Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday – “Can Sex Mend a Broken Relationship?”

This week Amber West and I are trying something a bit different on Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday.  We’re still reviewing TV, of sorts…  Amber takes a look at the Hulu original, Battleground (only available online), and I’m reviewing a reality show on Lifetime that I never thought I’d watch.

“Can Sex Mend a Broken Relationship?”

The Lifetime Network poses this question to troubled couples each week on their new reality program, 7 Days of Sex.

When I first saw the advertisements for this show, I had no idea what was in store for us.  I didn’t know if it was a traditional drama like Lifetime’s other new racy series, The Client List, or if it was something else all together.

It is something else all together.

I emailed Amber about it and somehow I was tasked with the review.  To be honest, I would have never watched otherwise.  I’m not a prude (even if I feel a bit like one typing this review), but I also don’t watch shows like Wife Swap, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, or anything else relationship oriented.   It’s simply not my cup of tea.

But I took one for the team with this one…

Each episode features two “real” life couples who aren’t having sex for one reason or another.  In the pilot, one couple was married with three young children and the other couple had been married longer but without children.  The couples vow to have sex once a day for seven days straight to re-energize their relationships.

Will it work?

Besides the fact that these couples are technically broadcasting their sex lives to the world (don’t worry; it’s PG-rated), the most intriguing part of the show happens to be the similarities between these couples and the relatability of men and women’s views on sex.

First, the most obvious difference between men and women’s views of sex:

What is sex to a man? A physical need; they should have sex every day.
What is sex to a woman?  A moment of intimacy, a “deed” or a job.

Moving on, why don’t couples have sex?

  • For couples with children, it’s hard to find alone time for “nookie”
  • Husbands and wives aren’t on the same page about starting a family
  • Women feel uncomfortable about their bodies and don’t want to be seen naked, not even by their partner
  • Finances
  • Control Issues
  • Lack of respect for one another
Married woman from the couple without children... Her generalized thoughts: I'd like to be in control every once in a while...

Regardless of the whys and the why nots, these couples pledged to have sex for seven days straight.  So how do they feel about this?  The men are excited… and the women are afraid their “lady parts” will be sore.

I could go on and on about the experiences of these couples throughout their week-long pledge, but I’ll try to summarize my favorite parts instead.

  • Men think that taking women out to a nice and fancy dinner will help them get “lucky” later
  • Women would prefer to nap than have sex
  • Men think that taking women on a surprise camping trip will help them get “lucky”
  • Women will try to bargain their way out of having sex; “How about we skip tonight and have a double feature in the morning?”
  • Men will do anything to have sex
  • Women want to be spoiled and wowed
  • Men feel sex isn’t complete without the woman reaching orgasm
  • Women don’t care about reaching an orgasm every time they have sex
Married husband from the couple with children... His generalized thoughts: I'm really looking forward to this Sex Pact!

And maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but I also found these points interesting and somewhat valid:

  • Women will set “rules” for a “sure thing” – rules instructing the men to be sweet and not do or say anything to anger her (that’s like walking in a landmine, isn’t it gents?)
  • If a woman buys her own “sexy” lingerie and toys, the men should prepare for a “fun” night
  • If a man buys a woman “sexy” lingerie and toys, the woman doesn’t feel nearly as comfortable
  • If one tiny thing goes wrong, say the man doesn’t help around the house with chores that the woman hasn’t told him about but feels he should automatically know, the woman is “closed” for business
  • Pouring hot wax over one another is not such a great idea, especially when you have children asleep in the other room

Anyway, after the seven-day pact, both couples reconnected; both felt like more of a team.  Taking it one step further, the married couple with children wrote promises to one another going forward and the married couple without children vowed to have a “7 Days of Sex” anniversary every year.  The sex vow seemed to work for these two pairs… but will it always?

Now for the fun part, how does Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex rate?  It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever watched on TV, but I also probably won’t watch it again unless I’m in bed waiting to fall asleep and there’s nothing else on.  Therefore, I give it the NIV rating (Nyquil Induced Viewing): Perfect for that late night television sleep timer.

Sorry Lifetime, but as expected, it’s just not my cup of tea.  I think having watched one episode, I’m good to go…. This is a very interesting conversation piece, but a series?  I was thinking more like a one or two-hour special like the basic cable networks offer.

What do you think? Did you watch 7 Days of Sex?  Do you plan to catch at least one episode – why or why not?  Do you agree with any of the above assessments about how men and women feel about sex?   I’d love to hear from you!

Now click over to Amber’s blog and see how the Hulu original, Battleground, fares in her opinion…

Come back next week when Amber and I review something fun and interesting… although it probably won’t be anything like 7 Days of Sex!

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