Football Sweetheart Cares – Helping Those Affected by the Severe Spring Storms

I spent most of Wednesday evening glued to the television… I know, many of you are thinking that’s not unusual for me.  But it was.  North Texas, specifically the DFW area, was preparing for our first visit from Mother Nature’s severe spring storms.

Spring storms in Texas are brutal.  And last year, certain areas saw complete devastation and are still recovering.

We were lucky in my neck of the woods Wednesday night… nothing but strong winds and heavy rain.  I’m not even sure we saw any hail.

But the southern counties of DFW weren’t so lucky.  A neighborhood in Granbury, Texas was leveled.  Almost 97 of the 110 homes in the subdivision were damaged, some destroyed completely.  Cleburne, Texas experienced a tornado that was reportedly one-mile wide.  Both storms have since been classified as an EF4 and EF3 respectively, with Granbury incurring winds of up to 200 MPH.  Overall, North Texas saw sixteen tornadoes Wednesday night and sustained extensive damage with hundreds injured.

Once again, severe spring storms devastate North Texas.  And my heart is with all those affected.

And sadly, hundreds, if not thousands of people are displaced and in need of something right now.

I want to do my part to help.  So this weekend, starting today (Friday, May 17th) through Monday (May 20th), I’ve decided to donate all of the Football Sweetheart proceeds to the American Red Cross.

American Red CrossAll proceeds from every Football Sweetheart e-book purchased, whether via Amazon or Barnes & Noble, will go to the American Red Cross to help with the recovery process in all the areas affected by the severe spring storms.

Please keep all those affected in your thoughts and let’s hope Mother Nature is kind to us the rest of this storm season.

4 Replies to “Football Sweetheart Cares – Helping Those Affected by the Severe Spring Storms”

  1. I saw that on TV. It was just horrible. We had tornadoes like that a couple of years ago. There were five that swept through our county and I’d never seen that kind of devastation first hand. The way I go to work, where there were lots of trees, was leveled. Neighborhoods destroyed. I think we had nine fatalities, and who knows how many injuries. So I just want to cry when I see this devastation on TV. I’m SO glad nothing happened close to you.

    I think it’s great that you’re donating your profits like this.

  2. Thank you for doing this Tiffany! I live in Granbury and I am just heartbroken for my community. I’m going to share your blog. Have a wonderful day!!

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