Tele-Tuesday: Reader’s Pick Per Night – The Polls

This month marks the one year anniversary (or blogiversary as we’ve gotten to know it around the blogosphere) of The Ooo Factor.  One year seems like a long time, but in all honesty the blog posts have flown by and I’ve had a great time sharing my television addiction with everyone on a weekly basis.  Blogging has actually given my obsessive TV watching purpose, and has made me feel better about the amount of television I watch each and every night.  And whether or not my readers can believe it, I have much more to share!

If we’ve learned anything as we’ve moved through the years, we’ve learned that as time passes, people change.

Whew; that sounded borderline serious for a second.   But it’s true…

But other things change too, like the revolving door of television programs.  The networks update their television schedules drastically over the course of a year, sometimes in just a matter of months.  In celebration of the past twelve months here at Tele-Tuesday, we’ve decided to update a few of our older posts that don’t necessarily stand true any longer (whether it be because the networks moved our shows around or because some new hit has taken its place).

Last year, we blogged about our 2011 Pick Per Night television series.  While some of our choices still air today, we may have a different favorite that has taken over on that particular night of the week and we feel an obligation to update our readers with the 2012 choices.  But before we do, we’d like to know what everyone else watches.

If you could choose only one show per night, what would it be?

Did your favorite show make the list?  If not, what is it?  I’d love to hear from you! 

Next week, we will announce what our viewers prefer to watch and what we here at Tele-Tuesday mark as our #1 must watch programs in a Pick Per Night 2012.


37 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Reader’s Pick Per Night – The Polls”

  1. My favorite show didn’t make the lists. Community on NBC on Thursdays. Returns next week, and I am so, so excited!

    I don’t watch a lot of TV in general, though. All the others ones I tend to watch are reality competition shows like Top Chef and Project Runway.

    1. I didn’t add any of the comedies because the polls were already so long. I’ve been thinking about doing a comedy network versus network post in two weeks after I post the results of this poll.

      Thanks for voting, L.S.!

  2. CSI made my list! Although this season is disappointing…they bring on hottie Jake from old Melrose Place and then dishonor him and kill him off. what??? Then Margi Helgenberger leaves and Laurence Fishburne – who was AWESOME. Still miss Grissom…had major crush on William Petersen. And they started a cool romance with Hodges and Wendy – and then she left. What?? Now Ted Danson is blah white bread and Elisabeth Shue is some stupid 2 dimensional character who adds nothing. If Stokes goes off, thats it for me. Best show ever was when Quentin Tarantino directed Grave Danger in season 5. Holy Sh*&t! Guess I need to pay more attention to finding knew hot shows – and your blog is the place to do that Tiffany! Like Psych!

    1. Donna, I love CSI and couldn’t agree MORE! The show just isn’t the same as it used to be – not since Grissom and Warrick left. I honestly could have cared less about Sara’s return and didn’t bat an eye when Catherine left. Maybe the show is running it’s course…if Stokes leaves, I may be out too (not to mention George Eades attended Texas Tech so I really adore him! LOL).

      Of all the CSIs right now, I prefer New York and it is NO WHERE to be found. It hasn’t been on in at least a month and I think it’ll be a few weeks before it returns. And, Miami? I’ve always loved the color and footage of Miami, but Horatio drives me nuts. I heard the Miami season was cut short this year to bring on a mid-season replacement. I wonder if this means their future is in jeopardy?

      So, you checked out Psych? Yay! 🙂

      Thanks so much for the support and kind words, Donna. You’re the best!

  3. Sadly, Castle is my one remaining favorite that’s currently airing. I do watch some of the other shows on other nights, but mostly because my mom and I watch them together. Even my beloved Criminal Minds has me fed up. *sigh*

    Happy One Year anniversary. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Angela! Castle is winning the Monday night timeslot right now… 🙂

      You are fed up with Criminal Minds? I have to admit, although I love the show, it has fallen a bit flat this season too. Last year was great with the Prentiss storyline, etc… but this year it’s almost entirely about the unsubs. Don’t get me wrong – I love the way the BAU team tracks the unsubs; it’s a unique touch on television today and is a great show for mystery writers to watch. Heehee. I would like to see another serial storyline that lasts more than one episode and involves the agents on a personal level. But that’s me. Even JJ’s return has been bland (IMO) and I was excited for her return!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I don’t like how it’s all about the unsubs. We get to see everything about their lives before the team figures it out. Makes me feel like there’s no point in having them around, just wait for the cops to miraculously show up. There’s no mystery anymore.

        The one thing I do like is the more personal touch with Hotch and Rossi. Like when Rossi helped coach Jack’s soccer game–that was so sweet!

        Oh, and did you see JJ’s black belt moves a couple episodes ago? It was cool and all, but all of a sudden she’s supposed to be Jackie Chan? Whatever.

