Tele-Tuesday: Reader’s Pick Per Night, The Comedy Polls

A few weeks ago, the Tele-Tuesday readers had the chance to vote on which television dramas they can’t live without in a Pick Per Night 2012.  Today, we want to know which comedies reign supreme.

If we’ve learned anything year after year, we’ve learned that as time passes, people change.   We’ve also learned to adapt to other changes as well, like the revolving door of television programs.

The networks update their television schedules drastically over the course of a year, sometimes in just a matter of months.  We have fall premieres, winter premieres, summer premieres, and this new thing called midseason replacements.  Comedy seems to be at the top of this year’s midseason replacements with sitcoms such as Bent and the upcoming Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and Best Friends Forever.

And while the constant change to our network favorites continues to waffle, we must remember one thing — to laugh.

We’re watching more comedies than ever here at The Ooo Factor.  While some of our favorite veteran sitcoms still air today, we may have a different favorite that has taken over on a particular night of the week and we feel an obligation to update our readers with our 2012 choices.  But before we do, we’d like to know what everyone else watches.

If you could choose only one comedy per night, what would it be?

We’re omitting Friday and Saturday from the polls because there doesn’t appear to be any sitcoms on during the prime time hours.  Whatever happened to TGIF?  Remember those days?

Did your favorite comedy make the list?  If not, what is it?  I’d love to hear from you! 

Next week, we will announce what our viewers prefer to watch and what we here at Tele-Tuesday mark as our #1 must watch funny program in a Pick Per Night 2012: the Comedies.


17 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Reader’s Pick Per Night, The Comedy Polls”

  1. I started voting and realized I don’t watch any of them!! I think I need more comedy in my life too. Although I will say, GCB has me laughing out loud on Sunday nights. I’m not sure it’s supposed to be a comedy, but it sure is funny.

      1. The mom makes me laugh so hard. She’s just awesome.

  2. Wed was a hard one since I watch The Middle, Suburgatory (which I voted for), Modern Family (they didn’t need my vote), and Happy Endings! I was surprised that GCB was not listed on Sunday. I don’t know if it qualifies as a comedy, but it has some pretty funny scenes…Yes, as a Texan I should be ashamed to not only admit to watching, but that I actually watch the show, but it’s still funny.

  3. I’ll have to admit the only comedy I voted for was The Big Bang Theory. I can sort of watch some of the others if my husband has them on, but I don’t care about any of them except TBBT. It’s so weird that I don’t like sitcoms because I have a great sense of humor. I just think so many of them are lame and not very funny. I do get a laugh out of Hot in Cleveland from time to time, but it’s mostly because of Betty White.

  4. I don’t watch any of the comedies. Maybe it’s the laugh track. I don’t want to be told what’s funny. It’s Me, Chelsey got a look because of Laura Prepon and Chelsey Handler. It wasn’t that funny. Chelsey has a ballsy sense of humor which didn’t translate to network TV. Laura Prepon is stuck trying to play the part but she doesn’t have the edgy quality to pull it off.

  5. I’m not keen on most TV comedies. Wish that wasn’t the case! I do like the funny bits that crop up in Criminal Minds (seriously! lol), and somewhat oldies/goodies, Lie to Me, Brothers and Sisters and I Love Lucy.

  6. I guess Psych landed in the drama department, but it’s a comedy too. So can I get a write-in vote for that one on Wednesday? It’s a comedy! It’s a drama! I’ve heard it both ways.

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