Friday FabOoolousness – P.W. Creighton and Nightfall

I met P.W. Creighton on Twitter last year, and we immediately hit it off talking about some of my favorite television shows and characters.  Each week, P.W. is actually one of the first people I look to chat with about Burn Notice, Justified, American Horror Story, Psych, The Secret Circle, etc.  I mean it; we have a lot of fun.

Author P.W. Creighton

But then there is everything else about P.W. that makes him even more fantastic – he’s an Adventurer, Archaeologist, Photographer, Videographer, Tech-Geek, and Investigator.

Oh, and did I mention he writes too?  P.W. is the author of the upcoming supernatural thriller series, Nightfall, and he publishes blog posts to help other writers with the craft of storytelling.  P.W. is truly talented and a valuable resource to the rest of us trying to find our way.

Before we get to know P.W. on a more personal level, here’s a taste of Nightfall to get everyone in the mood…


Three years after everyone important to Connor Maitland was murdered by a fanatical cult he is still attempting to put his life back together. Accompanied by his ex-girlfriend and business partner, Alison Herne, he is making a living as a jack-of-all-trades, running a security company, sailing charters, and even photographing weddings out of Dolliber Cove, Massachusetts. Connor’s world is finally coming back together until he discovers one of Alison’s ghost hunter friends murdered.

When Veronica, a childhood love he thought was dead, appears on his doorstep during their investigation, Connor is forced to confront memories he had convinced himself were the delusions of a man deep in grief. Veronica is being stalked by a mysterious man who appears to know far too many of her secrets, as well as Connor’s. After Alison is almost killed confronting her occult past, it is impossible for Connor to deny the connection between the cases. Someone is attempting to end Connor’s life and the lives of all those who surround him.

The crazed rantings of the murderous cult may be the key to his survival.


When you were young, did you dream of one day writing a bestseller, or did you have something else in mind?

Honestly, when I was younger I was never really one for planning. I just focused on whatever adventure would come my way and took to it. When it came to writing I just kept going and the more people told me I had a gift for narratives the more I wanted to share them.

Where do you find the inspiration for your stories?

Life for one, imagination and dreams for another.

Who are a few of your favorite authors?

H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison and so many more.

Jim Butcher's "Storm Front" - Book One of The Dresden Files

The cover art for Nighfall is amazing.  Did you design it yourself?

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and that usually means I’m not happy with something unless I do it myself. However, the cover art was actually created by my publisher’s cover artist, Elaina Lee. She took my rambling ideas and put together something perfect.

Many writers imagine a celebrity or familiar face when developing their characters.  Did you have anyone particular in mind when writing your protagonist Connor Maitland and why?

So very true, for Connor I had the image of Eric Close from Dark Skies with the attitude and knowledge of Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice. The mixture of a calm, knowledgeable and creative guy thrown into extraordinary situations felt intriguing to me.

Eric Close as John Loengard in the 1996 series, Dark Skies
Michael Weston gets the job done in Burn Notice...any way he can.

Speaking of celebrities, who are you thinking of at this very moment?

Kate Beckinsale. Can’t wait to see the new Underworld movie.

Kate Beckinsale returns to theaters today as Selene in Underworld: Awakening 3-D this month

In addition to writing, photography and adventure are two of your other passions.  What other hobbies do you enjoy that we don’t know about?

Sailing, I love the open water and the quiet calm that comes with it. And gaming, yes I’m a gamer. I love the dynamic stories and creative art styles that come with excellent games.

You are one of my favorite friends to chat television with on Twitter.  What are your favorite television programs airing today?

Quite a few actually: Supernatural,  Secret Circle, Leverage, Haven, Warehouse 13, White Collar, American Horror Story, Bones, Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Psych and so forth.   

Does your love for TV carry over to the big screen?  If so, what is your favorite movie all-time?

Certainly, and if it has to be one I would have to say Goonies. No matter what I can still stop and watch that one.

Goonies...definitely one of the best movies of our time.

What snacks do you order when at a movie theater?

Popcorn with the evil butter and sour patch kids.

You write supernatural thrillers.  Name your favorite book, movie, and television series featuring the supernatural. 

Favorite book would have to be The Shining, got to love the greats. Favorite movie would be Ghostbusters, how could it not? Favorite series is Haven.

"Who ya gonna call?"


Want more P.W.?  Be sure to visit his blog, follower him on Twitter for excellent writing links and fantastic television banter, and like his Facebook author page.

Nightfall will be available January 31st.  Watch for it and buy it here!

Do you have a question for P.W.?  What’s your favorite supernatural book series, television show, or movie and why?  I’d love to hear from you! 


26 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness – P.W. Creighton and Nightfall”

  1. Great interview! I completely agree about Haven and I love the Stephen King references in it. You television taste is spectacular. I agree with Tiffany P.W. is one of my favorite people to talk with on Twitter. I can’t wait to check out your books.

  2. Thanks Liz, you and Tiffany give me hope for continued great TV shows. Always worried reality TV will take over… eek.

    Thank you Natalie, what are some of your fav shows? I’m heading out tonight to go see Underworld Awakening… looking good.

  3. I am looking forward to Nightfall. We like a lot of the same TV and books, so I plan to check it out once it’s available. Thanks for the interview, P.W. and Tiffany. 😀

    My favorite supernatural books: The Hollows series by Kim Harrison, Harper Connelly Mysteries by Charlaine Harris, and Mercy Thompson mysteries by Patricia Briggs.

    My favorite supernatural TV shows: The Damon Salvatore Show (aka The Vampire Diaries). 😀

    My favorite supernatural movie: Among others, The Butterfly Effect.

  4. Heh… thanks Amber. That’s why I keep my bio so succinct.. says it all.

    Stories, that’s what I say to a Friday night 😉

    Nightfall is also the first in the series, so expect more from Connor down the line. I’m currently revising/editing books 2 & 3.

  5. Hey, Tiffany, thanks for haveing P.W. on! I am so excited that Nightfall is being released and glad to have met him on Twitter last year too! P.W. has a fascinating background that I know will be reflected in his book. Love the old TV movies/show here too! Finally got to share Goonies with my son – love it!

    1. I’m a big Dr. Who fan I also love Torchwood, Haven, Warehouse 13, Supernatural, Being Human (BBC version) let’s see The Fifth Element is one of those movies I watch every year. As for books I lean more toward urban fantasy- The Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter is fabulous!

      1. You couldn’t have listed a bunch of better shows…the Doctor/Amy dynamic is outstanding. I never really gave the yellowrock series a fair shake…it is on my shelf though. 🙂

  6. Popcorn with butter and sourpatch kids together? Interesting.

    Awesome interview and his book sounds spooky. Even though we read and watch totally different genres, he still sounds like a cool dude to hang out with. Thanks for the intro, Tiffany!

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