Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday – “Ion Television – Positively Entertaining”

I usually dedicate each Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday post to a particular television show.  But not today.  Today, I want to feature an entire channel.  A channel that has dubbed itself, “positively entertaining.”   And they’re right.

IonBorn as PAX TV in 1998, Ion Television has since rebranded and changed its name twice.  But the programming has remained the same—reruns and mini-marathons of some of our favorite older series.

I started frequenting Ion Television about a year ago.  When I found a “new” channel airing reruns of one of my favorite shows, Criminal Minds, I kept an eye on the network’s TV schedule.  Between CBS, A&E, and Ion, I can pretty much watch the BAU Team solve cases any night of the week.

But Criminal Minds isn’t the only show the channel airs.  Every day/night of the week, Ion plays a different series from my past… sometimes two episodes, sometimes four, and sometimes as many as fifteen.  A few of those programs include:


Law & Order: Criminal Intent 

Without a Trace


Up until recently, I would flip the TV to Ion on Saturday afternoons and leave it there until around three in the morning.  Why?  A Psych all day marathon.  It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen Shawn and Gus solve a crime, I can watch those episodes over and over again.  And what made it even better was the fact Ion aired the series in order, one episode sequentially followed by the next, without jumping around like other channels do.

Psych’s Saturday marathons are over now, and I can’t help but hope they return to Ion soon.  But in the meantime, the day now belongs to Monk.  I loved the obsessive-compulsive detective when USA aired new episodes years ago; but surprisingly, I don’t find myself tuning in as much on Saturdays to watch him as I did Shawn and Gus.

Now I’m glued to Ion on Fridays.  Why?  Cold Case.

I watched this series on CBS (its original home) from pretty much the beginning… 2003-2010.  Cold Case wasn’t the average police procedural.  Instead of solving a crime that recently occurred, the team of detectives took on cold cases from before their time, sometimes decades earlier, and solved the cases, bringing closure to any living friends and family members today.  The show featured a series of flashbacks, showing viewers the days leading up to the victim’s death, and oftentimes the motives.

But perhaps my favorite part of Cold Case, and the reason I tune in to Ion every Friday from noon until 2AM, is the music.  The series featured tunes specific to the decade and year of the cold case the detectives were working, making the music a big part of the series.  And for me, it still is today, particularly the episodes solving murders from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

So, if anyone is lying around the house with nothing to do or watch, search the TV guide for Ion.  It is “positively entertaining,” any night of the week.

Do you watch Ion?  What other channels do you love that air reruns of older TV series?  I’d love to hear from you! 

2 Replies to “Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday – “Ion Television – Positively Entertaining””

  1. I love ION too. They recently hooked me with Criminal Intent, which I’ve never watched before. And they got the last season of Flashpoint’s new episodes a whole six months before CBS would’ve gotten it! Though I love the constant chances to watch reruns, one downside is they seem to “retire” a show after running it for so many times. They used to run marathons of Ghost Whisperer and NCIS. Their commercials also show Leverage, but I haven’t seen an episode in months. Still, it’s my favorite channel to watch.

    1. When all three Law & Orders were on, I think Criminal Intent was my favorite. I loved Goren and Eames, especially Goren. I haven’t been watching Ion long enough to notice they “retire” shows… that makes me sad. I hope they bring them back. I already miss Psych and I would have loved to rewatch Ghost Whisperer. I haven’t caught Leverage either; maybe that just means it’s coming soon? There was another show I saw on the previews that I haven’t ever seen in the schedule, but now I’m drawing a blank. Oh well, since I watch Ion enough, I’ll figure it out eventually.

      Thanks for stopping by, Angela!

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