Tele-Tuesday: Knowing How to Close

The last few weeks, I have been glued to the television.  Many may be asking how that’s any different from my usual TV-viewing love affair, and it’s not really, but this particular programming only comes around once every four years.

I love the summer Olympics.  Nothing against the winter games, but there is something about swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball, and track and field that I can’t pull myself away from.  And this year was no different.

For one reason or another, I cried every night—every night for the past two weeks.  I especially choked up during Michael Phelps’ and Missy Franklin’s record-breaking swims, the women’s gymnastics performances that earned gold for only the second time ever, and Misty May-Treanor’s and Kerri Wallace Jennings’ fantastic partnership in the sand that brought home the third-straight gold medal to the United States.

I  honestly believed that once these events were over that I’d stop crying, but that didn’t happen.  Every time I saw any of the flashbacks, whether it be from any of the above mentioned performances, the 1992 Dream Team, or the 1996 Magnificent Seven, a lump formed in my throat and my eyes stung until I allowed the first tear to trickle down my nose. Then, I thought for sure that once the closing Olympic ceremonies wrapped, my water-works would dry up…

But they didn’t.  Why?

Because the series finale of The Closer aired last night.

Like its name,  The Closer knows how to close.  Everything came full-circle; no outstanding issues were left unresolved; and everyone watching knew exactly how each and every character felt toward one another—love.

I will miss Brenda and her classic, black bag…

But perhaps my favorite aspect of the series finale was the attention to detail and symbolism.  Without giving too much away, let’s just say Brenda Leigh ruined her purse.  Anyone that watches The Closer knows how attached she is to that little black bag.  She’s not the type of woman to switch out handbags to match her outfit; it’s always the same purse.  But ruining it couldn’t be avoided and she did not hesitate, which is why when her team replaced it as close as they possibly could, teardrops streamed down my face.

And it didn’t stop there.  What did her team fill her new purse with?  Ding-dongs—Brenda Leigh’s favorite escape from a stressful day.

I will miss Brenda Leigh and her candy drawer…

I will miss the drama of the Major Case Squad’s cases; I will miss the goofiness of Provenza and Flynn; I will miss the dry humor of Sanchez; I will miss the wittiness of Tao; I will miss Gabriel’s trying to keep everyone in line; I will miss Buzz and his electronic equipment;  I will miss Pope’s and Taylor’s tendencies to only cover their own butts; and, I will miss Brenda Leigh’s ability to close.  But more than anything else, I will miss Brenda Leigh and Fritzy—one of the best love affairs on television today.

And I will miss Brenda Leigh and Fritzy… The way Fritzy “gets” Brenda Leigh just melts my heart every time.

However, most of these characters and character’s traits weren’t missed for long…

Following the conclusion of Brenda Leigh’s story, Captain Raydor took the lead in Major Crimes.  For the past few seasons, we’ve tolerated Captain Raydor while she terrorized Brenda Leigh, leading all of the officer-involved investigations (kind of like Internal Affairs).  But we’ve also witnessed a softer Captain Raydor who has stood by Brenda Leigh and has done everything in her power to protect the Deputy Chief.  How will Captain Raydor do leading Brenda Leigh’s team?  That’s right—almost the entire cast of The Closer returned for the new series which premiered last night.

I’ll save my thoughts on Major Crimes for another day, but I’ll close with this… My Monday nights will never be the same again; but for what it’s worth, TNT is softening the blow.  Raydor may not close like Brenda Leigh, no one ever will for that matter; but what Brenda mastered in closing a case and prying a confession out of her suspect, Raydor will match in her ability to settle the case– saving Los Angeles a ton of money.  How will our favorite group of detectives handle their new leader’s style?  We’ll just have to wait and see…

So, here’s to The Closer *lifts Champagne glass*.  We will miss you and will forever recommend you to our readers…

“Thank you, thank you so much.” ~Brenda Leigh Johnson

Are you a fan of The Closer?  What did you think of the series finale?  Did you stick around to watch Major Crimes?  I’d love to hear from you!

10 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Knowing How to Close”

  1. Can you believe it, I never watched “The Closer” but I understand getting weepy over the Olympics. When you think about all the work and dedication those athletes put in and to see it rewarded is enough to make me weepy.

  2. Saw both shows. I’m gonna miss Brenda Leigh, a whole lot. Major Crimes got a so-so review in NYT. Like they were hoping it would disappear without a trace and not taint the memory of The Closer. I liked Major Crimes. It has a lot of potential, but that is kinda like hoping a rerun will turn out differently. They’ve already written the scripts and shot them. We can hope they saw the points that should be continued and those that should be axed.

  3. I missed the finale. Sigh. I’ll have to hope for a rerun soon or the glory of Netflix. I’ve loved The Closer so much. There’s so many great characters and Brenda’s has been one of the most fascinating of any female leads. I love that she could be scatterbrained at home but hone in on a killer with scary accuracy. I liked Raydor a lot though…especially the interaction between her and Brenda. I haven’t seen Major Crimes yet but I’m curious.

  4. David, The Closer was my one never-miss program. I agree with all of your comments and am glad they softened the blow of loss with the new program. I hear that Kyra wants to move to other acting venues, but no one will forget Brenda Leigh!

  5. I am so going to miss The Closer. It’s been one of my favorite shows for years now, not only because I like the crime-solving, but also because of the characters. I will say that I’m extremely thankful things ended well, and I’ll be watching Major Crimes to see how it goes with Rador in charge. My only regret is that they didn’t get rid of Taylor along with Pope. His character has always grated on me.

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