Tele-Tuesday: Sometimes It Just Takes Two

Watching television is much like reading a good book; in order to keep us coming back for more, a few elements must fall into place like a great story and relatable and lovable characters.

What’s better than falling in love with a great character?  Why falling in love with a great duo, of course.

Television programs have produced wonderful power couples over the years, some even going back decades.  A perfect example of a happy husband and wife team working together from the start of a series to the end is Hart to Hart’s Jonathan and Jennifer Hart.


But not every couple on television experiences the same success as the Harts.  Actually, many TV partnerships begin as “just friends” before ever turning romantic.  Historically, the programs with platonic relationships actually last longer, or at least they do when the TV characters start out as just friends.

Of course, that’s not to say we don’t appreciate a bit of a cat and mouse game when it comes to alluding to the possibility of romance between friends.  But each and every time the characters find happiness with one another, the show tends to end.


Moonlighting – David and Maddie

Moonlighting never quite recovered once David and Maddie gave in to their romantic feelings.  The series attempted to go back to the way things were, but it was too late.

House – House and Cuddy

We could all see it coming, and it made for some great television…but were we really shocked when House drove a car through Cuddy’s house ending their tumultuous relationship?  Doesn’t it say enough that the only picture we could find of the duo appearing happy was in the fantasized skit, “Get Happy?”

Chuck – Chuck and Sarah

Chuck always seemed to struggle with the ratings bug, but luckily the fans and Subway saved the show more than once.  Last season, we witnessed Chuck and Sarah finally marry and begin their lives together, just in time for the network to announce that this season, a shortened season at that, would be its last.

Alias – Vaughn and Sydney

Vaughn and Sydney might just be one of the best cat & mouse relationships on television…ever.  It seemed like every single time Vaughn and Sydney might be happy, some major obstacle smacked the two in the face (sometimes literally… remember the car wreck?).


Like the many attempts before, the television gods are trying their hand at newly developed relationships between characters who at first were just friends.  What will the future hold for a few of our favorite TV duos now venturing down a romantic path?

Bones – Booth and Brennan

We’re seven seasons in and Booth and Brennan are finally together and having a baby.  Will the relationship survive the two’s differences (financial, spiritual, etc), or is their future doomed?

Burn Notice – Michael and Fiona

Michael has finally admitted his feelings for Fiona and she has moved in, but now the man responsible for Michael’s burn notice is blackmailing them.  How will Michael manage his way out of this one?

Psych – Shawn and Juliet

While Psych doesn’t focus on the romantic relationship between Shawn and Juliet, we still wonder how it will affect their ability to work together… Plus, don’t we really want to see more?

Fringe – Peter and Olivia

Okay, so we keep bouncing from one universe to another where sometimes Peter and Olivia are together and other times they’re not.  Perhaps this is because the show’s creators fear their future if indeed Peter and Olivia appear content?


Which past or present TV power couple do you love?  Do you feel that once the relationship turns romantic, the show is doomed to fail?  What are your thoughts on the current relationship/television show status of Bones, Burn Notice, Psych, and Fringe?  Will these shows make it or will history repeat itself?   I’d love to hear from you!

16 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Sometimes It Just Takes Two”

  1. I LOVED Alias. Sydney and Vaughn were the best. I have to say that I’m happy that Booth and Bones are finally together. I think they can work because they are so different that they complement each other. It’s going to be a great season.

  2. I loved, loved, loved Heart to Heart! It’s true that the romance stuff can be hard to work into the show. Sometimes we’re rooting so hard for a couple but feel kinda anticlimactic once they’re together. Then again, I hated how long they dragged out the the X-Files romance. By the time Mulder and Scully were together, I was totally “meh.” LOL. Not sure how I feel about Peter and Olivia yet.

    Maybe there’s a sweet spot in how long you can drag out romantic tension. Too long and people feel let down after so much build up. *shrug*

  3. I love when a show starts out with a platonic-friend relationship that eventually turn romantic. I’d happily continue watching even once the couple gets together. I sour on a show, though, when they drag you along, finally get them together, and then destroy everything in the name of excitement/suspense/drama (e.g. one of them dies, cheats on the other, they break up for stupid reasons and never get back together). I really enjoyed the Cuddy-House dynamic and how she was helping him be a better man. Very sad when that ended. I have high hopes for Booth and Bones sticking it out.

  4. I’ve never watched any of these shows, except maybe bits and pieces. Sad, isn’t it? LOL

    What about Scully and Mulder? That’s my favorite couple. (That’s from The X-Files for those of you who aren’t initiated, LOL)

  5. I kind of like how they’re handling the romance on Psych. Makes sense that they would be more low-key, and I like that there’s not a lot of contrived drama. Although it’s interesting that Juliet seems to be the only person being hoodwinked by Shawn (her and maybe the Chief) – everyone else is onto him and just don’t care. They’ve slowly been teasing the idea of Shawn finally getting caught. Given the big trust issues with her dad, I’m interested to see how they would write that situation.

  6. You know how I feel about Booth and Bones! I am sooo happy to see them together and I agree with Shannyn…there are enough differences to cause enough tension without hurting the show. And of course, Peter and Olivia. While we know they love each other, the cosmos have done their best to keep them apart, once again, allowing viewers to wonder when/if they’ll finally get together.

  7. Even though Chuck and Sarah only got married last season, they technically got together before that. In terms of romantic relationship track records, I’d say Chuck and Sarah have lasted longer than most.

  8. I don’t watch most of these shows, but you know how I feel about Bones. I think the producers did a good job with handling them finally getting together. Really, they’ve been together for years without admitting it, so I think it was nice (and realistic) they skipped the lovey/dovey stuff.

  9. I hope Bones and Brennan stay together. I think I like the show more now that they are finally a couple, but as you’ve said, the network seems to pull shows after they let the couple do the nasty. Whyyyyy? Stupid networks.

    So, something I was thinking of over the weekend – Booth’s first name is Seeley, right? I wonder if that is a play on the word ‘Seelie’ as in good fae. Because, you know, David used to be Angel and he’s a good cop on Bones… if I was the person who made up character’s names, I’d totally do something like that. Just a little play on names.

  10. So glad someone mentioned Scully/Mulder. (Yup, I’m a dork too.)

    In the sitcom world, how about on The Office? Pam and Jim finally got together – married and just had their second kid in the show.

    And I love Juliet and Shawn – especially since they are a real life couple 🙂

  11. I used to watch Hart to Hart and loved it. And Moonlight, too! Ha, I forgot about these shows. Thanks for the reminder. The only recent show you’ve mentioned that I watch is House. He’s something else, isn’t he? This is such a perceptive post, and I never really thought about how a show ends once the romance begins. Very interesting. It doesn’t bother me when the characters get together. I’m a romantic, though.

  12. What makes falling in love with a duo even more compelling? A doomed relationship.
    For instance Buffy and Angel/Spike, you knew while watching that it would never last. But, oh how you wanted it to.
    Or Ted and Robin, you knew that Robin was not the mother from the pilot, but you couldn’t help loving those character’s together and thinking maybe, somehow they’ll be together in the end.
    Doomed love pulls in a crowd, it makes the drama more exciting, the love more special, and the break-ups and moving on make for great television.

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