Great Holiday Recipe – Pecan Pie Cobbler

My guy loves pecan pie.  Loves.  And every year I try to make him at least one around his birthday in November.  However, a lot of the time my pies don’t set for whatever reason.  Not like my mom’s do, anyway (even though I use her exact recipe).

So this year I decided to try something different—pecan pie cobbler.  I figure since my pies don’t set the way they are supposed to, I might as well make something that is understandably a little runny.

Pecan Pie CobblerWhat’s needed:

2 rolled, refrigerated pie crusts (I used the Great Value brand – one package comes with two)
2 ½ cups of light corn syrup (I used the dark Karo syrup)
2 ½ cups of brown sugar
½ cup of melted butter
4 ½ teaspoons of vanilla extract
6 eggs
2 cups of chopped pecans
2 cups of pecan halves
Butter flavored cooking spray

Now let’s cook:

Heat the oven to 425 degrees.

Grease a 13X9 glass dish with the butter flavored cooking spray.

Roll one of the crusts into the pan, trimming the edges to fit (this is a lot easier than it sounds).

Now mix the syrup, brown sugar, butter, vanilla, and eggs with a wire whisk.  I beat the eggs first and then slowly added each of the other ingredients, stirring while I went.  The mixture will get a bit thick.

Stir in the chopped pecans.

Spoon about ½ of the mixture/filling onto the crust.

Remove the second pie crust and roll it into the pan, topping the filling, trimming the edges to fit (this time it’s a bit messy with the filling already in the pan, but manageable).

Spray the top crust with the butter flavored cooking spray.

Bake for about 15 minutes or until the top crust is lightly browned.

Reduce the oven to 350 degrees.

Carefully spoon the remaining mixture/filling over the baked pastry.

Arrange the pecan halves on top.

Bake 30 minutes or until set (I went for 35 minutes just to be safe).

Best served warm with vanilla ice cream…

This dessert really is delish.  Not only did my guy and I both love it, but his sister’s family came to visit that weekend and also enjoyed it very much.  So much so, I decided to make a second cobbler for his family’s Thanksgiving dinner.  The second time around, I used the light Karo syrup and I couldn’t tell a difference (and more pecans).

Are you a pecan pie fan?  How about cobbler?  Have any fun holiday dessert recipes to share?  I’d love to hear from you!

Original Pinterest recipe found on this site:


Tiffany A. White is the author of the YA mystery Football Sweetheart series available on Kindle and Nook.  She is available for contact via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or via email at tiffany {at} tiffanyawhite {dot} com.

7 Replies to “Great Holiday Recipe – Pecan Pie Cobbler”

  1. Tiffany, luv ya, but that recipe is fatal to me. The doc complained about my weight and have been good. Now you come along with something I would put together in a heartbeat. One suggestion add pumpkin pie filling to the mix and make two. In my family there was always pecan, pumpkin and pecan/pumpkin because there wasn’t enough of either filling to make two more. Just a hint of pumpkin pie spice will have them saying “Hmm…”

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