Tele-Tuesday: Fall Wouldn’t Be the Same Without New Crime and Drama

It’s that time of year again!  The fall television schedule is right around the corner and, as always, the networks have a lineup of many new programs to accompany our returning favorites. 

Similar to the last two weeks, we’re introducing more of the new television programs this fall.  Some of the series have promise, while others may flop – but, regardless, we’ll tune in to check them out!

Today, it’s time for new crime and drama!


 Unforgettable – CBS

Unforgettable stars Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace) as former New York City detective Carrie Wells.  Carrie remembers everything:  every moment and every aspect of every day.   When asked to help the police solve a crime, Carrie is reunited with her ex, Detective Al Burns (Dylan Walsh, Nip/Tuck).  Carrie decides to rejoin the force with one major goal – solve her sister’s murder.

Other notables: Marilu Henner (Taxi) plays two roles: first as a production consultant (similar to the main character, Henner possesses the rare ability to recall all autobiographical events, a condition known as hyperthymesia) and second as a recurring guest; and, Michael Gaston (The Mentalist) plays Detective Mike Costello.

Unforgettable premieres Tuesday, September 20th.


Revenge – ABC

Revenge stars Emily VanCamp (Everwood) as Emily Thorne, a young and beautiful addition to the rich and prestigious Hamptons.   Emily’s arrival isn’t her first trip to the neighborhood.  When she was a little girl, her father was framed for murder and Emily vows revenge against those responsible – primarily the Grayson family. 

Other notables: Revenge is loosely based on Alexandre Dumas’ novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, and the series also stars Madeleine Stowe (from many motion pictures including Stakeout, Twelve Monkeys, and The General’s Daughter) as Victoria Grayson. 

Revenge premieres Wednesday, September 21st.


Charlie’s Angels – ABC

Yet another adaptation of the popular ‘70s television program that starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Cheryl Ladd, to only name a few, this remake of Charlie’s Angels stars three new young and beautiful starlets: Annie Ilonzeh (General Hospital) as Kate Prince, a former dirty cop; Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights, The Roommate) as Eve French, a former street racer; and, Rachael Taylor (Grey’s Anatomy) as Abby Sampson, a former thief.   The three angels work for John Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez, Day Break and The Wire), the face of Charlie’s agency (Townsend Detective Agency), and will protect each other at all costs. 

Other notables: Charlie’s Angels is produced by Drew Barrymore, an angel herself in the motion picture hits; Leonard Goldberg, an original producer of the ‘70s hit; and,  Nancy Juvonen, producer of the major motion pictures starring Drew  Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy LiuRobert Wagner was supposed to follow in John Foresythe’s footsteps as the voice of Charlie; however, Wagner had to leave the project due to other conflicts.

Charlie’s Angels premieres Thursday, September 22nd.


Person of Interest – CBS

Person of Interest stars Michael Emerson (Lost) as billionaire Mr. Fitch, and Jim Caviezel (from many motion picture blockbusters including A Thin Red Line and The Passion of the Christ) as former CIA agent, John Reese.  The two men find each other after Mr. Fitch creates a software program that has the ability to predict crimes.  Fitch seeks out Reese to help solve these crimes before they happen.  Why?  Because the former CIA agent is presumed dead – who better to help stop these crimes before they happen than a dead man?  

Other notables: Person of Interest is produced by J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, Fringe); and, also stars Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) as Carter, the detective on a mission to find Reese. 

Person of Interest premieres Thursday, September 22nd.


 Prime Suspect – NBC

Based on the British drama series of the same name, Prime Suspect stars Maria Bello (Coyote Ugly, ER) as Detective Jane Timoney.  Jane’s confidence, lack of tact and reckless behavior make her adjustment in the New York City homicide division challenging.  Will her fine detective skills and her ability to focus on the case at hand help her fit into the all-male department?

Other notables:  Prime Suspect also stars Aidan Quinn (Legends of the Fall, Practical Magic, and TV’s Third Watch) as Lieutenant Kevin Sweeney; Kirk Acevedo (Fringe) as Detective Luisito Calderon;  Peter Gerety as Jane’s father, Desmond; and, Tim Griffin, Damon Gupton, and Brian F. O’Byrne as other members of the  homicide department. 

