Tele-Tuesday: Out With the Not-So-Old 2012 TV Shows and In With the New

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the first of the 2012 fall television programs swept into the trash.  It stinks when a show isn’t given the chance to truly gain a following, but it makes sense when we all know the networks have even more to premiere for the winter season; after all, there’s only so much room on the TV schedule for primetime programming.

Today, we’re going to send a warm goodbye to a few of the early cancellations AND welcome a handful of the new January programs headed our way.

First, to the show I will miss the most:

666 Park Avenue, I can’t believe ABC cancelled you.  I guess there just aren’t enough people like me who enjoy creepy and mysterious television…

Now, to the other shows that will join 666 Park Avenue in the Freshman One-and-Done category this year:

and, finally…

Side note: Made in Jersey may be cancelled, but CBS is airing the taped episodes right now on Saturday nights… I like it when a network at least airs the recorded episodes for those of us who actually liked the cancelled program.  Just sayin’.


If one of your favorites was axed, that stinks.  But, look at the bright side—some of these cancellations are making room for the upcoming January 2013 premieres…

Who killed Vivian Bowers?

Deception is the story of two friends—Vivian Bowers, the wealthy socialite who is known for her partying, and Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good), Vivian’s childhood best friend.  The only problem is, one must now investigate the murder of the other…

The new series also stars: Victor Garber (Alias) as Robert Bowers; Laz Alonso (Breakout Kings) as FBI agent Will Moreno; Tate Donovan (Damages) as Edward Bowers; Katherine LaNasa as Sofia Bowers; and Wes Brown as Julian Bowers.

I could be mistaken, but I’m thinking from the cast of characters alone that perhaps a Bowers family member had something to do with Vivian’s death… so, how will the wealthy family react to her long-lost friend returning and looking into her alleged overdose?

Deception premieres Monday, January 7th on NBC.


If it’s comedy you like, perhaps 1600 Penn will be right for you…

1600 Penn follows the Gilchrist family… just a normal family dealing with everyday things like adult children moving back home, teenagers who know everything (literally), and step-parents trying to form bonds with their new families.  The only difference is, this family has to learn how to do all these things while living in the White House!

The new sitcom stars: Bill Pullman as President Gilchrist… he also played the President in Independence Day; Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg) as Emily, the president’s new wife; Josh Gad as Skip, the grown son moving back home with his family; Andre Holland as Marshall; and Amara Miller as Marigold.

1600 Penn premieres Thursday, January 10th on NBC.


Now this is my kind of show!

FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon, um… Footloose) must track down serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy from Rome)—again.  He first reaches out to Carroll’s ex-wife, a woman Hardy slept with, and then he informs a former witness and surviving victim of Carroll’s crimes that her nightmare has escaped prison and is more than likely headed her direction.

There’s only one problem… like most serial killers, Carroll has fans now… people who are willing to do anything to help him succeed.

The new thriller also stars: Natalie Zea (Justified) as Claire, Carroll’s ex-wife; Maggie Grace (the Taken movies) as Sarah, one of Carroll’s survivors; Shawn Ashmore (the X-Men movies) as FBI agent Weston; and Jeananne Goossen (Alcatraz) as FBI agent Mason.

The Following premieres Monday, January 21st on Fox.


There’s more on the horizon for 2013, but this should get everyone’s palettes wet.

Will you miss any of the cancelled shows?  Which of these new programs coming in January 2013 are you most looking forward to and why?  I’d love to hear from you!    

23 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Out With the Not-So-Old 2012 TV Shows and In With the New”

    1. Well, I do believe ABC has agreed to air the remaining episodes… which is nice. However, I’m not sure if what is left will be enough to wrap up the show. I hope you get to see them get home and vindicated. Poor Andre Braugher. I really like him.

      Thanks for stopping by, Marcy!

  1. I’ve never actually seen any of these canceled shows. Which might explain why they’re being canceled! I’m currently addicted to Castle. Hope they don’t cancel that. Oh, I was really bummed they pulled Fairly Legal. Loved that one! Also, one we’re addicted to on Netflix but never saw live is Lie To Me. Shame it didn’t make it further.

    1. Hi, Melinda! I think Castle is safe… so many people love that show! Lie to Me was good, but I think it’s downfall was the fact it was on Fox. Fox is one of the networks that I simply can’t trust. They’ve cancelled so many of the shows that I like that I now wait awhile before investing any time into watching their new shows. The Following, however, is one I will watch immediately. A serial killer on the loose. Kevin Bacon hunting him down. Crazies helping the killer evade capture. Yes, Please!

    1. Hi, Lauralyann! I will definitely watch The Following and Deception… and I’m sure I’ll blog about it. LOL. Both shows look to have promise; I hope they don’t disappoint. It kinda makes me nervous that The Following is on Fox. I don’t trust that network. They’ve let me down so many times in the past with cancelling series I love. So much so, that I’ve even waited to watch a few of them until after the first season. I guess we’ll see…

  2. The only one I’d heard of was the 666 one, and I’d never caught an episode. Might try and catch the new Kevin Bacon show. Glad Arrow isn’t on the block – beginning to really enjoy that one.

    1. I haven’t watched Two and a Half Men regularly in a few years; therefore, I missed Jenna Elfman’s cameo. If I catch 1600 Penn, it will be primarily because of her.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tom!

  3. Tiffany, I couldn’t believe it when “Made in Jersey” was cancelled after only two episodes! I wanted to cry since I thought that in spite of the fact that the main character was a bit too over the top and stereotypical, the plot was good. Last Resort is going as well? Oh my! I really don’t know what the American public is thinking. I definitely want to catch the new Kevin Bacon series! 🙂

    1. I couldn’t believe it either, Bella. Made in Jersey’s cancellation upset me so much that I even blogged about how the networks make rash decisions… how can a show build an audience when cancelled so quickly? It wasn’t my favorite freshman series, but it also deserved more of a chance. Some programs just aren’t given their fair shake, in my opinion.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I caught one episode of Animal Practice and I liked it. Same humor from the actor as in Weeds, but overall, the story line…I knew it wouldn’t stick around. Wish him luck on the next venture!

    The Following looks good! May need to check that out!

    And do you watch The Walking Dead? Because their twitter hashtags each episode are a riot! I love the show and its fan interaction! #TeamPrison Great marketing idea for sure!

    1. I watched a bit of Animal Practice… it was okay. I really liked Justin Kirk’s character on Weeds, and I don’t think I was really ready to see him take on a new role that wasn’t Andy. I know; I know; he’s not really Andy Botwin. LOL

      And, we do watch The Walking Dead. It’s my guy’s favorite show. We don’t watch live though, so I’m missing out on all of the hashtags and interaction. I should check it out. Thanks, Jess!

  5. I’m just happy I didn’t kill any shows this time! I’ve had a track record of starting to watch a series and then it dies. LOL. The Following certainly piques my interest–good story concept and Kevin Bacon!

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