Tele-Tuesday: Merry Christmas from Football Sweetheart

For the first time since The Ooo Factor launched back in 2011, today’s Tele-Tuesday post is not about television.  Why?

Because it’s December 25th!

Today, I feel like giving…

Leave a comment below and you could win an e-book copy of my YA mystery Football Sweetheart!


Everyone has all day to enter!  I will assign numbers to every comment (one entry per person) and select a winner via tomorrow, December 26th.   Be sure to include an email address so I can contact the winner directly.

Merry Christmas from Football Sweetheart and Happy Commenting!

5 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: Merry Christmas from Football Sweetheart”

    1. Thanks, Claudia!! Not many comments today, which I sadly kind of expected considering the day of the year and all… So, would you like a new Kindle copy? I published an updated copy this week with a sneak peek at chapter one of book 2? Let me know… 🙂

  1. Merry Christmas! just able to get on the computer due to a busy day. I have been dying to read this for a while now and finally have the amazon credit to get it. 😀 if she doesnt want it then I wouldn’t mind a free copy 😉

    1. Why not? I’m in a giving mood! Please contact me at tiffanyannewhite at yahoo dot com (minus the spaces and with the @ and . symbols, of course) and I’ll send you a copy!

      Congrats on winning!! I hope you enjoy!!

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