Prime Suspect premieres Thursday, September 22nd.


A Gifted Man – CBS

A Gifted Man stars Patrick Wilson (The Phantom of the Opera, The A-Team, Insidious) as Michael Holt, a self-absorbed New York City surgeon whose life is turned upside down when his ex-wife haunts him from beyond the grave and asks him to continue her work in a free clinic.   Michael’s life changes for the better, pleasing his sister (Christina played by Julie Benz, Dexter and No Ordinary Family), while leaving his assistant (Rita played by Margo Martindale, Justified) questioning his recent career choices. 

Other notables: A Gifted Man is produced by Academy Award winning director, Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs); and Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon alumnus, Rachelle Lefevre (vampire Victoria) plays Kate, a doctor at the free clinic.

A Gifted Man premieres Friday, September 23rd.  


What do you think?  Will you tune in to watch any of these new drama and crime programs on television this year?  Which one most interests you?  Which of these shows will make it and which ones won’t? I’d love to hear from you!

42 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Fall Wouldn’t Be the Same Without New Crime and Drama”

  1. Ohh. Revenge looks really good! I loved the original Charlie’s Angels, so that will be worth a watch to see if it will live up to it. With Drew Barrymore behind the project, I would think it should be good. And Person of Interest sounds like intriguing! Time to set the DVR!!

    1. I’ve been watching commercials for Revenge all summer long on ABC Family and I’m really looking forward to it! I’ll more than likely check all of these new crime/dramas out, afterall, I need material for my Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday posts with Amber! Thanks for stopping by, Jill!

  2. I don’t know why we need another Charlie’s Angels. I loved the original, but I’ve been less thrilled by the remakes. Perhaps it’s simply because it’s a part of my childhood the way it was. If this one is a great show, I’ll eat my words.
    Person of Interest looks like my kind of program. The plot has potential. J.J. Abrams certainly has a great track record, and I like Jim Caviezel.
    (I am a little worried that I’m tracking too many shows now.)

  3. I’m not typically a crime drama fan, but Revenge has been catching my eye a little for an unknown reason. And then you mention the loose connection to The Count of Monte Cristo, and it was a total “Ah-ha!” moment for me.

    Dang it all, maybe I’ll have to check that one out after all…

  4. This is a great summary! I love crime dramas and have been determining which shows I would give a try. Person of Interest anf Prime Suspect sound interesting. Poppy is irritating to me so I won’t be watching Unforgettable. Plus that hook will get old quick. Ditto for a Gifted Man. It will be interesting to see what survives.

    1. Thanks, Barbara! Dylan Walsh saves Unforgettable in my opinion – I am a HUGE Nip/Tuck fan and I’m glad he’s back on television. The one thing about Poppy that I can’t forgive is that she dated my boyfriend Eric Close on Without a Trace (heehee). Thanks for stopping by!

      PS – I’m looking forward to Person of Interest and Prime Suspect too. 🙂

  5. Oooh. LIke L.S. Engler, I’m not really into crime dramas, but I LOVE The Count of Monte Cristo, so Revenge sounds like a winner! *note to self: set DVR*

    And I also don’t see why we need another Charlie’s Angels remake?

    1. Hey Erin! Thanks for stopping by! Revenge is my favorite on the list. Maybe it’ll give us some great ideas for our WiPs since we’re not vengeful. Haha. I have no idea why people keep trying to remake Charlie’s Angels. I guess it’s because the ’70s show was such a hit and the motion pictures made quite a bit of money. While I’m not excited about another remake, I know I’ll give it a try. Who tires of watching girls kick some butt?

  6. I’m planning to watch Persons of Interest. The only one in that list that I can guarantee I won’t watch (unless it gets a rave review from you here and then I might give it a try) is Charlie’s Angels. I didn’t like the reruns of the original series, and I didn’t like the movie version.

