Tele-Tuesday: The King and Queen of TV Characters Worthy of a Slap, Figuratively of Course

It’s been well established these past few weeks that many of us watch television programs and think to ourselves, Someone really needs to slap that character!  Wanting to slap someone doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t still love them, but that they need a reality check.  Also, wanting to slap someone doesn’t necessarily mean we should slap them — this is all figurative of course, not literal.

But many characters on TV today find themselves worthy of a slap, at least in our opinion here at The Ooo Factor.  Some of these characters portray leading roles on some of our very favorite television programs today, but we still find ourselves wishing we could jolt them back to reality at times.

Maybe they’re a bit overzealous; maybe they’re a bit narcissistic; maybe they’re a bit dense; or maybe they’re just a bit clueless — regardless, playing a game of Slap This TV Character might just be what they need… or better yet, what we need as a viewer to continue on.

Over the past two weeks, we named our top ten television characters worthy of a figurative slap.  Readers also chimed in and now we have the top two TV characters worthy of a figurative slap — a King and Queen of sorts.

For the men, we have…

Dr. Gregory HouseHouse

King House

Dr. House is about as narcissistic as they come… He’s always right; always.  Even when he’s wrong, does he admit it?  Never.  He’ll stop at nothing to prove his point and humiliate those around him, those who for whatever reason devote themselves to him.  He’s outright mean, callous, vindictive, and ultimately misanthropic; but he’s the best at what he does — head diagnostician at a fictional and prestigious hospital. He has already chased one Dean of Medicine away, and she literally loved him, and now he’s working on number two.  His best friend and his team of rotating doctors understand him like no one else does and they constantly try to break through the barriers known as House, but due to the impossibility, it’s more like a game now — House versus everyone else.

Our readers added:

“Gregory House needs a good bitch slap.” – Tom Wisk

“House totally needs a slap! Every time I watch it (surreptitiously, it’s really my husband who watches the show), I get so frustrated!” – Tameri Etherton

“House – he’s SO obnoxious.” – Kathy Owen

“Yes, please, someone knock some sense into House, especially if he doesn’t wise up and try to keep his wife. I was so disappointed when he ruined things with Cuddy.” – Marcy Kennedy

“House. It got to the point where there was just nothing redeemable about him. Running a car through Cutty’s dining room. REALLY? I can suspend disbelief with the best of them but it got to where I was just so done with the dysfunction. Not only was House annoying, but anyone who put up with his antics seriously needed therapy.” – Kristen Lamb

“On the House note – yup, deserves a slap. But, given my enormous crush on him, I would have to assume that a slap from me would whip him into shape. And then he could be my boyfriend. Haha.” – Amber West

“I’m with Kristen Lamb on House. This season he’s gone from being obnoxious and dysfunctional to downright cruel. If it wasn’t the last season, it would still be =my= last season watching. But it has sparked some interesting discussions with my friends about just how much people will tolerate in exchange for genius, a subject that has fascinated me for years.” – Justine Dare Davis


Now as far as the Queen, our readers have spoken – not one of our six ladies topped the list; instead our readers’ comments elevated this very deserving girl to number one.  Honestly, we can’t believe we didn’t think of her in the first place.  At the first mention of her character, we slapped our foreheads!  Talk about a “Duh!” moment.

“You missed Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead. I’ve seen so many internet gags revolving around her lack of parenting skills and the desire to push her out of the safe house into the crowd of Walkers…” – Damian Trasler

“As soon as I saw the title of this blog, I knew exactly who’d be my number one, and you hit it on the head. If Season 3 of Walking Dead consisted of a constant loop of Lori getting slapped, I’d start watching it again.” – Alan Edwards

“I’d also have to go with Lori from The Walking Dead.” – Emma Meade

“Lori Grimes is another one I’d like to slap.” – Jess Witkins

And so for the women, we have…

Lori Grimes The Walking Dead

Queen Lori

At first glance, Lori wasn’t so bad, was she?  She survived, unlike many, and narrowly escaped the walker epidemic with her son and her husband’s best friend.  For all intents and purposes, she was looking to start a new life — her husband was dead, or at least she had been told he died.  So why not fall in love with his best friend?  He was already the closest male figure in her son’s life and he risked his life to get her and her son out of the city.  But then she and the rest of us learn that her husband is indeed not dead, and he of course makes his way back to her.  The second he arrives at camp, Lori turns into a heartless, conniving, and lying Queen Bee (that’s not what we wanted to say here, so use your imagination).  She assumes her role as the camp’s Queen, since her husband is naturally the leader, and she immediately begins to act like her indiscretions never happened.  To make matters worse, we learn she’s pregnant — but whose baby is it — her husband’s or his best friend’s?  Needless to say, she handled this situation like she’d never heard the term “kid’s gloves” and we believe her to be the entire reason why her husband’s best friend lost his marbles.


So there we have it – King House and Queen Lori.  But which one is even more deserving of the top slap slot?  Vote now!

So what do you think?  Is there another character on television even more worthy of the King and/or Queen spot?  I’d love to hear from you! 

Before we go,why not add a Prince and Princess to the Royal Tele-Tuesday Slap Party?  After all, Dickie Bennett (Justified) and Sharon Peacham (GCB) ran a close second behind our King and Queen…

“Watch GCB religiously. Sharon deserves a bit more than a head slap, perhaps jaws wired shut to keep stuff from coming out and going in.” – Tom Wisk

Princess Sharon Peacham, GCB

“I agree that the gimp-legged Dickie needs Raylan to even out the limp!” – Tim L. O’Brien

“The only one I watch from the bunch is GCB and I agree, but I don’t want to slap Sharon, I want to shake her!!” – Claudia LeFeve

Prince Dickie Bennett, Justified

“You know I’d like to snatch that scraggly Wyatt Earp wanna be mustache right off Dickie Bennett’s face. He’s such a little tick turd. And it’s too bad because he was actually sort of cool in Lost.” – Catie Rhodes

Thanks, everyone!  The comments the past few weeks have been fabOoolous!


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