me crazy. So, long story short – no, I haven’t seen the November previews. (I’m the same with with gifts….I want them on my birthday and no HINTS!) 🙂

  5. I love the show. The investigations are interesting and the relationships add a much needed dimension that some shows that will remain nameless (coughCSIcough) lack. The only problem I’ve ever had with the show was the Zach storyline. Without spoiling anything I never bought that he’d do what he did. Luckily this past season really got things back on track and the big announcement should make for a great season.

    1. Hey, David! It’s so nice to see you.

      I agree. It was pretty unbelievable when the show unraveled the Zach story line, but what can you do? I just wonder if the actor wanted out for something else or if it wasn’t his choice at all. I say that because they’ve had him back a few times since….anyway, it did open the door for some great new squints to join the team. I really enjoy the revolving door of interns.

      Side note – Did you see that Ted Dansen is joining CSI? I’ll have to check that out….

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Of course I watch CSI. 🙂 I watch almost everything on TV. hahahaha Lawrence Fishburne didn’t renew his contract…so the show grabbed up Ted Danson. I loved TD on Damages a few seasons ago. This should be interesting….

      Thanks for the comment, Pooh! Love you!

  6. I loved Bones in the beginning. Sometime around the middle of last season, though, I stopped watching. Brennan has gotten way more socially awkward than she was in the earlier seasons. She was quirky in the beginning, and logical, but still human. Lately, I feel like she’s more a character out of a Heinlein novel. I did watch last season’s ending, though, and will probably take a look at the premiere, but I liked the earlier seasons better.

  7. My parents love Bones, but I’ve never watched it. Which is kind of funny as it’s exactly my “thing.” I enjoyed reading this, though, because I’ve always wondered exactly what Bones is about. Thanks for going through it so thoroughly.

    Guess what we got into over the holiday weekend? Sons of Anarchy. We started watching Sunday evening and will finish Season 1 tonight. We can watch Season 2 on Netflix streaming, but we’re going to have to pay in some form or fashion to watch Season 3 (if we want to watch it in a timely manner). We are now recording Season 4, which started Tuesday. We are into this show. Big time.

    1. I love FX’s programming – it’s some of the best on TV. I’m still sad that Damages was limited to Direct TV this summer and didn’t air on FX like the previous seasons. Do you watch Archer? Thanks for stopping by, Catie!

      Oh, and Bones is good….

  8. I watched the first two season of Bones and love it–Temperance is so funny when she just doesn’t “get” people. =)

  9. I don’t watch much TV anymore, but I’ve seen a few episodes of Bones and it is a really cool show. I love House!

    Tiffany, I have something for you on my blog, so please stop by when you get a chance!

  10. Ah, Bones. What a fun show.

    The end of last season could be good, I have faith. They’ve handled other cliche type stuff in cool ways.

    The Zach thing was lame and felt more like a shock for the sake of it rather than good storytelling. I have a feeling the reduced episode count of that season played a part because some Zach story lines were skipped. Maybe that would’ve made it more believable.

    That said, the show was still just as good the following season, so I don’t consider it a jump the shark moment. I love the rotating interns.

    1. Hey, Andrew! I am definitely looking forward to what the writers will do with Season 7. I figure they will either make it or break it with this twist. I also hear there’s maybe another season long serial killer – I like that. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Reasons why I love Bones:

    1. David Boreanaz
    2. I love all of Kathy Reichs books, whose main character is Temperance Brennan and Temperance Brennan on the show writes books whose MC is Kathy Reichs.
    3. Sweets
    4. David Boreanaz – yes, I’m saying it twice.
    5. Caroline. She needs more air time.
    6. Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) guest starred

  12. I watched Bones for awhile, but I lost interest when Zach left. Some of the comments sound like maybe he’s come back, but I don’t think I want to sit through her atheist rants any more.

  13. Love Bones! I can’t wait for the new season since they left me hanging last season. When Zach left I was devastated, he was my little sweety baby. I just loved the way he’d groan/mumble when something bothered him.

    House? Not so much. My husband and daughter love that show, but I just want to smack House upside the head.

    1. I do miss Zach, but I think I’ll take the interchanging squints over him anyday. It is nice when they bring him back for an episode though. He is definitely part of the Brennan/Hodgins/Angela family.

      And, House? I love the show, but even I’d like to smack him upside the head a few times. I especially hate how he treats Wilson. Thanks for stopping by, Tameri!

  14. The show looks really good, I think my mom watches it. I haven’t seen this one yet. I’m always behind with TV, have to watch it on DVD cause I work different hours every day/week.

    However, we both know what starts up again next week thursday and I CAN HARDLY WAIT.

  15. I love Bones! I love the dynamic between the characters. Although, I don’t want to see the romantic tension between Booth and Bones drawn out forever (*cough* X-Files *cough*). At some point, I get bored of that sort of thing and cease to care about them getting together (*cough* X-Files again *cough*). I’m a little behind on the show right now though…too little time to watch all the tv I want to watch :D. Perhaps they’ve amped it up a little?

    I didn’t like the Zach business either. Definitely a jump the shark moment.

    But otherwise, I always crack up at how socially akward Bones is. 😀

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