Tele-Tuesday: Summer Chaos, Part Two

Last Tuesday, I listed all of the TV shows that I try to watch each night in Summer Chaos, Part One.  I attempted to pick only one or two shows per night, but in some instances I couldn’t walk away without selecting at least three.

And even with these programs watched and erased from our DVR, it’s still full.  One might ask, how is this even possible right now?  Despite it not being the typical television season of September through May, we still find ourselves recording more than a few programs per night.  Plus, during the summer months, we are busier than usual.  Not only do we find ways to deal with the heat, like making frequent trips to the pool and water parks, but we also gather up the troops and travel to fun and sunny destinations.  All of these activities pull us outside and take us away from our televisions.  For our household, this leaves our DVR queue full.

So, in addition to last week’s list, today I’m going to share our left-over bucket that we cram into our weekend viewing.

Here’s to everything else… the rest of our must-see summer television series.


Rizzoli & Isles

C’mon, it’s Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander!!  Angie plays Jane… just one of the guys, solving crimes, but with much prettier hair.  And Sasha plays Maura… a medical examiner who examines bodies and performs autopsies in stilettos.  And lets not forget about the humor…


Our favorite team of cons…because last week I already stated Neal Caffrey is my favorite individual con…  Nate may lead the team, but I personally don’t think Leverage would quite be the same without the supporting cast of Parker (the thief), Hardison (the hacker), and Eliot (the muscle).

Covert Affairs

Sometimes her spy abilities prove to be a bit frustrating, but Annie Walker is with a new team this year—with more freedom.  Maybe this will open up the romantic door with Auggie a little?  We hope so!  We need more Auggie…


So far I’m really enjoying this new generation of Ewings… they’re especially fun to look at!  Christopher or John Ross?  Elena or Rebecca?  It’s a tough decision…

Men at Work

How I Met Your Mother meets Sex and the City…  Men at Work‘s season ended last week, so that’s one less show for us to watch.  But let me just say, it was fun—it was great to see dating from a guy’s perspective—and I can’t wait for the 2013 season.    Yes, it was picked up…

The Glades

A&E is really stepping it up with its original programming…  As one can probably tell from my list last week and this week, I love police procedurals.  But Jim Longworth takes his detective skills to an entirely different level.  Not only is he adorable, but his character is seriously flawed and he walks to the beat of his own drum, ignoring everyone and everything he’s told.  But don’t worry; although the character is a bit of a rebel, he’s not annoying.

Hell’s Kitchen

This season’s group of chefs may be the most dysfunctional ever!  But it doesn’t matter!  I still want to eat at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant… and I’m going to order the scallops, risotto, and Beef Wellington!

Lost Girl

There’s a little bit of Fae (supernatural) sexiness for everyone… men and women!  As a woman, I can honestly say that Bo and her succubus abilities are pretty hot.  My guy’s not here to defend himself, but I think he’d agree—he’s always suggesting we watch Lost Girl on the DVR.  And Dyson?  If someone doesn’t know what I mean simply by saying his name, check out an episode and find out for yourself!

And speaking of SyFy, two more of the network’s summer hits start at the end of the month…



Do you watch any of these shows?  Which summer show/s do you absolutely have to find the time to watch?  I’d love to hear from you…

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10 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Summer Chaos, Part Two”

  1. Hi Tiffany,

    I like Covert Affairs, too. But my favorite is “Suits” because what a Tom Ford suit does for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is just beyond magical. Oh, the writing is terrific, too. 🙂

  2. I wrote TV articles for awhile until my host closed her site and decided to pursue her novel writing, so I was entrenched in TV and TV news this past year. I was set to catch up on Alphas and write up the show; I’ve been waiting for Netflix to get the first season so I can watch it. I used to catch snippets of Lost Girl after Being Human (LOVE Being Human) and couldn’t decide if I’d like it. It seemed too hammy/Charmed for my taste, but I’ve only seen the first 5 minutes of a handful of episodes.

    I’m catching up on Eureka to finish out the last season, watching Falling Skies and Burn Notice and just started Breaking Bad this past Sunday — it’s probably the best show on television right now (and there’s a lot of good out there!).

    I’ve missed out on a lot of those USA lawyer/guy in sutis show (one is even called Suits!), but I’ve heard Covert Affairs is pretty good.

  3. I watch Rizzoli and Isles and leverage because they have four of my top TV crushes starring. R&I is an example of two empowered women who just happen to be stunning. Leverage appeals to my need to see the illegal untouchables brought down. The Glades is a lead-in to a killer block on A&E.

  4. Men at Work is hilarious, and I do like Rizzoli and Isles even though the show is very different from the books in a lot of ways. I need to catch up on Warehouse 13. Alway say I’m going to watch it, and then never do.

  5. Yeah, Warehouse 13 is coming back. Thanks darlin’. Now I can rest easy. You know the others I watch and adore.

  6. Now that I am without cable, I can’t get too psyched about summer TV – I would be excited about Suits if I could see it! Leverage too.

    I am tempted to catch up on Warehouse 13…

  7. Great list! I’m already a fan of many of these – Leverage, Covert Affairs, The Glades, Alphas – and I’m really curious about many of these, particularly Lost Girl! I’ve been looking for new television to fall in love with and this list seems like a great starting point 😀

  8. We did watch a few episodes of The Glades on Netflix. Neither of us fell in love, so we went back to Sopranos reruns when we are desperate. Because I’m into all things Texas, I suppose I should give Dallas a try, but I missed the first go-around and just can’t get excited. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like it.

  9. We are avid fans of Leverage, and are so excited to see it back. The chemistry of that team is amazing. Of course, the only reason we started watching, to begin with, was Christian Kane. Anyone who has been on Buffy or Angel gets at least a shot with us. And this one was a good one. I haven’t seen Covert Affairs…looks interesting. I refuse to watch Dallas. Sorry. I didn’t watch the first one. I agree with you about Hell’s Kitchen. The drama is almost too much this year. I LOVE Lost Girl!! I’m the only one watching that one. My wife doesn’t get into the fairy/fantasy stuff. And I’m excited that Warehouse is coming back. Another one of my SyFy favorites! I like Alphas, too, but my wife didn’t care for that one, either, so I’ve got a DVR full of episodes to catch up on. As I recall, that was why they had to kill off Mr. Nigel-Murray on Bones…

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