Tele-Tuesday: Television Characters Worthy of a Slap, Figuratively of Course

Does anyone ever watch a television program and think to themselves, “Someone really needs to slap that character!”?  Wanting to slap someone doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t still love them, but that they need a reality check.  Also, wanting to slap someone doesn’t necessarily mean we should slap them – this is all figurative of course, not literal.

Many characters on TV today find themselves worthy of a slap, at least in our opinion here at The Ooo Factor.  Some of these characters portray leading roles on some of our very favorite television programs, but we still find ourselves wishing we could jolt them back to reality at times.

Maybe they’re a bit overzealous; maybe they’re a bit narcissistic; maybe they’re a bit dense; or maybe they’re just a bit clueless — regardless, playing a fun game of Slap This TV Character might just be what they need… or better yet, what we need as a viewer to continue on.

So who does Tele-Tuesday believe is worthy of a figurative slap?


1. Charlie Runkle – Californication

Charlie is a bit clueless and he’s definitely a bit jealous, considering himself to be lacking in more areas than one. Over the years he’s been caught doing the unthinkable “alone-time” while at his desk at work; he’s been suckered into a sex-slave type relationship with his boss; his wife has left him and is raising his son with her new husband, who she met courtesy of Charlie; and, he’s afraid that everything good in his life will disappear and he continuously makes bad decisions in attempt to hold on to the good.  Watching Charlie is kind of like watching a train wreck — we know we shouldn’t look, but we also can’t look away.

2. Annie Walker – Covert Affairs

Annie may just be the worst CIA operative on television.  Don’t get us wrong, we love Covert Affairs; but Annie wears us out.  We’re supposed to believe that she’s been through all of this top of the line secret agent training, yet she constantly makes so many bad decisions while in the field.  And in her love life.  Hello?!?!  Why is she still pining away for the one who keeps showing up and disappearing again when she has the stable and sexy Auggie by her side?  Wake up, Annie!

3. Susan Mayer – Desperate Housewives

Susan, Susan, Susan.  Susan is a mess.  Yes she’s quirky and fun, but she’s also annoying and clueless so much of the time.  We should probably give her the benefit of the doubt since her husband was just murdered in front of her, but we’re not.  So many things have gone bad on Wisteria Lane because of Susan and her not really thinking before acting.  After Susan’s first husband left, her daughter Julie played more of a motherly role than Susan did.  Even now adult Julie still shows signs of having done a better job raising herself than Susan has, and usually offers more support to Susan than Susan does to her own daughter.  Let’s just hope Julie is around for MJ now that his father is gone too.

4. Sharon Peacham – GCB

GCB is new, but not new enough for us to have not already formed an opinion of Sharon.  Sharon is a former beauty queen who has put on a few pounds since high school, yet she’s not big in any way; she’s married to a former football star who’s stuck living a bit in his past glory days; and she’s the mother to two heavily entitled children who always put themselves first.  Through all of this, Sharon has lost her identity (if she ever had one) and she’s jealous of everyone and everything.  Even when attempting to better herself, she proves to be nothing but an annoyance to one of the most patient men in her life (her pastor).  Yes GCB is supposed to be an “over-the-top” comedy, poking fun at Texans and extremely devout Christians in a nice way (not spiteful at all), but Sharon is a bit much.

5. Maxie Jones – General Hospital

Maxie has always been a bit annoying, especially since she has lived in her younger sister’s shadow for as long as we can remember.  What makes matters worse?  Her character has not grown in the least over the years.  Currently Maxie blames herself for her cousin’s death, but not in a quiet, self-destructive way — in a public, loud, and obnoxious way. Robin’s death is her fault?  Fine!  She wants to be incarcerated for Robin’s death?  Lock her up!  Throw away the key!  Just please do something so we don’t have to listen to her whining anymore.  Please.


Come back next week when we divulge our numbers six through ten…

Do you agree with our choices?  Which character/s on television do you wish you could slap, figuratively of course?  Does an annoying character stop you from watching a TV series?  I’d love to hear from you!

