Cooking with my Ronco Rotisserie

I don’t know about many others, but we get sucked into watching those late-night infomercials on the weekends.  Perhaps if we didn’t pretend to be vampires and stay up all night we wouldn’t, but we do.  Not all of the ads get to us, usually just the food those devils are preparing.  Why?  Because we love food!  Who doesn’t?

That and kitchen gadgets.  When we consolidated all of our things, we didn’t have enough space for all of our kitchen “stuff” even though our kitchen was twice the size either of us had previously.  And while we did get rid of the things we never really used or had duplicates of, that didn’t stop us from constantly adding new and FUN things over the years.

Like our Ronco Rotisserie.

Ronco Rotisserie

First off, it’s huge.  We really didn’t have the space for this; and despite my never wanting to store anything on top of the refrigerator, we had no other choice thanks to its size.

Secondly, pretty much every accessory that comes with the Ronco claims to be dishwasher safe.  However, after washing everything prior to its first use, some of the stuff rusted.  Not cool.  That tells me it’s not *really* dishwasher safe.  But, after unsuccessfully reaching out to the company for replacement warranty items (maybe we waited too long to use for the first time… or maybe they lost the email… regardless, they never responded), we were able to rub off the rust (and a lot of the coloring) and it is now right as rain.  Because we hand wash.

Ronco Rotisserie
If you look closely, you can see all of the accessories that come with it – two baskets, skewers, etc) stored inside the unit…

Now, we can overlook these first two things.  Why?  Because every single food item we prepare with our Ronco Rotisserie is delicious.  And we’ve tried a lot.


Rotisserie ribsChicken – what we probably prepare the most with a side of fresh guacamole…

Rotisserie chickenAnd Shish Kabobs.  The before…

KabobsAnd after…

Rotisserie KabobsNothing takes too long in the rotisserie and the meat is cooked perfectly.  Every time we try something new, we just pull out our little cooking manual and use their recommended time frames for the meat. And voila!

Heck, we even like ours so much that we’ve since given both sets of parents one.  They may not use theirs as often as we do ours, but what they have prepared they have loved.

Your turn – do you rotisserie?  What other kitchen appliances can you not live without?  I’d love to hear from you!


Tiffany A. White is the author of the YA mystery Football Sweetheart series available on Kindle and Nook.  She is available for contact via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or via email at tiffany {at} tiffanyawhite {dot} com.

20 Replies to “Cooking with my Ronco Rotisserie”

  1. I’ve never used anything like this before. Looks cool!

    I know about buying kitchen gadgets. When my husband was in the hospital a few years ago, I was sitting there depressed and bored. Hubby was asleep. A commercial came on for a Magic Bullet (food processor, slicer, juicer, etc.). You know how retail therapy goes, right? I had to have it. LOL

  2. Had a George Foreman grill for years, but it was hard to clean, and I finally decided steaks tasted just as good skillet-fried as on the GF grill. I know, I should charcoal them outside, but it’s such a hassle for just one steak, and Sharon doesn’t like steak.

  3. One purge and a trip to Goodwill took care of all the kitchen stuff, including a George Foreman grill. Now, I work on two cast iron skillets, one 12, one 6″ and a grill pan. To satisfy my pizza need I have a 18″ cast iron pizza pan that works on chicken and with some work can be used as a griddle.

  4. I haven’t rotisseried, but I’ve wanted to. I can’t live without my Kitchenaid and Keurig. Hubby loves playing with his smoker and the grill….though he loves inventing stuff on the stove and in the oven, too.

  5. We use our gas grill all the time. The rotisserie sounds like a great idea (no standing in whatever crazy Texas weather is happening when we want to grill). Thanks for sharing the pros and cons.

  6. Just bought a almost new Ronco at a garage sale for $12.00 – no manual but what the heck. A little internet looking and found a utube video. Tonight I did a whole chicken and it was to die for -browned beautifully and so juicy and tender. Can’t wait to try some kabobs and and and and………

  7. when i got mine years ago,we turned out all the lights and watched the chicken turn!i get pretty excited about the rotisserie!

    1. I make my husband rotisserie breasts for 40-45 minutes, but we could probably get away with 30 or 35. I would just grab a meat thermometer and check the internal temperature to be safe.

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