Football Sweetheart, A YA Mystery

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Aimee Freeman is looking forward to the start of her senior year.  She knows her best friend Ella has been keeping secrets from her all summer long, but with football season right around the corner, the student trainer decides not to worry about it—they’ll have plenty of time to catch up on the field.

Then Ella goes missing, and Aimee realizes those secrets might be the key to finding her.  As the case unfolds, Aimee discovers more than one person may have wanted to harm Ella.  Was it Ella’s current boyfriend, a social outcast the entire city seems intent on blaming for her disappearance?  Or her ex-boyfriend, the beloved star quarterback who has harassed Ella since their breakup?  The list of potential suspects continues to grow after Aimee reads Ella’s journal, but she must first break her best friend’s secret code to reveal their identities.

Unbeknownst to Aimee, her investigation has not gone unnoticed.  Ella’s abductor is watching and waiting.  Will he decide Aimee needs to be silenced—making her the next target?

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In Football Sweetheart, Tiffany A. White takes the reader into the world of high school football in West Texas. Aimee Freeman is looking forward to her senior year of high school. She knows her best friend, Ella, has changed over the summer; but it’s only after Ella disappears, that Aimee begins to understand how much.

Once I started reading Football Sweetheart, I immediately became engrossed in the story. I enjoyed getting to know Aimee and her friends, along with the football team, students, coaches, teachers from Lee High. As the book progressed, I could not wait to find out who was responsible for Ella’s disappearance; but at the same time, I did not want to leave the world of Lee High.

If you enjoy a good mystery, you will enjoy Football Sweetheart. ~ Latisha S.


This is an excellent read.  You feel like you know the characters.  I was spellbound from the start.  You really get to know the people and football as it is in some Texas towns. ~ Ann A.


The glory days of west Texas high school football lives on in this book. High school friendships, crushes, breakups, and mysterious disasters evolve in this story.

It was an easy read that kept me engaged throughout. I enjoyed the details of the city Midland and the instilled love of football for the young teens.

The characters seemed real, and the mysterious plot was believable.

I am excited to hear the author will be coming out with more for this series. I look forward to getting to venture with Aimee, one of the lead characters, and her dear high school friends.

High school kids will enjoy this series along with adults who want to be taken down memory lane with some mysterious suspense. ~ Brandy C.


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