New to TV – Fall 2013 (Part Three)

Because so many new television shows premiere this week, I’m skipping the usual Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday post, and sharing the third installment of my New to TV – Fall 2013 series…

That’s right!  It’s that time of year again… the fall television schedule is here!  And as always, the networks have a lineup of many new programs to accompany our returning favorites.

Some of the series have promise, while others may flop—but, regardless, we’ll tune in to check them out!

Today, we’re mixing it up with comedy and drama…


The Crazy Ones

CBS Summary: An unorthodox advertising genius runs his highly successful ad agency, while managing his eccentric development team and his polar-opposite daughter, all while striving to maintain a reputation as one of the best ad agencies in the business. 

At Roberts & Roberts, viewers get to see the crazy world of advertising and the relationship between a nutty, fun father (Simon Roberts, played by the phenomenal Robin Williams—no introduction necessary, right?) and his serious and ambitious daughter (Sydney Roberts, played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I mean, Sarah Michelle Gellar).

Produced by David E. Kelly (The Practice, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal), The Crazy Ones will probably be worth a watch.  I said it once and I’ll say it again, Robin Williams is phenomenal.  Just look at his success: Mork & Mindy, Dead Poets Society, Good Morning, Vietnam, and Good Will Hunting, to just name a few.  And then there’s Sarah Michelle Gellar.  I’m still upset her CW show Ringer didn’t make it last year… hopefully this one does.  Television is a better place with SMG.

The sitcom also stars: James Wolk (You Again, Political Animals) as Zach; Amanda Setton (Gossip Girl) as Lauren; and Hamish Linklater (The New Adventures of Old Christine) as Andrew.

The Crazy Ones premieres tomorrow night, Thursday, September 26th on CBS.


The Michael J. Fox Show

NBC Summary: Mike Henry was one of New York City’s most beloved news anchors, but had to abruptly place his career on hold so he could spend more time with his family and focus on his health after receiving the diagnosis saying he has Parkinson’s Disease. 

I think we can all agree that we’re happy Michael J. Fox is coming back to television.  We’ve missed Alex P. Keaton and Marty McFly.  Our hearts broke when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in real life and we’ve watched him suffer through this disease… and fight.  Fight is what he has done.  Over the past few years, we’ve been lucky enough to see Mr. Fox guest star on a few shows, including the very popular The Good Wife, and raise over $350 million dollars for Parkinson’s.

And now he’s back, starring in a brand new sitcom, playing a man similar to himself… where Parkinson’s is concerned, anyway, and showing how he has bounced back.  Mike, his character on The Michael J. Fox Show, has fought back himself and will balance his disease, work, and his family… much like the resilient Michael J. Fox is doing right now.

I watched my grandmother succumb to Parkinson’s when I was a young girl, and I applaud Michael J. Fox for all he has done for the disease.  I know this isn’t much of a TV preview, but I wanted to take this time to thank him.

The new sitcom also stars: Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad), Katie Finneran (I Hate My Teenage Daughter), and Wendell Pierce (The Wire and Suits).

The Michael J. Fox Show premieres tomorrow night, Thursday, September 26th on NBC.



ABC Summary: The chance meeting of a professional photographer and a top attorney leads to an instant, undeniable attraction that both struggle with since they are both married.  Matters worsen when they find themselves on the opposite sides of a murder case. 

Sara (Hannah Ware from BOSS), a married woman, meets a mysterious stranger and falls in love.  Besides the fact she’s committing adultery, there’s another BIG problem—her lover (Jack McAllister, played by Stuart Townsend, Night Stalker) is the opposing counsel against her husband in the trial of his life.

When I first saw the Betrayal preview on ABC, I was sure I’d watch.  But then I saw the night of the week ABC has chosen to air it and I had to laugh—Sunday nights after Revenge.  Now, don’t get me wrong; I love Revenge.  But Revenge followed by Betrayal?  C’mon.  Am I the only one who thinks ABC is going for a theme here on Sunday nights?  Admit it… it’s kind of funny.

Anyway, the new drama also stars: Chris J. Johnson (South Beach, Against the Wall) as Sara’s husband, Drew; James Cromwell (Six Feet Under, American Horror Story: Asylum) as Thatcher Karsten, a powerful business man and Jack’s client; Wendy Moniz (The Guiding Light) as Elaine, Thatcher’s daughter and Jack’s wife; and Henry Thomas (from two of my childhood favorites… E.T. The Extraterrestrial and Cloak and Dagger) as T. J. Karsten.

Betrayal premieres Sunday, September 29th on ABC.


Hello Ladies

HBO Summary: An English web designer/landlord, who has recently moved to the United States, learns that his attractive tenant has a friend who is opening a classy nightclub, and he manages to get his name on the establishment’s guest list. 

A small town English man (Stuart, played by Stephen Merchant, co-writer and director of the BBC’s The Office, and funny man from Hall Pass and Movie 43) dreams of somehow making it in Los Angeles… and Hello Ladies will follow him through his dating experiences.

That’s about all I could get from watching this trailer via OnDemand… it’s practically a reiteration of the HBO summary.

The series also stars: Christine Woods (Flashforward), Nate Torrance (Mr. Sunshine), and Kevin Weisman (Alias).

Hello ladies premieres Sunday, September 29th on HBO.


We Are Men

CBS Summary: A group of four single guys living in an apartment complex find camaraderie over their woes in love as they take the youngest of the group under their wings. 

When Carter (Chris Smith, Paranormal Activity 3) gets left at the altar, his life falls apart.  So he moves into an apartment complex where he meets his three new best friends… three men who understand exactly what he is going through.  Together these four guys will start life over again with each other and their love and support… as crazy as they may be.

The sitcom also stars: Kal Penn (Kumar from the Harold & Kumar movies and House) as Gil; Jerry O’Connell (from so many of my favorites… Stand by Me, Scream 2, Tomcats, Buying the Cow, and TV’s Crossing Jordan and The Defenders—a show that should have made it, but moving on…) as Stuart; and the great Tony Shalhoub (Wings and Monk) as  Frank.

We Are Men premieres Monday, September 30th on CBS.


If I had to rank these in order of which one I’m most looking forward to, I’d put Betrayal at number one.  We Are Men probably comes in second, mainly because I adore three of the four male stars.  The Crazy Ones follows behind at number three, due to the fact it brings back one of my favorites to the television screen—Buffy. I mean, Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Fourth and fifth (last) place goes to The Michael J. Fox Show (no offense, Mr. Fox… I’m thrilled to see you back on TV in a starring role) and Hello Ladies.  Unfortunately, someone always has to come in last; but that doesn’t mean we won’t give it a chance here at The Ooo Factor.   

What do you think?  Will you tune in to watch any of these new shows?  Which one most interests you?  I’d love to hear from you!

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