  4. I polled with the majority on most days. My new fave Sunday show is GCB on ABC. It’s from the writer of Steel Magnolias and is great satire, something lost on most TV programs.

    1. I’m saving GCB to watch this weekend when my parents visit. I had no idea it was from the writer of Steel Magnolias…what a GREAT movie. I do love to laugh and I hope GCB doesn’t disappoint. Will it be the new Desperate Housewives, only in Texas and in the church? I hope so.

      Thanks for stopping by and voting, Tom!

  5. Congrats on the one year anniversary. Blogging is hard–but fun–work. LOL

    My Monday show didn’t make the list. I like to watch First Week In on Discovery. It follows newly arrested people who have never done time in jail before. My Wednesday show is Sons of Guns. My Saturday show is Cheaters–in reruns.

    I had fun with the poll. Thanks for doing it.

      1. It’s such a weird show. And I can totally sympathize with the protagonists. If I went to jail, I would be flopping and flailing around, trying to figure out how to function.

    1. I haven’t heard of First Week In. We may have to check that out…

      Cheaters? Catie. Cheaters? LOL. You and my guy would get along great. He loves to watch Cheaters and I just shake my head. Although I have to admit, I can’t stop laughing when I sit down and watch it with him. I like it when Joey sticks his nose in a little too far… 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and voting!

  6. Of course I voted for Criminal Minds, but I have to admit, it seems to be going off the rails a bit lately. The characters and their chemistry will always keep me coming back, but the cases are getting wacky, even for me.

    And where was The Big Bang Theory? 😉

  7. This was hard, Tiffany! My favorite night is definitely Monday. First pick, Castle. Second, Hart of Dixie. Third, still HIMYM (we’ll see for how long). Some other nights, I don’t watch anything. And I’m wondering how on earth you’re going to pick between Psych and Revenge!

    Happy blogiversary! So glad you’re in cyberspace and eager to meet you in May!

  8. Oh, my favorite show was on the list. A show that you and Catie introduced me to and then sucked me via twitter messages and blog posts about hot vampires. *sigh* Is there still TV on? I don’t know, I’m waiting for March 15th. 😉

    Seriously, zombies from The Walking Dead are taking over for me now. That show is getting GOOOOOD!

    1. March 15th can’t come fast enough, Jess! And geez, I wonder which show you are talking about? LOL

      I wonder if Paul Wesley ever gets upset that he’s supposed to be the “hunk” of the show, the “star” – but isn’t. First comes Damon, 100%, and then Klaus…I do like me some Klaus!

      The Walking Dead has really picked it up the past two weeks with the Shane/Rick episode and then last week’s Dale. I hope they keep it up. So many of the episodes this season have been weak, IMO. Bring on more walkers! You know they’re everywhere!

  9. So happy to see some of my faces: House/Alcatraz/Bones/The Finder/Fringe, but there were some that were missing that I had to vote ‘Other’: Modern Family & Suburgatory on Wed, Big Bang Theory on Thurs and Shameless on Sundays. Now, I did notice everything on your list was a TV drama, so perhaps why some of mine are missing from the list!!

    1. You got it, Claudia! There were so many programs to choose from that I decided to only list the dramas this week. I’ll probably do a network versus network comedy showdown in two weeks after I post the results of this poll.

      Man, do you like FOX or what? 🙂

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Suburgatory. I was sad when I noticed we didn’t get a new episode on the DVR last night.

      Thanks for voting!

  10. Apparently I only watch TV on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. But hey, my picks were all the top ones! Except… you didn’t have Downton Abbey, yeah I know it’s not on right now, but still. Downton Abbey!

    1. I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary for the blog! That’s so fabulous you’ve been here for a year. Here’s looking forward to several more years of your blogaliciousness.


  11. My favorites are Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains. Love Revenge. And watched GCB and LOVED it. I hope it continues to be as hilarious as it was. The mother on the show just cracks me up. It might be my new favorite!!
    And CONGRATS on your year anniversary!! That is AWESOME!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Jill!

      I’m waiting to watch GCB this weekend while my folks are here….I can’t wait to watch it. I really want to like this show.

      I don’t do Hart of Dixie or Royal Pains, but I don’t miss an episode of GG, White Collar, or Covert Affairs (despite the fact that Annie gets on my nerves. Give me more Auggie!). 🙂

      Thanks for voting!

    1. Don’t worry, Fabio! A chance to vote on the comedies is coming. I love that you love Archer! And New Girl? It’s one of my new favorites… “Hey, Girl. Whatcha’ doin’?” Heehee

      Thanks for stopping by & voting!

  12. What, No Big Bang Theory? Although with my DVR, I don;t even now what day or channels show’s are on anymore – well except for the Walking Dead.

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