The Reveal of Amber West’s The Ruth Valley Missing

On my first ever Monday blog post, I am pleased to participate in the big REVEAL event for my Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday partner-in-crime, Amber West.  Shortly, the multi-talented author will publish her debut mystery novel, The Ruth Valley Missing.

Take a look!


Jameson Quinn is sick of trying to find herself in the big city. After a gallery opening ends in a trip to the ER and an argument with her self-involved boyfriend, she decides to take off for the peace and quiet of a small town — Ruth Valley.

The small town has everything Brooklyn lacked: simple people, peaceful surroundings, and a feeling of safety. Jameson even finds the perfect house to rent from the town’s most eligible bachelor, Sheriff Jack. Life is finally headed in a promising direction.

But something isn’t right. A young man is mysteriously injured, then disappears — and Jameson finds he isn’t the only person to suddenly vanish. The suspicious behavior of an abrasive nun and a creepy priest set her off on an investigation of what’s really happening. Will she figure out the secrets of Ruth Valley before she’s the next to go missing?


Did she hook you? She sure as heck hooked me!

Please join us in celebrating Amber’s BIG news!  Share on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media outlet you desire.  And, Goodreads users… we can add it to our bookshelves here!

Amber West – wife, mother, friend, photographer, blogger, and now author!!

Congratulations, Amber!!

31 Replies to “The Reveal of Amber West’s The Ruth Valley Missing”

      1. Amber, I think it’s about the same. I have this really scientific formula I apply in situations like this. I call it WWCD (what would Catie do?). You’d call it “What Would Amber Do?”. All you do is ask yourself if you pay close attention when writers are trying to build hype for an upcoming release.

        If you pay a great deal of attention to your writer friends’ upcoming releases, then next time you might consider building anticipation. But if, like me, you only pay attention if something is available to buy right then, you might be better of doing just what you did.

        I also have a (somewhat untested) theory on advertising. We have become a “give it to me now” society. We’re used to having everything at the click of a mouse, and we have an attention span about as long as the average commercial. It’s all “right here, right now.”

        Unknown authors–like you and me–might be able to interest people in our books, but we have a limited window in which to make the sale. Because, if the customer is expected to mark his or her calendar and come back in a month, he’ll probably forget and never buy our books.

        (Now this theory is null and void if your name is Stephen King or Apple or Slash. People *will* make note of when those folks are releasing new stuff to spend money on because they are a known quantity. They already have built in customers for whatever they release. We–the unknown authors of the world–do not.)

        I sincerely believe writing more stuff you can sell is the key to success in this business. Not blogging. Not Twittering. Not Facebooking. When your book is for sale, let people know it’s out there…but keep on writing.

        And, really, I’m no expert. This is just me thinking out loud. And sorry this is so long.

  1. She definitely hooked me! I’m in! How do I get a copy? Just like Ellie Ann, abrasive nun and creepy priest were the selling points! 😉 You know just where to hit this ex-Catholic!

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