Tele-Tuesday: Football Sweetheart’s Dream Cast if Made into a TV Mystery Movie…

All writers do it… we envision who of the current movie and television stars we could see playing the roles of our novel’s characters.  So, for the sake of today’s blog post, I’ve decided to share Football Sweetheart’s dream cast if made into a two-hour TV mystery movie…

Aimee Freeman, played by Holland Roden (Lydia Martin from MTV’s Teen Wolf)

Aimee… trying to enjoy her senior homecoming dance without her best friend.
Will her investigative skills make her the next target?

Bobby Blakemore, played by Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan from the CW’s The Vampire Diaries)

Bobby, such the ladies man…
And the star quarterback for the Rebel football team.

Ella Harrison, played by Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars)

Ella, so sweet on the outside…
But keeping so many secrets…

Coach McWilliams, played by Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald from the CW’s Gossip Girl)

Coach McWilliams, so handsome for an older man… well, in his mid-twenties.
So, why is he stuck living in the past?

Mrs. McWilliams, played by Rachael Taylor (Jane Van Veen from ABC’s 666 Park Avenue)

Mrs. McWilliams, the beautiful cheerleading sponsor…
Who understands exactly what her high school girls are going through… she’s been there herself.

Scott Christopher, played by Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester from the CW’s Supernatural)

Scott, the new guy in town…
Who also happens to be built like a Greek god.

Pressley Jones, played by AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi Clark from the CW’s 90210)

Pressley, the stunning beauty queen…
Who always has her friends’ backs.

Carly Holden, played by Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes from the CW’s The Vampire Diaries)

Carly, the sweet and beautiful cheerleader…
Whose pep and support keeps her friends going in the toughest of times.

Jeanie Roberts, played by Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars)

Jeanie, the new girl who has captured all of the high school boys’ attention…
And a few of the girls… but she can’t seem to get into their good graces to save her life.

Sarah Faulk, played by Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams from the CW’s Gossip Girl)

Sarah, the exotic-looking one that every other girl loves to hate…
But she doesn’t let that stop her from being there for her friends.

Tony Parkinson, played by Blair Redford (Ethan Whitehorse from ABC Family’s The Lying Game)

Tony, the promising college tight end…
And Bobby’s right hand.

What do you think?  Have you read Football Sweetheart?  Would you watch this television cast in a mystery movie?  Did you have anyone else in mind for any of the characters?  I’d love to hear from you!

Tele-Tuesday: The Return of MTV’s Teen Wolf

On a Tele-Tuesday post last year, I introduced MTV’s new summer TV series: Teen Wolf.  We all remember the 1985 comedy starring Michael J. Fox, right?  MTV promised to use the generalized idea behind the ’80s Teen Wolf, but compared their story to a transformed version with a darker side, similar to the CW’s The Vampire Diaries.

First, a few similarities:

In 1985, Michael J. Fox played Scott Howard; today, Tyler Posey plays Scott McCall.

MTV’s Teen Wolf – Scott McCall

In 1985, Scott Howard’s best friend was an oddball named Stiles; today, Scott McCall’s best friend is an awkward oddball named Stiles (played by Dillon O’Brien).

MTV’s Teen Wolf – Stiles

In 1985, Scott Howard wasn’t the best basketball player on the team, not until he transformed into his wolf-self; today, Scott McCall isn’t anywhere close to the best lacrosse player on the squad, until he endures the cursed bite, that is.

Now, to a few differences:

In 1985, Scott Howard suffered from a family curse, a long line of male werewolves that sometimes skipped a generation; today, Scott McCall is bitten by a werewolf while out in the woods searching for the remains of a dead girl with his best friend.

MTV’s Teen Wolf – Scott “wolfed” out

In 1985, Scott Howard show-boats around as his wolf-self; today, Scott McCall works desperately to keep his curse secret from everyone, excluding his BFF, Stiles.

In 1985, audiences laughed along with Scott Howard in Teen Wolf; today, viewers and Scott McCall cringe as another person in the community is brutally attacked by a supposed animal.

More Wolf

MTV’s Teen Wolf pleasantly surprised me.  First of all, like most other things MTV, the show is geared toward the younger audience or YA as we’ve become accustomed to in the literary world.  I may be in my thirties, but I like most Young Adult television series, and more importantly I really enjoy Teen Wolf.  And it’s not just me – my guy doesn’t miss an episode either.

Moreover, the show’s claim to focus on the mythology of the werewolf and the darkness of the curse has played a major role in the television series.  If The Vampire Diaries has taught the TV rating’s world anything, it’s that teens (as well as whoever is watching) prefer the dark twists and storylines – if we want comedy, there are sitcoms for that.

During the first season, Teen Wolf introduced the idea of the alpha and beta wolf.  An alpha is the strongest, most powerful, and the most deadly kind of werewolf.  Scott McCall and Derek Hale (played by Tyler Hoechlin from 7th Heaven) are beta wolves.   The Alpha bit Scott, and wants Scott to join his pack – insists actually.

MTV’s Teen Wolf – Derek Hale

The Alpha is obviously a nasty and horrible werewolf, and Scott wants nothing to do with this violent lifestyle.  Will Derek help him?  Or is Derek setting Scott up?  Let’s say a little bit of both – nothing like a taste of both worlds to make Derek even more lickable – I mean, likable.

As with any supernatural drama, Teen Wolf also offers a bit of werewolf on werewolf in the form of fight scenes.  While it wasn’t as exciting as a Salvatore brother fight (Yes, I’m talking about Stefan and Damon, ladies!), it held our attention and stayed true to MTV’s promise of a darker rendition of the cinematic classic.

Like most Young Adult features, or really any television show for that matter, Teen Wolf also has the love story: the typical nerdy high school boy (Scott) who wants to lead a normal life and date the beautiful new girl (Alison Argent played by Crystal Reed).  Not interesting enough?

MTV’s Teen Wolf – Alison Argent

How about a forbidden love…  Did I mention that Scott’s dream girl’s father is the lead hunter out to kill the werewolves in the area?  And that she too is to train and fulfill her family legacy of hunters?  Only Alison doesn’t realize at first that she hails from generations of hunters or that her boyfriend is a wolf.  But when she does, will she choose her family or Scott?

And let’s not forget that Scott’s humiliation of “top-jock” Jackson Whittemore (played by Colton Haynes from The Gates) on the lacrosse field now drives Jackson to discover exactly what Scott is hiding.  Jackson knows that Scott didn’t pick up his super strength overnight by hitting the weight room.  Once Jackson learns Scott’s secret, he decides he wants a “piece” of the wolf himself.

MTV’s Teen Wolf – Jackson

What exactly was Jackson’s deal with Derek?  We all know after the final battle Derek assumes the role of Alpha; will Jackson join Derek’s pack?

Speaking of Derek’s pack, he wasn’t the one to bite Scott.  Is it now safe to assume it will definitely be Scott versus Derek in season two?

And what about Lydia (played by Holland Roden), the annoying girl admired by Stiles but who barely gives anyone besides Jackson the time of day?  The original Alpha did attack her before his demise, but Scott apparently gave her a clean bill of health when he noticed her marks weren’t healing as quickly as his wolf bite did.  Is she in the clear or is she too now a member of a pack?

MTV’s Teen Wolf – Lydia

I smell some major wolf action in season two…

Season two premieres Sunday, June 3rd on MTV, following the MTV Movie Awards.

What do you think?  Did you watch the first season of Teen Wolf?  Do you plan to continue with season two?  Do you prefer the 1985 comedy or the newer, darker version?  I’d love to hear from you!

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