Friday FabOoolousness – 7X7 Link Love

A few weeks ago, Angela R. Wallace graciously awarded me the 7X7 Link Award.

Thank you, Angela!

Angela released a new e-book this week titled Elemental Magic.  Congratulations!  Please stop by and check out one of Angela’s books today by clicking here!

With the 7X7 award, the recipient selects seven previous blog posts that represent certain categories before finally passing the award on to seven new awardees.

Most Beautiful – Paradise in the Florida Keys.  This was the first vacation we had taken in a while, and the pictures alone take me back to paradise.  Pina Colada, anyone?  I’ll take two.

Most Helpful – The DVR Priorities of Casa Blanca.  Everyone wonders how I watch as much television as I do, well now they know!  The DVR might just be the best invention ever…

Most Popular The Kiss and Kill Murder.  The story of Betty and Mack continues to get blog hits every single week.  I’ve received blog comments from current and former Odessa High Students.  To everyone who has shared their memories of the two, thank you.

From “Washed in the Blood” p. 84, 2004, Bristol Publishing Company

Most Controversial The Kiss and Kill Murder.  I specifically steer away from controversial blog topics, however if I had to choose, the story of Betty and Mack would probably also be the most controversial.  Not everyone remembers the author’s story the way he tells it, and to each his own.

Most Surprisingly SuccessfulMTV’s Joining the Party and TV with Bite: The Bad Boys.  Apparently, viewers love the supernatural, especially when we publish pictures of some of TV’s hottest vampire men.

Most UnderratedThe Tamberny Award Show (part one and two).  Preparing for this award show required a ton of work – Amber and I went back and forth, over and over again, generating conversation pieces for each of the televised nomination categories.  I couldn’t have done this post without her – Amber is the Sean to my Gus, the Siskel to my Ebert, or vice versa – she can be whichever one of these power duos she wishes.

Most PrideworthyThe Go Without Game.  Going without a luxury item and giving back to those in need…need I say more?  Again, all the credit for this fabOoolous game goes to Amber West.  She started it, and we can only hope to continue.

Keeping with tradition, the below bloggers deserve and earn the 7X7 award.  Not everyone always feels like participating in blog awards; and no worries if that is indeed the case.  Regardless, I want to select seven fabOoolous bloggers to receive this award.  These writers have a plethora of fabOoolous blog topics published over the past few months and I would love to see what they consider to be their Mosts.

  1. Catie Rhodes
  2. Stacy Green
  3. Andrew Mocete
  4. Jillian Dodd
  5. Ellie Soderstrom
  6. Ashley Prince
  7. Kathy Owen

Of course, an award presentation wouldn’t be complete without including my partner in crime, Amber West.  Amber already shared her Mosts with the blogosphere, so please click here and take a look at her selections.

And, let’s not forget Angela Wallace’s Mosts here.

Taking a page from my dear friend Jenny Hanson, who in turn took a page out of Chuck Wendig’s book, now it’s time to Pimp It, Pimp it Real Good.

Pimp another’s blog or promote one of your own.  Tell us which of the Mosts apply:   Beautiful, Helpful, Popular, Controversial, Surprisingly Successful, Underrated, and/or Prideworthy.   I’d love to hear from you!

10 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness – 7X7 Link Love”

  1. Thanks for the award, girl. I bet it was hard choosing your mosts. Your Kiss and Kill post was great. You did a fine job of summarizing the case. I can see why it still gets hits every week. 😀

    I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving. Back the grind next week, huh?

  2. Hi Tiffany! I love this post, it’s fun to go back and see what you’ve done. You’ve got a great blog here! It’d be hard to choose the best. =)
    And thanks so much for the award! I’m proud to go on that list, and I’ve never read Ashley Prince’s blog so it’s cool to connect to a new blog.

  3. Love your list, Tiffany. I bet it was hard to choose. How could you doubt the success of TV with Bite? Naturally, it was a hit. 😉 Lately, I have been most surprised by the success of my post on the movie Spirited Away. It got the most hits daily while I was out sick and not blogging at all.

  4. Tiff,

    What a great walk tthrough memory lane on your posts – I agree with all of these, especially if your Tamberney Awards did not get hits through the roof – I LOVED those! Now I have to go read your DVR post to find out the secret of how you get so much watched.

    I agree with all the pimping on your list and am going to add August McLaughlin’s blog. She’s impressed me with the last three posts of hers that I’ve read. Natalie Hartford always makes me laugh too. Here they are:

  5. Wowza, Tiffany, thanks so much for the shout-out and award! It’s peeps like you who keep me going! Congrats on your own award; it’s well-deserved!

    There are so many wonderful peeps to promote. One you may not be familiar with is Margot Kinberg, who is a professor and mystery writer. Her current post has mystery author Elizabeth Spann Craig as guest blogger! Woot! Check out both of them at

    Have a great weekend,

  6. Congrats on the 7×7 award, Tiffany. You definitely deserve it, and your blog posts are awesome. I’m sorry to hear that the Tamberny Award Show was the most underrated after you put so much time into it. Yep, that sucks. My most successful posts were “My Choices in Publishing” and the “Star Wars Mashup,” which was a fun one to do. I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving!

  7. I’m just getting a chance to catch up on blogs. Thanks so much for the award! Your blog is one of my faves, and you’ve got some great ones on your list, so I’m honored to be included. Hope you had a great holiday!

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