Friday FaBOOolousness – Celebrating October and Halloween 2012

October is one of my favorite months.  First of all, football season has officially kicked into high-gear.  Also, the cooler weather slowly begins to creep into the state of Texas—everywhere really, but we Texans can finally start to notice a difference between the daytime and nighttime temperatures.

Additionally, one of my favorite holidays just happens to fall during the month of October—Halloween.  I enjoy getting dressed up, most of the time anyway, and handing out candy to all of the children who knock on my door.  I’m also fascinated by the idea of anything spooky—haunted houses, horror movies, etcetera.

And, since it is October and Halloween is right around the corner, why not dedicate a Friday FaBOOolousness post to my fellow bloggers getting into the spirit with some spooky and festive posts?

Food and Recipes…

Yum. Myndi. Yum.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes, anyone?  Check out Myndi Shafer’s recipe!

How about Pumpkin Tiramisu?  Kathy Owen tempts our taste buds…

Apple Pie?  Sarah Benson shares her step-by-step process to this delicious treat…

And, while it may not be a specific Halloween or fall treat, I couldn’t help but include August McLaughlin’s Best Foods for Sex post.

Halloween Arts and Crafts and Costumes…


Looking for a quick craft for Halloween?  Lucky for us, Tameri Etherton gives us the steps for Spooky Eyes

How about another?  Liz Schulte shares how she made the perfect “Raven” Halloween Decorations last year over on Mandy O’Steen Stevens’ blog Taking Time for Mommy.

Need a quick and easy costume idea?  Check out Jill Kemerer’s faBOOolous idea in her Costumes and Crime Scenes post!

And, let’s not forget about our furry friends.  Thankfully, we have Amy Shojai to share a few Kitty Costumes that are absolutely hisss-terical.

Spooky True Crime Stories…

Two of my favorite bloggers always have faBOOolous posts about true-crime and freaky stories, so I’ve chosen two that fit into today’s BOO! Factor.

Believe in urban legends?  Check out Catie Rhode’s post about The Black-Eyed Kids.

Crazies exist year round, not just during Halloween.  To prove it, Stacy Green writes about a few Celebrity Stalkers.

Miscellaneous Halloween and Spooky Stories…

Kitt Crescendo shares why she loves Halloween in her post All About All Hallows

This one takes me back… the Halloween movies we loved as kids by Olivia Hardin.

Before we go, this week a few of my writer friends (Catie Rhodes and Rhonda Hopkins) released a collection of spooky short stories in their anthology Tales From the Mist.  Be sure and check it out!   I’ll reveal my review of the works in an upcoming Friday FabOoolousness post… so stay tuned!

What does Halloween mean to you?  Do you dress up in costume and go trick or treating?  What’s some of your favorite Halloween pastimes and crafts?  Do you have any ghost stories to share?  I’d love to hear from you!

And just when you thought my post was over, I decide to keep going.  I guess it’s my little “trick” for Halloween…

Are you looking to go to the movies this month?  Here are a few posts that might help sway you one way or another…

Piper Bayard’s Review of Argo… I hear Ben Affleck knocks the ball out of the park with this one.  Do Piper and Holmes agree?

Bond.  James Bond.  A few weeks ago, the world celebrated its favorite spy’s 50th anniversary, and my favorite British gal Donna Newton helps us get ready for the Skyfall release in theaters November 9th.

Do you plan to see Argo or the new James Bond?  Or have you already?  I’d love to hear from you!

And, if you like to read whodunits, check out my YA Mystery novel, Football Sweetheart… now available on Kindle and Nook!  High School Football Can Be MURDER…

12 Replies to “Friday FaBOOolousness – Celebrating October and Halloween 2012”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Now I have more fun people to check out. BTW, being from Texas, who’s your fave pro football team? Die hard Cowboy fan here. Headed to Big D next weekend for the game against the Giants. 🙂

    1. You are welcome, Kitt! I have been a Cowboy fan for as long as I can remember… but I also like the New England Patriots for two reasons: 1) Former Red Raider Wes Welker and 2) Tom Brady!! Isn’t he so much fun to look at? 🙂

      Enjoy the Cowboy/Giant game… hopefully the ‘Boys play a good one!

      1. Thanks! I was hoping you wouldn’t say Oilers..oops..I mean Texans. 😉 As for Brady…I stopped liking him after his rookie year. When his ego started to match his coach’s, he became less attractive to me. Welker’s got mad skills. Of course, Witten is a sweetie (actually met him…and Romo the week before he took the job from Bledsoe). I’m sure I’ll have pics. I’m supposed to get to meet Novacek this year. 🙂

      2. While I’m not much of a football fan (stop throwing things at me!), I do love to watch the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team reality TV show. Dang, those girls work their fannies off.

        If our Chargers were so hot and cold, I might be more of a fan, but ever since Dan Fouts retired (back in the dinosaur age), it hasn’t been the same.

        Go Cowboys!

      3. Tameri-I’ve watched that show a time or two. You’re right…they bust their bums! And if remembering Dan Fouts puts you in the dinosaur age, I’m right there with ya! 🙂

  2. Ok, those cupcakes are TO DIE FOR! lush. And any mention of Daniel Craig’s return in Bond drives me into a frenzy! EGADS! Give me my man now :0 Heading over to Donna Newton’s blog now for more!

  3. We used to love giving out candy and looking at the kids’ costumes. However, we have had fewer and fewer trick-or-treaters each year. It got where we ended up having a butt-load of candy to eat. For the last couple of years, I’ve turned off the lights in the front of our house and pretended we weren’t home.

    One of my favorite Halloween traditions is to find and watch a really scary movie. I mean, scary like crap your pants scary. Most years, I don’t discover anything truly scary, but I never give up hope.

    1. We run into the same candy issues here, Catie. I think it has to do with all the wierdos, creeps and predators. Now it seems parents do “organized” trick-or-treating in designated “safe” areas like churches and malls.

  4. What an awesome roundup! I love Halloween–love dress up (with sparkles of course!), and love the candy (BAD amy!). Thanks for the mention.

  5. Such fun links, Tiffany! Thanks for including mine with these amazing posts. I have a few new blogs to check out, which is always super fun. I love the cover for Tales from the Mist. Very spooky.

    I plan to see both Argo and Skyfall. I’m a huge Bond fan and Piper’s review swayed me to see Argo. That Ben Affleck doesn’t look too shabby in it, so that’s a plus for me!

    I need to make those pumpkin muffins. Oh my yumminess. And pumpkin tiramisu? Yes please. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Baking!

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