Tele-Tuesday: Television Characters Worthy of a Slap, Figuratively of Course – Part 2

Does anyone ever watch a television program and think to themselves, “Someone really needs to slap that character!”?  Wanting to slap someone doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t still love them, but that they need a reality check.  Also, wanting to slap someone doesn’t necessarily mean we should slap them – this is all figurative of course, not literal.

Many characters on TV today find themselves worthy of a slap, at least in our opinion here at The Ooo Factor.  Some of these characters portray leading roles on some of our very favorite television programs, but we still find ourselves wishing we could jolt them back to reality at times.

Maybe they’re a bit overzealous; maybe they’re a bit narcissistic; maybe they’re a bit dense; or maybe they’re just a bit clueless — regardless, playing a fun game of Slap This TV Character might just be what they need… or better yet, what we need as a viewer to continue on.

Last week we named our first five television characters worthy of a figurative slap.  So who else does Tele-Tuesday believe is worthy of a figurative slap?


6.  Dr. Gregory House – House

Dr. House is about as narcissistic as they come… He’s always right; always.  Even when he’s wrong, does he admit it?  Never.  He’ll stop at nothing to prove his point and humiliate those around him, those who for whatever reason devote themselves to him.  He’s outright mean, callous, vindictive, and ultimately misanthropic; but he’s the best at what he does — head diagnostician at a fictional and prestigious hospital. He has already chased one Dean of Medicine away, and she literally loved him, and now he’s working on number two.  His best friend and his team of rotating doctors understand him like no other and constantly try to break through the barriers known as House, but due to the impossibility, it’s more like a game now – House versus everyone else.

7.  Serena van der Woodson – Gossip Girl

Talk about Little Miss Entitled.  Many may not like the scheming and evil games played by Serena’s best friend, but we personally don’t mind Blair’s tricks here at Tele-Tuesday.  We do, however, mind the constant whining of Serena.  We actually find ourselves rooting against her when it comes to love.  We love that her supposed one true love is now with Blair; Serena deserves that.  After all, she slept with Blair’s boyfriend before she skipped town to go to boarding school.  While at boarding school, she fell in love with a teacher (which ultimately sent him away to jail for statutory rape or something like that).  Since she’s returned to the Upper East Side, Serena is constantly sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and blowing up carefully laid plans by those who actually know how to play the New York socialite game.  And now she’s literally the infamous “Gossip Girl” — what will she blow up next?

8.  Dickie Bennett – Justified

And if we’re talking about Little Miss Entitled, we should probably talk about her counterpart — Little Mr. Entitled.  But where Serena rules New York’s Upper East Side, Dickie believes he rules Harlan County, Kentucky.  Seriously, we all know Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder run Harlan County — Raylan on the right side of the law, Boyd on the not-so-right-side of the law.  And we love them both, right?  But Dickie?  Dickie’s got nothing, yet thinks because his Mamma knew how to run an evil drug empire that he’s entitled and completely trained and worthy of the same power.  He’s not.  He’s just a weasel that needs the living daylights beat out of him, not just a slap.  Maybe Raylan can take a bat to his other knee to even out his limp?  Or maybe Boyd can shoot him in the chest with a shotgun to even the playing field for Dickie’s shot on Ava?  Either way, someone take this Bennett down…

9.  Shawn Spencer – Psych

Shawn may be the most overzealous character on our list, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still love him (unlike Serena and Dickie).  However, it does mean we’d like to slap him around from time to time.  In his role of playing a psychic detective for the Santa Barbara police, Shawn must put on somewhat of a show, a dramatization, when working a case — like putting his fingers to his head, pretending he’s encountering a psychic vision; or his pretending to see psychic visions instead of admitting he is only using his keen sense of observation to point out something the “real” detectives haven’t yet noticed; or his acting out over-the-top actions, pretending his psychic visions have taken a hold of his physical being.  But there are also times when Shawn’s antics take it a bit too far.  Shawn has toned it down a bit over the past few years; but when we catch episodes of the earlier seasons, we find ourselves wishing Gus would reach out and slap the silly right out of Shawn.

10.  Nancy Botwin – Weeds

Nancy does what she needs to do in order to provide for her sons since her husband’s sudden death – she sells weed.  Despite her shenanigans, Nancy truly tries to be the best mother possible to her boys.  However, Nancy has the tendency to screw things up and fall for the wrong men:  Conrad, her weed-growing partner; Peter, her second husband/FBI agent; and Esteban Reyes, her third husband/Mexican drug cartel crime lord.  Because of Nancy’s choices, her family is constantly running, constantly trying to escape her bad decisions.  But somewhere along the line, Nancy believes that she is the only one in her family capable of making decisions; she always reminds everyone that she’s the “boss” — boss of the family; boss of the weed-selling business; boss of everything.  It’s time to see someone in her family slap some sense into her; the sooner one of the boys stands up to her, the sooner the Botwin family may be able to stop running.


