Tele-Tuesday: A New Kind of Beauty and the Beast

It’s been twenty-two years since we all fell in love with Catherine (Linda Hamilton, the Terminator movies) and Vincent (Ron Perlman, Sons of Anarchy) in CBS’s Beauty and the Beast.  Twenty-two years… can you believe it?  Viewers watched as the “world above” and the “world below” joined together to fight evil.  But unfortunately, the series was short-lived (only three seasons) and television has been without it ever since.

But now Catherine and Vincent are back, only this time they are younger and the story is a little different…

Catherine “Cat” Chandler (Kristin Kreuk from Smallville) is a homicide detective with a haunted past (her mother was murdered in front of her).  She probably would have been killed too, but she was saved by an animal… no, a human.  Catherine takes her past experiences and uses them to become the woman that she is today—strong, independent, and very capable.

While working a case, Catherine and her partner stumble across fingerprints of Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan from Terra Nova), a man who supposedly died years earlier.  But because of his past with Catherine (I’m sure most everyone can guess this one…), he confides in her and tells her his secret—when enraged, he transforms into a beast with super strength and powers.  Catherine agrees to keep his secret; after all, she owes him her life… and she can’t seem to keep from obsessing about him at the same time.

As expected, as soon as Catherine and Vincent meet, the agency responsible for turning him into this “beast” discovers that he is indeed not dead and that she knows their secret.  This, of course, puts them both in danger and the only way the two of them can survive is by sticking together.

Cat understands that Vincent is dangerous, she just doesn’t want to believe it…

The series also stars: Max Brown (The Tudors) as Evan Marks, the medical examiner and Catherine’s “human” love interest; Brian White (The Shield) as Joe Bishop, Catherine’s boss; Nicole Anderson (Make It or Break It) as Heather, Catherine’s sister; as well as relative new-comers Nina Lisandrello (Tess, Catherine’s partner) and Austin Basis (JT, Vincent’s confidant).

First of all, I am not so sure how I feel about these characters.  Pretty much all of the characters, excluding Catherine and Vincent, are weak.  JT probably falls into the category of stronger characters, mainly because he actually has a place in the storyline—he knows Vincent’s secret and he’s been his “keeper” of sorts since Vincent faked his own death.  JT also seems to be the only voice of reason, trying to protect all involved… including Catherine…  but no one will listen to him.

JT… this poor guy is going to lose his voice telling Catherine and Vincent to stay away from each other…

Behind JT, I probably like Evan most.  Not only does this character pose as a potential roadblock for Catherine and Vincent, the writers also include him into each episode in a way that makes sense.  All of the rest, well they’re just “filler” characters… as if the show added them just to have them: Heather, Cat’s sister, now lives with her… her purpose?  Get Cat to her dad’s wedding?  Weak…; Tess, Cat’s partner, a female tomboy who acts and talks tough… her purpose?  Use Cat as her wingman to pick up guys?  Weak…; Bishop, Cat’s boss… well, it’s really no surprise that this role is only around to support the individual police case assigned to Cat and Tess each week.  Who knows?  The network has ordered a full season of Beauty and the Beast, so maybe these characters’ roles will grow…

Now, let’s talk about the “beauty” and the “beast” for a minute…

Catherine… I want to like her, but her dialogue seems a bit repetitive, especially when she’s talking to Vincent, and her actions annoying.  I’m also not sold on the acting, but I do like the martial arts sequences conveniently written into each episode (something I can’t help but think is an actual talent of the actress in real life).

Vincent… He’s not the “beast” we’ve grown accustomed to in B&Bs past, but I like him… probably more than anyone else in the series.  When he’s not “beasting” out, he’s a very nice looking guy with a horrendous scar on the side of his face.  When he does “beast” out, nothing and no one is safe, not even Catherine and JT.  He was a doctor in his previous life, and all he really wants to do is help people.  Now this, I can work with…

Now, on to the sexual tension… I get that Catherine and Vincent are supposed to want each other but realize they can’t be together.  Usually, I’m a big fan of the sexual tension in a television series… Moonlighting, Castle, Bones, etcetera.  I also understand that most of the time, the lead characters can’t get together because once they do the show falls a bit flat.  But this time, I don’t care—I want Vincent to kiss Catherine!

Catherine and Vincent and this insanely romantic chemistry between them aside, I really like this new Beauty and the Beast because of the police procedural aspect.  Each week, Catherine and Tess work a different case.  Each week, Catherine rationalizes some reason to ask Vincent for his help.  And each week, the case Catherine is working teachers her a valuable lesson about her and Vincent’s relationship and how she feels about him.

I let Beauty and the Beast pile up on the DVR after the first week’s episode.  I liked it, but I prefer other series…  Having caught up on most of my other shows, I watched a Catherine and Vincent marathon this weekend.  To be honest, I miss The Secret Circle and wish it still followed The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights; but, Beauty and the Beast will do.  It’s still not as good as Arrow, the CW’s other freshman series, nor is it as good as a few other programs airing in its time slot on different channels (Person of Interest and Burn Notice), but I’m hooked now.  I want to see where the creators go and what will unfold with the full-season order.  The only problem is, Catherine and Vincent might just have to wait for me to watch everything unravel on the weekends…

Have you watched the CW’s Beauty and the BeastWhat do you think?  I’d love to hear from you!


9 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: A New Kind of Beauty and the Beast”

  1. First of all, I’m glad I watched Beauty and the Beast because I finally found the actor to play the hero in my book Haunted Lake. LOL. I’ve been searching for him for a long time, and now, as Vincent, he has both the scar and the raspy voice I need for that character. 🙂

    Vincent is by far my favorite character on the show. Something about him takes my breath away, kind of like how Mick did in Moonlight. Catherine really got on my nerves at first because she kept nagging at Vincent. But she’s backing off and I’m starting to like her more. I still get annoyed at her from time to time. My second favorite character is Evan, probably because he has such sex appeal. And I think he has potential to be the “fun” character. And I like J.T. because I have a soft spot for geeks. I don’t like Tessa much at all.

    This is definitely a show I’ll continue to watch. You mentioned it not being as good as Arrow. I’m not sure I feel that way. I kind of like them equally. Beauty and the Beast holds a little more appeal for me, though, just based on Vincent’s character. He tips the scales.

    1. Lauralynn, I agree… there is just something about Vincent that makes me, what the term, swoon? LOL. Watching B&B marathon style this weekend really pulled me in more than I thought it would after watching the pilot weeks ago. I enjoyed it, but not enough to watch the new episodes immediately. And, while I may not watch on Thursday nights, I won’t be letting another five or so episodes pile up on the DVR before watching again. I’ll need my Vincent fix. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I watched the first couple of episodes, but I have to admit I haven’t been back. I agree with your weak characterizations. Then again, Grimm was a little weak in the beginning, and it’s gotten better. So maybe B&B will do the same.

    1. That is a very good point, Julie.. the supporting characters, heck even Nick, were all weak at the beginning of Grimm and they are all so much better now in season two. I’m not giving up on B&B, so I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen this one yet. I mentioned before I don’t particularly like Kreuk, but it this show makes it way across the pond, I’ll give the first few episodes a try.

    1. Hey, Emma! I never really had anything against Kreuk, or for for that matter, but a part of me just can’t shake her acting… Like Lauralynn said, this one is all about Vincent. There is just something about Mr. Ryan that pulls me in. I hope the show makes it WAY across the pond so you can check it out and let us know what you think. 🙂

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