Friday FabOoolousness: The Write Campaign Tagging Game

There is a current game of tag spreading like wildfire through the blogosphere courtesy of the Writer’s Platform Building Campaign hosted by Rachael Harrie.  The adorable and well-traveled Jess Witkins reached out and tagged me Wednesday, and as always, I love a good game!

As with any game, there are rules:

  • First, you must be tagged by someone;
  • Next, you list 10 random facts about yourself; and
  • Finally, you tag 4 more people

Number one is complete, now on to 10 random facts about ME!

1)      My earliest childhood memory, while funny now, was quite devastating then. 

I remember sitting alone at a friend’s lake house in the living room watching The Incredible Hulk on TV while the adults where outside having a grand ‘ole time.  As Dr. Banner was transforming into the ever-so-large and green Hulk, I noticed that my skin was coming off.  I ran outside to find my mother screaming, “I’m falling apart!” 

She hugged me tightly, laughing mind you, and explained to me that I had a sunburn and the skin peel was perfectly normal.  What a relief: I wasn’t turning into the Hulk.  Oh, and my mother says I was about three when this happened and she’s amazed I can recall the night so vividly. 

2)      Keeping with the super hero theme, I was obsessed with Wonder Woman when I was a little girl.  Who wasn’t?  The men loved the beautiful Lynda Carter, and what young lady didn’t dream of possessing the power to change into a rocking costume by turning in circles really fast or didn’t want to deflect bullets off her pretty bracelets?

I made myself dizzy quite a few times just trying to morph into Wonder Woman. 

3)      I have never been afraid to sing, not that I’m any good.  When I was younger, I’d watch The Wizard of Oz and join Judy Garland in a rendition of “Over the Rainbow” like it was my job. 

I also keep a pair of red shoes in my closet at all times.  You never know when you’ll need to click your heels…..

4)      In the ‘80s, I admired Olivia Newton-John.  My crazed singing continued with Grease, Xanadu, and her music album, Physical.  I wanted to roller skate through the house with light pastel ribbons in my hair and with pink leg-warmers covering my shins.  Classic ‘80s Olivia.

5)       My first Hollywood crush was Maxwell Caulfield, or Michael Carrington, from Grease 2

I may be one of the few who will admit loving the unpopular sequel.   Again with the theatrics and singing, I’d mimic Michelle Pfeifer’s moves while singing “Cool Rider” hoping that Michael would choose this Pink Lady as his own.  I even sported a Pink Lady jacket, what little girl didn’t?

6)      The late ‘80s and early ‘90s produced two of my all time favorite movies: Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.   I cannot count how many times I have watched these films.


During my teenage and college years, one of my favorite pastimes with my mother was to turn off the lights and watch these movies over and over again.  Literally – Dirty Dancing would end, and we’d rewind the VHS tape and watch it again from the very beginning.  I loved those nights.

7)      I tend to talk with my eye brows.  Okay, maybe that doesn’t make perfect sense…how about, I am very animated when I talk and my eyebrows lift and move taking on a life of their own.

My parents first pointed this out when I was running for class office in the 9th grade.  Instead of a live assembly, our school planned to tape the speeches and play during the morning announcements on the classrooms’ television sets.  As I practiced the night before, my parents couldn’t stop from laughing.  It didn’t help with my self-confidence, my parents laughing at me and all, but I won anyway! 

And don’t worry; I have designated this evening as a turning point in my teenage life.  My parents’ loving laughter and learning about the passions that I had were definitely character builders. 

8)      Back to my crushes, probably my biggest crush ever was, and still is, on former Houston Astro and baseball great, Craig Biggio. 

He started playing when I was a pre-teen, and I remember walking behind home plate and experiencing his cute back-side while he played catcher.  Later, the Astros moved him to second base to protect his knees, extending his career to a remarkable twenty years in the major leagues.  Thank you, Astros. 

You won’t catch me saying this much anymore…the team’s recent moves have been so frustrating for fans!

Did I mention that Craig was born and raised in the exact town where my father grew up?  Kismet, right?