That’s our top ten, again in no particular order other than alphabetized by television show.  Adding to our list, we had some great slap-worthy character suggestions by our Ooo Factor readers last week:

Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead
Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami
Cassie Blake from The Secret Circle
Stefen Salvatore from The Vampire Dairies
Sookie Stackhouse from True  Blood

Who should we add to this list? 

And remember, we’re not condemning these characters — obviously we watch each and every one of these shows, and these characters hold a special place in our hearts for one reason or another.  But don’t we all want to slap even those that we love the most every once in a while, figuratively of course?

That’s what we thought…

Do you agree with our choices?  Which character/s on television do you wish you could slap, figuratively of course?  Does an annoying character stop you from watching a TV series?  I’d love to hear from you!

31 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Television Characters Worthy of a Slap, Figuratively of Course – Part 2”

  1. My hand definitely itches to slap some of these people. I’d also add Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones. He’s already received serious smacks from several characters, but he’s so awful (in the most entertaining way) that he can never me slapped enough.

  2. I think instead of slapping Serena, you should save the slap for who ever is writing her story and straying so far away from her book character. Serena was the girl everyone wanted to be, not the girl you hate. I hate what they are doing to her character on the show.

  3. Gregory House needs a good bitch slap, okay. But not Nancy, she tries her best to support her family. It’s the job she’s been forced into that presents her with less than ideal men. Leave Nancy alone.

    1. Hey, Tom! I love Nancy, but she does get annoying at times. In the later seasons it’s more apparent. In the earlier seasons, it was Andy. Now Andy is annoying for a completely different reason – his character is weak. If I really didn’t like Nancy, I wouldn’t keep tuning into Weeds. We love it in our house!

      Same thing with Shawn on Psych – I love Psych. I love Shawn. But sometimes it’s just too much…

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. So fun! I need to go back and read last week’s post for the first five. House totally needs a slap! Every time I watch it (surreptitiously, it’s really my husband who watches the show), I get so frustrated!

    Amber, you can set House straight? Awesome! I’ve got a teenage boy, think you can work your magic on him? 🙂

  5. Yes, please, someone knock some sense into House, especially if he doesn’t wise up and try to keep his wife. I was so disappointed when he ruined things with Cuddy. And I’m glad too that they toned Shawn down a bit. He was actually painful to watch at times 🙂

    1. I may have to do an Ooo Factor ranking…. it seems House is at the top of the list! 🙂

      I love Psych so much that I may not have noticed how annoying Shawn can be at times if it wasn’t for my mother – he drives my mom CRAZY!! After she pointed it out, I started noticing it. I don’t think Shawn is as bad as she does. Maybe that says something about my personality… LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Marcy!

  6. You know I’d like to snatch that scraggly Wyatt Earp wanna be mustache right off Dickie Bennett’s face. He’s such a little tick turd. And it’s too bad because he was actually sort of cool in Lost.

    I had gotten where Nancy Botwin really annoyed me, but now that Weeds is coming back in July, we’ll probably watch. It will never be as good as it was the first couple of seasons, but what the eff?

    Who else do I think needs a slap? Though Dexter is currently in its off-season, I want to kick Joey Quinn right square in his butt. Don’t get me wrong. He has his moments…especially the one where he and Angel Batista found that joint in the Trans Am that Angel bought and got stoned. But most of the time, I just want to kick him in the butt.

    1. OMG, Catie. Multiple things made me laugh in this comment –

      1) Wyatt Earp’s wanna be mustache
      2) Tick Turd
      3) what the eff??

      Girl, we are two peas in a pod….I adore you!! 🙂

      And I agree. Weeds will never be as good as the first few seasons, but that doesn’t stop us from watching the train wreck known as the Botwin family. I love it. I can’t wait to see Shane in the Police Academy…

      Thanks for making me smile!

    1. I saw on Live with Kelly this morning that 13 is returning for the finale…and she said House is going out with a bang… What could it be? Will someone not only slap house, but kill House? 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Jenny!

  7. You are brilliant Tiffany White! This post is pure genius! Spot on with Nancy Botwin! You’d think if you found yourself driving a Jesus RV to the airport where you shipped your family overseas you’d slap yourself in the face! Oh how I love that show!

    Now to read the first 5 because Lori Grimes is another one I’d like to slap. LOL

    1. We love Weeds too, Jess! I can’t wait for the new season….Shane in the Police Academy?!?! Hahahaha. What’s that going to do for the Botwin family business? Will they have an inside man or will Shane be the one to take Momma down?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Well, I’m a troglodyte. I’ve never seen any of those shows. I love watching Criminal Minds though, and I’d enjoy figuratively slapping Penelope. Wow – is she flamboyantly annoying 😛

    1. Penelope is definitely a bit much from time to time… She particularly annoyed me when Kevin was thinking about proposing to her. If she’s that in love with Morgan, she needs to call it off with Kevin. Right? I just can’t decide if the Penelope/Morgan thing is a brother/sister type relationship (which is what I’ve thought all these years) or if they’re going to mess that up and make it something more. Surely not… right?

      1. I love Shemar Moore. I watched him back when he was on The Young and the Restless. I hope they don’t, because I can’t picture Penelope with Morgan – at all! 😛

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