    1. Marcy, I can’t blame you for not wanting to watch another Charlie’s Angels remake. I know my addiction, therefore I’ll definitely give it a shot. I’ll let you know what I think…. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  7. I can’t wait to check out Revenge – it looks like it could be really good. And I’ll definitely have a look at Charlie’s Angels – here’s hoping it’s a great remake! Thanks for the heads up TV Guru! 🙂

    1. Hey, Natalie! I’m glad so many of us are interested in Revenge. I’ve been looking forward to it all summer and hopefully this means the show will have a large enough audience to make it! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. If I had to pick one, it would definitely be Person of Interest. Because, you know, JIM CAVIEZEL!
    I loved him so much in The Count of Monte Cristo. Which is funny, because you mention that movie when talking about Revenge. I don’t know if I’ll try to watch any of the rest of them. It all depends on whether or not I can fit them into our watching schedule since there are some old faithfuls that we have to watch. I’ll just have to see what time slot they end up in.

    1. Do you know what really caught my eye about this season’s new programs? The number of Hollywood movie stars moving to the small screen: Jim Caviezel, Madeleine Stowe, Aidan Quinn, and Maria Bello. Crazy, right? I hope this means the new crime/dramas are that good! Thanks for stopping by, Lauralynn!

  9. You know which one’s I’ll be watching. Ahem.

    Person of Interest really grabbed my attention with Michael Emerson. He is brilliant in every role I’ve seen him in. That and J J Abrams involvement seems like a winning combination.

    1. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to like Michael Emerson’s character on Lost, but he played the role brilliantly and I was a fan. I think the combination of Emerson, Abrams, and Caviezel has got to mean the project is a winning one. Right?

      Also, I adore Emerson’s wife – she plays Arlene on True Blood. LOVE her in that role. 🙂

  10. Unforgettable looks interesting, but I don’t know if I’ll actually tune in. There’s so much to watch, and I’m getting tired of Hollywood cancelling shows once you start to like them. Give me Castle and Criminal Minds and I’m happy.

    1. Agree about the early cancellation habits of the networks. It drives me insane when they won’t give a new show a chance to build a solid following. Jimmy Smits’ last two shows come to mind – Cane and Outlaw. I enjoyed both and they both just vanished after half a season on cliffhangers.

      I’m a big Criminal Minds fan! I’m so happy that J.J. and Prentiss have rejoined the cast. Since you’re a Castle fan, be sure and tune into Amber’s Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday post and see what she thinks….Thanks for stopping by, Angela!

  11. Person of Interest looks really interesting. I read EW’s article on it and the premise sounds like it could be really good. And I’ve always liked Jim C’s acting. I think Prime Suspect could be good, too. She sounds like an interesting character. But like Angela, I’m always leery of watching new shows. I’m most looking forward to Criminal Minds, especially with JJ and Prentiss returning, and of course, Bones:)

      1. YES! It was announced before the season finale last year. Prentiss originally left for a new pilot that didn’t make…which the writers/producers knew could happen and why they didn’t kill her character. J.J. left for contractual reasons but then they worked everything out. Two favorites back, and new girl gone. I feel bad for Rachel Nicols, but I am so excited for a new year of Criminal Minds. I LOVE that show!

        Oh, and if you like Hawaii Five-O, check out my Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday post tomorrow! 🙂

    1. Claudia, you know Bones is my show! Did you know that The Finder is indeed going to air sometime in 2011/2012 as a spinoff? Did you see that episode this season with Geoff Stults, Michael Clarke Duncan and Saffron Burrows? I’m not sure when it premieres….

  12. Wow, you covered some of my MUST SEE new shows! Love Poppy Montgomery and Marilu Henner–saw that episode of 60 minutes and wondered if that’s what spurred the show.

    Also looking forward to Person of Interest and Prime Suspect. The Person of Interest reminds me of the show…gosh what was it called?…where the cat showed up with the newspaper headlines a day in advance for the guy to stop tragedies. Neat premise.

  13. Prime Suspect looks good to me, cause I love Maria Bello! And Charlie’s Angels too? How fun. Of course, you know I’m just excited about Vampire Diaries Season 3 in two days! Are you going to be watching the Rachel Bilson show on the CW, it’s something like Graceland or Heart something? I forgot the title, but I’m curious if it will be a nice feel good show to tape and watch later on days off.

  14. I sort of doubt I’ll watch any of these. So many shows, so little time. However, it does interest me that Drew Barrymore is involved with the new Charlie’s Angels. I wonder if she’s going to keep it campy like the movie versions or if it’s going to be a “serious” crime show like it was in the 70s. I wonder if they’re going to do a new version of Hart to Hart (which my daddy called Fart to Fart) now. 😀

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