Football Sweetheart Cares – Doing What We Can for Those in Boston and West

The events this week have reminded me of what really matters.  My heart is with all, from Boston, Massachusetts, all the way to West, Texas just outside DFW.

Regardless of what or who caused these events, the tragedy still occurred and there are hundreds, if not thousands of people displaced and in need of something.

I want to do my part to help.  So this weekend, starting today (Thursday, April 18th) through Monday (Monday, April 22nd), I’ve decided to donate all of the Football Sweetheart proceeds to the American Red Cross and to the Salvation Army.

All proceeds from every Football Sweetheart e-book purchased, whether via Amazon or Barnes & Noble, will go to these two charities to help with the recovery process in both Boston and West.

Please keep all those affected in your thoughts and let’s hope the devastation ends here.

American Red CrossSalvation Army

6 Replies to “Football Sweetheart Cares – Doing What We Can for Those in Boston and West”

  1. I just heard about the explosion at the fertilizer plant. It’s a terrible enough thing to happen at all, but coming so close after the Boston Marathon bombing it just seems like tragedy upon tragedy.

  2. Excellent, Tiff. I know quite a few creative types in Boston who are donating proceeds from their works (photography, etc) right now as well. This has been a tragic week. Here in the US and elsewhere.

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