Spring Cleaning – 2014 Edition

Years ago, May sweeps meant that the television industry saved the best for last.  The networks broadcast non-stop, action packed, cliff-hanging storylines every night of the week, hoping to pull in the largest ratings of the year before announcing which shows would receive pink slips.

Time to Clean Up the DVR...
Time to Clean Up the DVR…

And while this still rings true for some series, times have changed (for the most part).  Today’s May sweeps ultimately means knowing which shows will return and which shows will be swept away before the season finales have all aired.

Recent years prove that no show is safe: many shows are done after only one season; some shows make it through the toddler years, a minimum of two or three seasons; some programs have aired for years, even decades with multi-generational loyal followers; and, sadly, some still await their destiny.

2014 is no different and television’s broom was very busy AGAIN this year….


One & Done

Almost Human, The Assets, Back in the Game, Bad Teacher, Believe, Betrayal, The Crazy Ones, Crisis, Dads, Dracula, Enlisted, Friends with Better Lives, Growing Up Fisher, Hostages, Intelligence, Ironside, Killer Women, Lucky 7, The Michael J. Fox Show, Mind Games, Mixology, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Rake, Sean Saves the World, Star-Crossed, Super Fun Night, Surviving Jack, The Tomorrow People, Trophy Wife, We Are Men, and Welcome to the Family

Goodness! Is anything left on TV? Of all of these, the one that stings the most is Killer Women. But then again, nothing new on ABC really had a chance this year. I do believe they’re guilty of the most cancellations of any other channel.


Terrible Twos & Threes

The Carrie Diaries, The Neighbors, Revolution, and Suburgatory

No real loss here as far as I’m concerned…


Seasoned Veterans

Community, How I Met Your Mother, Nikita, Psych, and Raising Hope

Losing Psych really burns. Burns. Burns. Burns. But at least they closed out the series beautifully. And have left me with high hopes there will be a movie!


Barely Escaping with their Lives

The Mentalist – whew! If you are anything like us, we were actually pulling for The Mentalist to be renewed. There was just something about this revamped season post-Red John that refreshed the series. A part of me wasn’t all that worried, considering rumors swirled stating a cable channel might pick it up if CBS had dropped the ax on it… but they didn’t, so it doesn’t really matter.

But back to rumors… I have heard that this next season will be the last; however, I can’t find anything to back that up. So who knows? I do appreciate when a network gives a show the head’s up, providing the writers and creators a chance to tie everything up with a pretty red bow.


And speaking of that pretty red bow… not all chivalry is dead—some shows have earned advance notice that next season will be their last.  Thank you networks; thank you for allowing the writers to close out a series appropriately for the loyal fans.  This doesn’t happen all that often, just ask Law & Order.

White Collar – At least we will get six episodes that reveal how Peter is going to save Neal and how this criminal turned do-gooder and Fed will live happily ever after.

And probably an even bigger one for my family…

Justified – I don’t even want to think about this one. Much like I tried to ignore the fact Psych was ending this year. I understand the creators wanting to wrap this up, with Mr. Elmore Leonard’s passing and all. But what will I do without Raylan and Boyd?

Boyd and Raylan?

Next year’s final season will be rough. However, the season finale this year did give us a glimpse as to what the final season would entail… and let’s just say they’ve got a really good storyline brewing. Who will a root for? The good guy… Raylan? Or the best anti-hero on television… Boyd? I just don’t know!


Seems a bit insane, doesn’t it?  What’s the moral of today’s blog?  Don’t get too attached to freshman television series… AND NO television show is safe from the “new” version of May sweeps.

Which of these cancellations came too soon as far as you’re concerned? I’d love to hear from you!


Tiffany A. White is the author of the YA mystery Football Sweetheart series available on Kindle and Nook.  She is available for contact via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or via email at tiffany {at} tiffanyawhite {dot} com.



15 Replies to “Spring Cleaning – 2014 Edition”

  1. I loved The Crazy Ones and thought that Surviving Jack was hilarious. Maybe they will find love on TBS like the oddball Cougar Town show did a couple of years back. And then there is Netflix (who picked up a Season three of ‘The Killing” which was one of my favorites. So done on the big three may not mean a death sentence. You can always hope.

    1. I wonder how much the cancelling of The Crazy Ones had to do with salaries… I mean, Robin Williams back on TV? Paired with SMG who can be “the” star of her own show and has?

      The Big Three better watch out and get with the times. They are antiquated and are going to be put out of business if they don’t tweak their models. And check their egos at the door. Netflix is one smart cookie. As are the cable channels, minus USA here lately. They’re NBC and making just as bad decisions as their parent company now-a-days.

      Thanks for stopping by, Todd!

  2. The very top of my sad list is Psych. Thanks to your recommendation, I tracked it down on Netflix and sucked my family into it with me. (The pilot was a rocky start for my husband, and I have to explain most of the references to my teen. LOL) I’m now hoping for those follow-up movies, too!

    I’m a little bit sad about The Crazy Ones, even though it kinda smacked of being a 30-minute commercial for whatever brands were on that episode.

    1. I am so glad you’ve been watching Psych. I’m not sure the cancellation has truly sank in just yet, or if my mind thinks it’ll be back next year since it just ended. I may hit a Shawn and Gus funk next February-ish…

  3. I love these posts, Tiffany. Your blog is like People Magazine to me…a fun guilty pleasure. Plus, it lets me know what all my TV watching pals are up to. 😃

    1. I personally think they should have moved this into a summer slot with Motive and Mistresses instead of cancelling. I believe Killer Women could have survived that time slot… and I’d still like to see the two episodes they never aired.

  4. I actually LOVED Revolution and was so bummed to hear it didn’t make the cut. Almost Human was another one I’m disappointed got cut (and not just cause my boy, Bones McCoy, was in it). The Crazy Ones, Sean Saves the World, & Enlisted were great for making me laugh. Intelligence & Killer Women had me intrigued, and then…..nothing. I hate that about every new season. It pretty much guarantees at least one show I’ve fallen in love with is going away.

    1. Every season. And every year it seems to get worse than the previous one where freshmen series are concerned. It got to the point this year that I’d watch a few new episodes and then let the episodes stock up and wait… no need to get attached to something that has mediocre ratings from the get go when I know they’re just going to cancel it. No matter how much I like/d it. And it’s the “big three” that are the worst. If the new show is on cable or the CW, I feel pretty safe watching it.

      1. They burned a lot of viewers with cancelling Firefly… but why did I think that was Syfy? Or Fox? Fox has a horrible reputation for cancelling shows too soon in my opinion.

  5. I tried one episode of The Crazy Ones and had to turn it off. Williams’ humour felt strained and over the top to me.
    I’ll miss Revolution. Got into in season 2. Okay, if I’m being honest, mostly I’ll miss tuning in to see what Bass Monroe is getting up to. For a sociopath, he’s pretty yummy.

  6. I hadn’t cared before, but now I’m binge-watching White Collar. I’m happy that at least I won’t reach an unsatisfying end. This has been a great show! And I was so bothered for like two seasons with that sense of familiarity, until I finally looked up Matt Bomer and went, “Oh!!! He’s Bryce Larkin from Chuck.” 😀

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