Please note that our selections are in no particular order, other than they are alphabetized by program name.  And remember, we’re not condemning these characters — obviously we watch each and every one of these shows, and these characters hold a special place in our hearts for one reason or another.  But don’t we all want to slap even those that we love the most every once in a while, figuratively of course?

That’s what we thought…

45 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Television Characters Worthy of a Slap, Figuratively of Course”

  1. Ha ha ha! You missed out Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead. I’ve seen so many internet gags revolving around her lack of parenting skills and the desire push her out of the safe house into the crowd of Walkers…..

    1. As soon as I saw the title of this blog, I knew exactly who’d be my number one, and you hit it on the head. If Season 3 of Walking Dead consisted of a contant loop of Lori getting slapped, I’d start watching it again.

      1. I wonder if Lori’s face is starting to sting from all of our virtual and figurative slaps? LOL

        I’m with you Alan, if Season 3 picks up with a constant loop of Lori getting slapped, I’m in too!

        Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Noooooo! Mike is murdered?! Give some spoiler alert dammit! Ok, maybe I’ll live. 😀 I truly hate what the writers are doing for Susan. Let her be happy dammit!

    Also not surprised that most of them are women, but I still wish there would be more men to fit the category.

    1. I’m so sorry, Katja!! It happened a few weeks ago and I thought everyone knew about Mike already…

      I have a couple more men in next week’s post. When I alphabetized by show, it made the top five female heavy.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I don’t watch any of these programs, so I can’t really comment on their slapworthiness.

    I want to slap Danny on Hawaii Five-O…and say “Dude, do something ELSE with your hair!” LOL

  4. Annie Walker? She’s FAR too cute to be obnoxious. If you really want obnoxious, try Mary Shannon on In Plain Sight. No, that’s wrong. She started out being obnoxious, but she’s devolved into something much worse. Why do I continue to watch the program? I don’t know, but I do.

    1. Ahahahahaha, David. I knew my Annie Walker decision would get a rise out of you. 🙂

      I watched the first season of In Plain Sight and then stopped watching. I really liked Marshall too. Now that it’s in the final season I probably won’t get back into it, but I am interested in the baby storyline…

      Thanks for stopping by, David!

  5. Ok didn’t know about the death in Desperate Housewives. Damn, Mike is about the only character on that show I like 🙂
    I agree that Susan needs a slap and I’d also have to go with Lori from The Walking Dead. Shane, also from The Walking Dead also deserved a good slap but he got what was coming to him in the end.

    1. Oh, no! Not again. I’m so sorry, Emma! I thought the Mike storyline was “old news” by now. It aired a few weeks ago and was all the buzz on TV in the following days… I hate giving away Spoilers. Again, I apologize.

      If we’re slapping Lori and Shane, I think Rick deserves at least one good one across the face.. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I don’t dislike Rick, but there have been times when I’ve wanted him to stand up for himself… I personally like Daryl the most. What you see is what you get with him – no surprises.

  6. House. It got to the point where there was just nothing redeemable about him. Running a car through Cutty’s dining room. REALLY? I can suspend disbelief with the best of them but it got to where I was just so done with the dysfunction. Not only was House annoying, but anyone who put up with his antics seriously needed therapy.

    Then Horatio Cane on CSI. He just got almost “Captain Kirk” with the one-liners and then there was the pontificating. Just solve that stupid case and spare me the commentary.

    1. Without letting the cat out of the bag, you nailed one of the picks on next week’s post! I will say that I do agree with both of your choices here – House and Horatio. House seriously needs help, not just those that put up with his antics… Ugh, and Horatio and those one-liners and sunglasses. I’m afraid he’s going to be the kiss of death for that show…

      Thanks for stopping by, Kristen!

  7. I haven’t watched any of these programs. Slappable characters? Right now, Barney on HIMYM. But then, I really want to just slap the writers, so maybe it isn’t Barney’s fault.

    Once a character becomes super-slapworthy, I usually move on. I’m eager to see #6-10!