9)      I’ve had the same girlfriends since junior high and high school.  My brother thinks it’s a bit weird that we’re all still as close as we are, but I think it says a ton about our character and loyalty.  That’s not to say that I haven’t made new friends along of the way, of course I have.  But my girls, you know who you are, are my heart. 

Here are just a few....

10)   I may have mentioned before that I’m extremely competitive, but in case I haven’t, I am!  Football season is here and my competitive side has kicked into high gear with playing fantasy football.

We play in a league called Couples Therapy, and I’ve appropriately named my team Tbrat’s Tyranny.  Why?  Because I’m a tyrant!   No, not really, I didn’t do so well last year; but, I didn’t finish last, either. 

I’ve never known just how fun fantasy sports can be.  Up until last year, I only watched the Cowboys (life-long fan) and Patriots (Tom Brady and huge Wes Welker fan) on Sundays.  Now, you won’t catch me far from my phone or the NFL Red Zone on Sunday afternoons, obsessively calculating my points and screaming at the TV.  It’s fun!

Want some milk?

Now, I tap 4 new bloggers, friends, and hopeful players in this Writer’s Campaign game of tag: Stacy Green, Julie Glover, Tameri Etherton, and Jillian Dodd.

Tagged or not tagged, share a random fact about you!  What’s your earliest childhood memory?  Who was your first Hollywood crush?  What movie have you watched so many times you’ve lost count?  I’d love to hear from you!


32 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness: The Write Campaign Tagging Game”

  1. Eeek! Thanks for tagging me. I’ll have to have this on my Manic Monday post. My first Hollywood crush was Kirk Cameron. He was so cute… Then onto Corey Haim. I’d have to say Lost Boys was the movie my friends and I watched over and over until we wore out the VHS!

  2. Maxwell Caulfield was hot, hot, hot on Grease 2. If there is shame in loving the sequel, then I’m there with you. LOL

    I, too, loved Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing, although I was a lot older than you when I watched them. 🙂

    And on a sad note. I think it’s great that you’re still friends with the people you went to school with. My best friend died on May 1 of this year and we had been friends for 38 years. Old friendships are the greatest!

  3. What a fun post!

    Here are some fun facts about me (in case anyone cares!):
    1. Like you, I watched Grease all the time AND I loved the sequel. I wanted to be Cha Cha…she was soooo cool!
    2. I still have dance party in the living room with my best friend. We like Michael Jackson (hello, Thriller!), anything 80’s and the Grease soundtrack to dance to.
    3. I am still stumped over Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane. If it’s invisible, why can you still see her?
    4. Even though I love my 80’s (Duran Duran, Oingo Boingo, Ramones, etc.) my true love is still country…REK, Willie, Waylon, and Hank.
    5. In high school I raised heifers for 4H and FFA. Yes, I even wore Wranglers and Justins!
    6. I still sleep w/ my baby blanket.

    1. Claudia, it scares me sometimes how much we have in common. 🙂 The fact that you still sleep with your baby blanket melts my heart. I have mine in a safe, safe place. I’d sleep with it, but I don’t want cat hair all over it….Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love that you mentioned Craig Biggio. When he played for the Astros, we used to go watch them a good bit. He was such an iconic baseball player. Remember the night he retired? The Astros were playing away, and the entire stadium stood and cheered for Craig playing his last pro game of baseball. So touching.

    My first Hollywood crush? I liked Maxwell Caulfield and awful lot. My “thing” for pretty boys started early. LOL My first Hollywood crust was Harrison Ford as Han Solo. I remember going to the theater to watch the first Star Wars. If that doesn’t date me, what does?

    1. Catie, my crush on Biggio may go a bit past obsessive. 🙂 I have his jersey t-shirts, bobblehead, bats, and I even sport a Sunshine Kids pin on my Astro hat. Yes, I love Craig. My aunt lives in Houston and oftentimes works the Astros’ wives gala – one time she told him that her niece Tiffany loved him. His wife’s response? “Oh, great. Craig loves the name Tiffany.” I melted. 🙂 He will always be my #1, and I wish the Astros would hire him to coach the team along with Baggie. I might watch again if they’d do that….

