Friday FabOoolousness – September Awards & Mashup

This month, my wonderful writer & Twitter friends awarded me with a few new blogging awards.

Gene Lempp and the magnificent Girls with Pens duo awarded me the Liebster Blog Award.

Liebster is the German word for beloved person.  I have developed close friendships with Gene and Marcy Kennedy (one of the Girls with Pens), even though we’ve never met in real life.  They are two of the most supportive writing friends a girl could have, and I look forward to their tweets, emails, posts, and smiles every day.

Thanks, Gene & Marcy!

In turn, I award these great blogging friends with the Liebster Award: Andrew Mocete, Amber West, Jen L. Kirchner.  You are my liebsters.

Tia Bach awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award.

Tia’s blog, Depression Cookies, is a wonderful place to visit.  The website is truly a family affair – Tia writes posts along with her mother and the site was designed by her sister.  Check it out!

Thanks, Tia!

I’ve had the pleasure to meet many creative bloggers over the past few months, but I can’t help but award Ellie Ann Soderstrom with this Kreativ Blogger award.  Her blog is wonderful – if you haven’t already checked it out, you must!  Ellie is so creative, that she writes her very own Tall Tales.

Lynn Kelley awarded me the One to Follow award.

Without a doubt, Lynn is one to follow.  Her blog is so much fun.  She shares pictures of her family, she introduces other writers and their works, and she vlogs (video blog).

Thanks, Lynn!

Who do I feel are the ones to follow?  I highly recommend Roni Loren, Kait Nolan, and Piper Bayard.  Seriously, just follow these wonderful women.

Ashley E. Prince  and Amanda Rudd awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thanks, ladies!

Nothing says versatile like Kathy Owen and Amy Shojai.  Kathy takes us back through history with wonderful mysteries and trends in fashion, while Amy is my certified pet guru, a vloger, and she writes fiction!

Like with most of the blogging awards floating through cyber-space, these awards come with a few rules.  Just a few weeks ago I posted ten random things about myself, therefore I am skipping that rule.  Instead, I am passing these awards directly to my wonderful blogging friends.

THANK YOU, everyone!  Winning these awards for my posts means so very much to me, AND congratulations to the new recipients.

In addition to these fabOoolous bloggers receiving awards, be sure to click on the sites below featured in the September edition of MarvelOoous Mashups!

PART I: FabOoolous writerly posts

How does one prepare for success?  Jill Kemerer tells us how in this great three-part series – Part one: The Mental Game; Part two: Writing; and Part three: Standing Out.

Writers, do we want to be arrested for POV Prostitution?  I think not!  Check out this great post by Kristen Lamb.

As writers, we must always continue learning the craft.  Check out these three very important elements to writing: Contrast, Details, and Emotion by Phillip Creighton via Jenni Holbrook Talty’s blog. 

PART II: Just because they’re fabOoolous

What are some of the Best and Worst Movies of 2008?  Check out Lyn Midnight’s Secrets of Zelda.

Stacy Green shares a very disturbing true crime murder story in London with the Face of Pure Evil – Mary Bell.

Ever wonder exactly how rock bands get their namesJulie Glover investigates…..

Have you ever played with a Ouija board? Catie Rhodes teaches us The History of the Ouija Board.


Have a favorite movie or television star that you miss seeing on the big screen?  Ellie Soderstrom shares her list in Hire Them Hollywood!

Who didn’t read fairy tales when they were younger?  Sonia Medeiros breaks down Little Red Riding Hood in this two-part series: Never Stray and In The Company of Wolves.

Who are a few of your favorite fabOoolous bloggers?  Do you prefer to read posts about writing or fun miscellaneous reads?   I’d love to hear from you!  Happy Friday FabOolousness everyone! 

35 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness – September Awards & Mashup”

    1. I was just telling my mom about Mary this weekend. She’s going to read your blog. As odd as this sounds, we love these true crime stories and neither of us were familiar with Mary before your post. ❤

  1. Congratulations Tiffany! Awesome and well deserved awards! Great recipients too. I must check out that Mary Bell post now. Oooh. Reminds me of the movie Bad Seed.

    1. Dude! After I read Stacy’s post, I rewatched The Bad Seed on Netflix streaming. Did you know Eli Roth might do a remake of it? The ending of the original movie was only the way it was because of the Hayes rating system. The ending written in the book was much, much darker. 😀

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Tiffany! You’ve received more awards than Modern Family or Downton Abbey lately! I most enjoy blogs that provide interesting information – whether writing or another topic – or share relatable stories. Sometimes, a blogger manages both in a single post!

  3. Thanks for mentioning me today! And congratulations on all those awards. You deserve ’em.

    Favorite bloggers: Stacy Green, Jess Witkins, Gene Lempp, Julie Glover, Piper Bayard. I know I’m missing someone. Forgive me if I’ve left you off.

    Writing blogs or fun, miscellaneous blogs? Stupid answer, but I like both. Sometimes the writing blog is just what I needed to her. Sometimes the fun blog was all my brain could handle at the moment.

    Hope you have a good weekend. 😀

    1. You know, it’s difficult to NOT mention you in every mashup. Your blog posts are pure gold. I have so many saved on my list for future mashups and I just keep adding to it. I may need an All-Catie post. 🙂

    1. You are welcome, Roni! Your blog is one of my favorites – a perfect balance between writing and entertainment. I couldn’t get through the week without your Tuesday boyfriends, your Friday links are always great, and your writing posts are extremely helpful. 🙂

  4. great mash up. You deserve the awards. thanks so much for calling me creative but you spelled it wrong. hehe! No seriously, thanks so much. 🙂

    1. You don’t spell creative with a K? Uh-oh! LOL!

      It was great meeting you this weekend, Ellie! I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks for the book! Along with Save the Cat, I have Story Engineering by Larry Brooks on my desk to read. When I bought it, it was the last one on the shelf at my Barnes & Noble. I’ve heard GREAT things about all three (King’s included).

  5. Wow, Tiffany, so many awards and I can vouch that you deserve every one of them (and more). Fantastic! Congrats to all the winners, excellent group of bloggers and people 🙂

  6. Congratulations on all of your awards! You deserve every one of them.

    I am honored that you are passing a One to Follow Award to me, and I’m humbled to be included with Kait Nolan and Roni Loren. Thank you.

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