    1. Oh, Barney!! Marshall still has an actual slap in his pocket as far as Slapsgiving goes, doesn’t he? Maybe Marshall can slap Barney for you. And you aren’t lying about the writers… I’m afraid that once we meet the mom, the show will end and we won’t get any of Ted’s dating experiences.

      Thanks for stopping by, Julie!

      1. Maybe we should take a page from the Jericho fans and their nut campaign and start sending yellow umbrellas to the show.

        Also decided I want to slap Lemon from Hart of Dixie — mainly to remove some of her fake makeup with the swipe. Anyway…

      2. That would be hilarious, Julie!!

        I haven’t watched Hart of Dixie. I don’t know why I’ve stayed away from that one, but I have. Is Lemon the girl from Pearl Harbor? It looks like she wears too much makeup in the commercials…

      3. I never saw Pearl Harbor. I don’t know. But the character is over-the-top southern belle. You should give Hart of Dixie a shot. It’s small town, quirkiness, and characterization. Love that mixture myself.

  8. Wow. A tough choice. I would say Annie Walker because she needs a slap. Hello, Auggie has a crush on you!!!!!! I want to slap all the Desperate Housewives because I haven’t liked that show since it got so crazy a few years ago.

  9. Ok, so I only ever watch ONE of the shows in your slapworthy list…maybe because characters that are too worthy of a slap make me change the channel?

    Don’t get me wrong. I do LOVE some some shows that have totally screaming-to-be-slapped characters.

    For the Downton Abbey folks – Thomas and Mrs. O’Brien. Wow. So deliciously evil, definitely worthy of a slap.

    On the House note – yup, deserves a slap. But, given my enormous crush on him, I would have to assume that a slap from me would whip him into shape. And then he could be my boyfriend.


    I’ll have to think of some more now…

    1. Oh, my little BBC watching friend…. I keep waiting for you to start typing with a British accent. LOL

      I think if you slapped House, he would definitely be your boyfriend. Maybe that’s what his character is waiting on?

      1. Funny, I think in one of my interviews, I may have said that I would want to be the character on House that sets him straight…which of course means that he will fall madly in love with me, right?


  10. I feel like a complete nerd admitting this, but I don’t watch ANY of these shows. I wish someone would slap Cassie Blake on The Secret Circle. My husband and I heckle her when she’s onscreen.

    1. I want to slap Cassie Blake with you!! Why don’t I Iike her? Why? I’m so annoyed with her and the Adam storyline. Actually, I’d like to slap Adam too. He was much better in the last episode after his feelings for Cassie were washed away with that elixir.

      I prefer Faye… and Jake!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Catie!!

    1. Shaking Sharon works, Claudia. It works… Did you watch this week’s GWTW episode? Sharon was wearing me out about being Matron of Honor! Why is she so exhausting? I think the other women are more funny than annoying…

      Thanks for chiming in! 🙂

  11. I’ve been wanting to slap Debra Messing’s character on “Smash.” She’s completely wrecked her family, now, because of her inability to control herself. Oh, and “Ivy” on the same show…she could use a good slap.

    Right now, I’m wanting to slap both Rick Castle AND Kate Beckett! Together, and at the same time!

      1. Because first he’s going to tell her how he feels, then something happens and he gets all sulky. Then she’s going to tell him, but he’s tooling around in his hot sports car with a flight attendant. Don’t get me wrong, I like the tension we’re getting by this relationship that isn’t. And honestly, it’s more Castle than Beckett I want to slap. He’s just being an idiot. I’m hooked though…can’t stop watching, and I can’t WAIT to see Adam Baldwin on the show!

  12. I’m with Kristen Lamb on House. This season he’s gone from being obnoxious and dysfunctional to downright cruel. If it wasn’t the last season, it would still be =my= last season watching. But it has sparked some interesting discussions with my friends about just how much people will tolerate in exchange for genius, a subject that has fascinated me for years.

    1. That is a very fascinating subject — in real life and on TV. I might have to agree with you that if this wasn’t already the final season of House, it would probably be my last season watching. This season, maybe it’s without Cutty, has lost much of the show’s regular “flare”.

      Thanks for stopping by, Justine!

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