  5. Fun, fun! Loved reading these random facts. I remember Grease 2! 🙂 My first crush had to have been Jack Wagner when he was on One Life to Live and oh his voice when he sang…yum! I think I’ll have to youtube him to hear it again. I can’t think of the title off the top of my head! Anybody remember Felicia and Frisco!

  6. Lol, I know exactly what you mean by “talking with your eyebrows.” A little random fact–eyebrow movement is one of the key grammatical and punctuation markers in ASL.

    Hm, one of my earliest memories is the cat having kittens in the study. I think I was about 3 too. It was very exciting, though I didn’t know at the time that my dad wasn’t very happy since he’d been trying to breed the Siamese, and she went off with a stray.

  7. My mom and I used to watch Dirty Dancing over and over too! My mom is gone now, so I cherish those memories.
    Ok, how AWESOME is RedZone? My husband and I plant ourselves in front of it every freakin’ Sunday…ALL DAY LONG. I love it. This season hubs has decided that not only will we have RedZone, but he’s going to take over my laptop specifically so he can watch his team’s entire games LOL

  8. Earliest memory – we lived in Abilene, Texas, when I was two. There was a tree in our front yard with two very low branches my sister and I would sit on as we piloted our airplane.

    Earliest crush – definitely Sophia Loren. Remember, I’m probably older than your parents.

    Most watched movie – Rio Bravo, the quintessential Western. John Wayne and Walter Brennan played off each other masterfully, and Angie Dickinson added eye-candy, but Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales, the hotel keeper made the movie. If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to watch it.

  9. I love “Dirty Dancing” and “Grease” too. My girls and I have watched them together many times. We have the soundtracks. I love to listen to them while doing the dishes and other cleaning. We love “Center Stage,” too! Fun, fun post. I enjoyed reading all these fun facts about you.

  10. I was just watching old Star Trek The Next Gen episodes and remembered I had quite the crush on Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr. Riker). I was of the age that I should have been crushing on Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) but I always liked the older guys 🙂

  11. Ok, if you love Maxwell Caulfield, you have to watch Empire Records and see him as Rex Manning, you will laugh your head off!

    And I love Dirty Dancing like crazy too. Even the bad sequel, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. I had the movie and the soundtrack and would lip synch to Sylvia and Mickey. I need to go to the living room with some popcorn now…

  12. I’m in the Grease 2 fan club as well. I love Michelle Pfeifer. We’re going to watch Lady Hawk on Sunday, great movie.

    But my favorite movie of all time? Ever After with Drew Barrymore. I’ve watched it at least 100 times in every language it has on my DVD. French is my favorite and since I know all the lines, it’s like I’m bilingual!

    My first Hollywood crush was Leif Garrett. You wouldn’t know it now, but back in the 70’s he was HOT. Then in the 80’s I thought Billy Idol was going to marry me and we’d live out our rock star lives in London.

    Thanks for the tag, sweet girl! I posted my 10 random facts on Monday, but this is so much fun I might have to do it again!

    Oh, yeah, I don’t watch football, but for the past four years I’ve watched the making of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders reality show. They didn’t have it this year and I was so sad…

  13. Dirty Dancing is one of my favs, too. I think one of the best, all time sexiest, scenes is in this movie when Baby (aka Francis) goes to Johnny’s room for the first time to apologize for her dad’s behavior. Personally I think she was hoping she’d get closer to Johnny, too. Boy, did she. It is so hawt!

    I do not believe the remake can live up to the original. No way.

    1. That is one of the sexiest scenes all time in movie history, in my opinion. I just watched it again last week on Youtube via Roni Loren’s blog. Every time I hear that song, I visualize Baby and Johnny. Thanks for stopping by, Angela!

  14. Oh Tiffany, I love you! That was so much fun to read, you sound like a blast to hang out with. Especially if you start singing and dancing. =D

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