Friday FabOoolousness –The Hunger Games… Leaving Us Hungry for More

Last week, I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling all that well and listed a few of the movies that I would like to see while curled up in my chair.  Well, would anyone be surprised if I said I didn’t get around to watching any of them?  I did watch something though…

I wanted to see The Hunger Games in the theater, but for whatever reason we never made it.  And last Friday when I was listing all of the movies that I wanted to see while recuperating in the comfort of my home, I completely overlooked the upcoming release of The Hunger Games.

How is that possible?  I don’t know… but I corrected that mistake as soon as I realized it was available via OnDemand Saturday night.

For those that still haven’t read Suzanne Collins’ trilogy or seen the film adaptation, I’ll try not to give anything away.  But, honestly, I feel like my house was in this minority grouping up until this past weekend and I wouldn’t be ruining anything for a lot of people.  But regardless, I’ll stay away from any spoilers.

However, what I do want to mention is the fact that I couldn’t help but compare The Hunger Games to another Young Adult franchise that has practically taken over the world these past few years—The Twilight Saga.

And let me begin with… The Hunger Games wins.

I’m not a Twilight hater; really, I’m not.  I own all four books and I have seen all four movies to date.  I do enjoy the love triangle, the werewolf pack, and the Cullen clan; but, I prefer my vampires to have more bite.  I want to see vamps do what they’re supposed to do—feed on humans.  It may be bloody, but there is something about it that is as hot as all get out.  Vampires are probably the most seductive and sexy of all the supernatural, and that’s what I like to see.  Even Vampire Jerry from Fright Night (2012) was one bad vamp, but what girl sitting in the theater still didn’t wish he was her neighbor?

Now, with The Hunger Games, I expected violence, and violence is exactly what I got—PG style, anyway.   I never expected the tributes to survive the Games without bloodshed.  But thankfully, the scenes were not gory or over-the-top; they portrayed just enough to leave the worst parts to the viewer’s imaginations and leave us clinging to the edge of our seats.

Now let’s switch to another comparison—the female protagonists.

First, there’s Bella… perhaps if anyone besides Kristen Stewart had played the beloved Bella in the movies, I’d have a different opinion.  But she did, and I don’t.  It’s hard to sit through a series and love it when you can’t stand the protagonist—and I’m speaking of the character here, not the actress; but because the actress lacks a certain emotional range and rarely smiles when in character, it’s hard to empathize with her.  Maybe Miss Stewart played the role just as Stephenie Meyer intended, and she’s certainly earned millions because of the franchise, but for me personally, let me just say she’s not the reason I see the films.

But Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) on the other hand, now that’s a strong, female lead.  Wow!  I fell in love with Katniss from the very beginning.  She has purpose; she’s caring; she provides; and most importantly, she volunteers herself to save another—she is amazing.   Never once did I think the character of Katniss felt sorry for herself (and if anyone was allowed to feel sorry for themselves, it would be Katniss).  I was ready to watch Miss Lawrence kick some serious booty when the tributes from each district joined at the Cornucopia.  Heck, I was even ready to watch her take down Peeta.  I was one-hundred percent enamored with Katniss Everdeen, and Jennifer Lawrence nailed the role.

I could keep going; heck, I haven’t even listed the guys/eye candy in the films or the other supporting actors yet.  But I’m done.  These two aspects alone launch The Hunger Games way ahead of Twilight where I’m concerned.  A part of me is a bit shocked to say this… I do love the supernatural; however, this time, fantasy wins as far as I’m concerned.

What do you think?  Have you watched The Hunger Games?  Do you prefer it over the Twilight Saga or Katniss over Bella?  I’d love to hear from you!

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14 Replies to “Friday FabOoolousness –The Hunger Games… Leaving Us Hungry for More”

  1. Mrs Dim and I read the trilogy and saw the movie (watched it again last night). I think they did a great job with the adaptation (more so than the Harry Potter films) but a lot of the criticism about the main character was unfair, IMO. The book shows how she internalises a lot of her fears and emotions, but of course, unless you’re putting a voice over on, you don’t see any of that with a movie. Jennifer Lawrence did a bang up job of being Katniss, very faithful to the books, and the film is as gripping and stirring as the book was. I wonder how they’ll do with the sequels, where the lines between right and wrong, good and evil are muddied somewhat?

  2. I really enjoyed the film and think it did the book justice. Katniss is obviously a stronger character than Bella. That being said, I still prefer the Twilight saga to The Hunger Games in general.
    I wasn’t too gone on Peeta in the books, but the actor who portrayed him on screen totally won me over.

  3. HUNGER GAMES hands down. At the very least, the actor playing Katniss can ACT and the action was more realistic. Good call, Tiff.

  4. I saw this one in theaters, but I watched it again after it released on DVD. I was one of those crazed fans that read the series in less than a week. I loved the books! Still do, present tense. And for how much the director had to fit in a 2+ hour film, he did a really good job. Jennifer Lawrence is a stand out actress. Loved her as Katniss and think your review with how it compares to Twilight is spot on! And that’s coming from another reader of the Twilight series who also owns all the movies.

    P.S. I am a bit outraged with the whole KStew cheating scandal. Don’t cheat and then get engaged! That’s just spineless. Hope she learns a lesson and changes for the better in future relationships.

  5. I’ve been debating whether to watch this or not. I haven’t read the books yet but don’t know whether I want to read the books first or watch the movie first. Hmmm…decisions, decisions. But now I really want to watch the movie!

  6. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie. I know, right? But your review has me wanting to watch the movie. I’ll probably read the book first. That’s just something I like to do. But thanks for the review. Hope you got over your cold.

  7. I’m a huge Hunger Games fan. We went on opening night to see the movie (and I never go see anything on opening nights because I hate the crowds). I will admit I couldn’t manage Twilight. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get in to the books or the movies. I honestly think it had to do with the Bella character.

  8. I took my two sons to see HUNGER GAMES, and we three all enjoyed it. I agree that Katniss is a better protag than Bella, and a better role model for young girls. While I liked some things about TWILIGHT, I kept thinking to myself, “Bite Bella already so she’ll stop whining and start being supernaturally awesome.” No whining with Katniss, though. I also think the actors who played Gale and Peeta did an excellent job. And Stanley Tucci stole the show (somewhat literally) as TV show host Caesar.

    One more wonderful thing: How cool was it to see Lenny Kravitz in a role?

  9. I am 100% in your arena, Tiffany!
    Jennifer Lawrence nailed the character of Katniss–WAS Katniss. Her character had all the aspects of a sympathetic protagonist PLUS was vulnerable in that she doubted herself. Even in the book, she commanded our love and loyalty. I often found myself talking to her. “You can do it!” “Careful!” “Oh, no, don’t do that.” I, too, as many of the other comments stated, thought the supporting cast was terrific.
    As Julie says, I think Katniss is a better role model for young girls. Katniss operates out of a higher ideal, a larger purpose, and with a bigger heart.
    Thanks for the post and hope you’re feeling 100% better.

  10. Hunger Games (the novels and the movie) took me by surprise. I didn’t expect to like them but I did. With the first novel, I found myself completely sucked in…finishing in about a day. The movie was even more powerful in some ways.

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