Friday FaBOOolousness – October’s MarvelOoous Halloween Mashup


Halloween is right around the corner, so why not dedicate October’s MarvelOoous Mashup to bloggers getting into the spirit with some spooky and festive posts?

We start with one of the most familiar crafts this time of year, pumpkin carving and decorations.  Luckily for us, Angela R. Wallace walks us through some fun ideas in It’s Pumpkin Time!

Keeping with crafts, Tameri Etherton talks about the art of taxidermy (now that’s kind of a creepy conversation for Halloween, right?) and shows off her new front porch skeleton friends in her Wednesday Whimsy post.  Be sure to check out the link she provides to teach all of us how to make our own skeleton buddy.

Kate MacNicol teaches us a bit of Celtic and Wiccan history, as well as provides a healthy soup recipe in her post, What’s Cookin’ in Your Cauldron?

Do people really poison Halloween candy or is it urban legend?  Catie Rhodes investigates and provides some food for thought in her edition of Bad Candy.

Is chocolate really dangerous for our dogs?  Amy Shojai, my pet-guru, offers her expertise in her Howl-oween Spook-tacular and provides helpful first aid tips just in case man’s best friend bites into our chocolate Halloween treats.

Zombies are taking over the world, at least on TV.  Sonia G. Medeiros talks AMC’s The Walking Dead and announces the poll results to best and worst zombie movies ever in The Zombies Have Arrived!

Who can think Halloween without thinking about witches?  Personally, I’m a big fan of witches, which is why when Jess Witkins published A Wicked Review of Gregory Maguire’s Wicked (prequel to The Wizard of Oz), I was wickedly intrigued.

While we’re discussing wicked witches, click over to Jillian Dodd’s Halloween special and tell her which of these sexy warlocks can cast a spell on you in her MANday: Warlocks Edition.

How about some television to get us in the mood for Halloween?  Besides horror, science fiction provides many haunting stories and far-out costume possibilities, as well as keeps the creatures crawling around the screens spooking us.  Not sure what sci-fi to watch?  Check out Amanda Rudd’s series: Top 10 SciFi Television Shows Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Skeptical that sci-fi and Halloween go hand-in-hand?  Michael Myer’s mask in the Halloween movies was adapted from a Captain Kirk Halloween mask.  No joke.


Speaking of haunting TV, who’s watching FX’s new show, American Horror Story?  Creepy….check out Lauralynn Elliot’s thoughts on her blog post of the same name, American Horror Story.

Do you believe in vampires?  They’re fictional, eh?  Read Stacy Green’s post The Vampire of Sacramento and tell me if you change your mind.

Speaking of vampires, visit Jillian Dodd’s blog and vote for which of these hot television and cinematic bad boys with bite can snuggle up and take a nibble out of your neck on her MANday: Vampire Edition.

Finally, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a few hauntings….

Was the home of one of the sexiest men in Hollywood haunted?  Check out Errol Flynn’s Ghost by Catie Rhodes – would you stay the night in Mulholland Farm if the house hadn’t been destroyed?

What are two of the creepiest establishments associated with hauntings?  Insane Asylums and Prisons.  Stacy Green educates us on America’s Most Haunted Prison, and it’s not Alcatraz.

What does Halloween mean to you?  Do you dress up in costume and go trick or treating?  What are some of your favorite Halloween pastimes and crafts?  Do you have any favorite Halloween recipes or ghost stories to share?  I’d love to hear from you!

Come back next week for a Friday FaBOOolousness Boo Factor installment –Halloween.

26 Replies to “Friday FaBOOolousness – October’s MarvelOoous Halloween Mashup”

  1. First, thanks for mentioning me in your mash-up. I’m honored to be among such good bloggers.

    Second, I’m so stoked that you like American Horror Story, too. My husband and I *finally* got around to watching the first episode last night. We were blown away by how good it is. It is like an 80s horror novel. I can’t wait to watch more and see how the little mysteries unravel. You know what though? I was a little disappointed that Dylan McDermott didn’t at least investigate the burned man’s story. He’s an educated professional. Surely he’d be curious? Anyway, looking forward to more.

    Hope you have a good weekend. 😀

    1. You are welcome, Catie! And, THANK YOU for such wonderful posts. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites.

      Are you surprised that I like American Horror Story? 🙂

      I think Dylan’s character is too rattled by women to think about anything else. He is playing tortured very well. I want more backstory on the “Murder House” – I was upset that the wife jumped off the tour bus when she did. FX dares to be different, and they have won again in my eyes. Oh, and Jessica Lange? She is brilliant! Her character gets away with insults and one-liners that would be shamed on basic cable…with class.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great mashup! Thanks for including me. 😀

    Durn it all! I forgot to record American Horror Story. Going to have to remedy that. Plus, I think Once Upon a Time is premiering this weekend. Looks interesting.

  3. Great mashup, Tiffany. I’ll be sure to check out some of these that I do not already follow. I watched American Horror Story last week and I thought it was definitely interesting. I love creepy things.
    I am following The Walking Dead as well and loving it!
    I like this blog mashup thingy. I noticed a lot of you do this and I find it fun and interesting. I may have to do one of these myself. 🙂

    Thanks for a great post!


    1. Thanks, Darlene! Mashups are a fun way to pass along great blog posts and appreciate our blogging friends. I make a point to publish one per month. Unfortunately, there are quite a few more posts that I’d like to include, but I always try and watch my word count and blog length.

      We just watched every single episode of The Walking Dead this weekend. My guy can’t get enough when it comes to zombies. I hope you check out AHS! It’s daringly different. I plan to blog about it next Tuesday.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I’ve been so out of the television loop lately that I missed out on even knowing about this American Horror Story. Since I love to write ghost stories, sounds like I need to check this one out! Thanks! Great post, lots of good info. Followed a lot of your links and got some new blogs to follow so thanks for that too!

  5. Boo!

    Okay, that’s as scary as I get. That zombie girl (it IS a girl, right?) scares me, so yeah, no creepy TV shows for me.

    Great mash up! I love Jillian’s warlocks. I’ve got to check out those other links.
    Thanks for including me with all these super fabulous bloggers!

  6. I hate the blood & gore aspect of Halloween. That being said, we once turned our garage into a haunted house for a party with our kids. (It’s not too hard to spook eight year olds). My favorite part of Halloween is chocolate. That’s also a favorite of mine with a few other holidays – like Christmas and Valentine’s.

    1. I’m the girl that loves to go to haunted houses and watch scary movies, yet locks onto my guy and keeps my hand close to face. LOL

      My favorite part of Halloween is the kids. I love seeing everyone’s costumes when they come up to ring the doorbell, especially the ones that can’t yet talk and just smile.

      Thanks for stopping by, Julie!

  7. I’m out of town and just getting a chance to check out the blogs – thank you so much for the linkage! Really appreciate it, and I’ll definitely be checking out the other links. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ooooh I love American Horror Story too.

    Last year I dressed up like Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth. Not only does Beth dress different from me, (probably a good thing) her persona is so opposite of mine, my own family didn’t recognize me. Could have been the long blonde hair and false eyelashes but hey, it was hysterical. Thanks for including me in your mash-up. I always enjoy the links you gather and to be a part of it this week is really nice.

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