Friday FabOoolousness – Sabrina Fairchild Circa 1995

It’s time again for Catie Rhodes and I to break down another cinematic original and its remake.  Sticking with our usual ways, Catie reviews the original and I take on the remake.  This month we tackle the classic romantic comedy, Sabrina.

Usually, I include Catie’s Homemade Summary that applies to both films.  But this time, I tweaked it just a bit:

The super-rich Larrabee brothers of New York couldn’t be more different.  David Larrabee is a playboy and a womanizer.  Linus Larrabee is a workaholic.  They both find themselves under the spell of Sabrina, daughter of the family’s chauffeur, who has recently returned from a fashion internship in Paris sexy and sophisticated.

Before I begin, let me just say why I chose the remake.  Regardless of how ashamed I am to admit it, I usually choose the newer versions because I have not seen the originals.  But, that is not the case today.  Everyone, hold on to your hats, but I’ve actually seen the 1954 classic Sabrina starring Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, and William Holden.  I know, shocker.  In all honesty, if the film’s role of Sabrina Fairchild wasn’t played by the iconic Audrey Hepburn, I probably wouldn’t have watched it.   But it did, and I did, and I loved it.

For years, seventeen years to be exact, I avoided the 1995 remake of Sabrina… not because I wasn’t interested in the story, but because I enjoyed the original so much.  So, when Catie proposed we add these films to our Original versus Remake series, for once I had actually hoped I could review the original.  But, considering Catie and I have a nice flow with her covering the originals and me taking on the remakes, we stuck to our established game plan.

So, here we are, December 2012, and I have finally watched the 1995 remake of the classic.  The stories are quite similar, the one exception being that Sabrina (Julia Ormond) travels to Paris for a fashion internship at Vogue instead of culinary school like Ms. Hepburn’s character.

Sabrina has loved the younger and carefree David Larrabee (Greg Kinnear) for as long as she can remember, but she is almost invisible to him.  After she returns from Paris a transformed woman, David’s pending marriage to the perfect woman (Elizabeth Tyson, played by Lauren Holly) is threatened when he finally notices Sabrina.  Not wanting to see the potential business partnership between the Larrabee and Tyson families go up in smoke, David’s older and more responsible brother, Linus (Harrison Ford), steps in and distracts Sabrina and David.  What started out as just a job turns into something more—Linus actually falls in love with her… and Sabrina with him.

Catie shocked me with the trivial fact that Cary Grant was considered for the role of Linus… the role that Humphrey Bogart landed.  So, I did a little digging of my own and learned some interesting facts myself:

The character of David Larrabee was Greg Kinnear’s first “major” role, but like most acting jobs in Hollywood he was not the only candidate—Tom Cruise was also considered.

And how about Sabrina?  While I believe Ms. Ormond gave a fabOoolous performance, just look at this list of actresses considered at one time or another for the Cinderella-type role: Winona Ryder, Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robin Wright, Cameron Diaz, and Sandra Bullock.  Now that’s competition…

I don’t normally watch romantic comedies.  I prefer action, adventure, dark and raunchy comedy, and horror over romantic comedies.  Who knows?  Maybe I’m not a “typical” girl; after all, I live and breathe sports.  Regardless, the 1995 film did not disappoint; however, I do believe I still prefer the original.  I mean, it’s Audrey Hepburn… c’mon.

What do you think?  Have you seen either the original or the remake of Sabrina?  If you’ve seen both, which do you prefer and why?  If you haven’t, do you want to?  I’d love to hear from you! 

Remember to stop by Catie’s blog discussing the original if you haven’t already.

Tele-Tuesday #8 – New to Summer 2011

Every summer, the major networks pick up at least one new show hoping to break it big with huge ratings success.  With June just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away, here are a few of the programs that might fit your television tastes.  Give ‘em a try!

ABC: The Hot ZoneThe new medical drama

The Hot Zone follows the medical staff, consisting of nurses and doctors from the allied nations (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia), in Afghanistan as they treat the men and women fighting to protect their country’s freedom.  The show stars a few familiar faces: Elias Koteas (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Shutter Island), Michelle Borth (The Forgotten and Hawaii Five-0), and Luke Mably (The Gates).  Premiers Tuesday, June 21ST

NBC: Love BitesThe new romantic comedy

Love Bites follows a single girl (Becki Newton from Ugly Betty and Guiding Light) dating in New York City while searching for love, and a Venice Beach married couple (Constance Zimmer from Entourage and Boston Legal, and Greg Grunberg from Heroes and Alias). Love Bites plans to feature an array of guest stars including Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer), Lindsay Price (90210 and Eastwick), and Guillermo Diaz (Weeds and Half Baked) just to name a few. Premiers Thursday, June 2ND

USA: Necessary Roughness – The new sports series

Necessary Roughness follows a New York woman attempting to balance her family and her career following a recent divorce.  She accepts a position as a therapist for a professional football team, and is assigned to assist the team’s star receiver in actually catching the ball.  Callie Thorne (Rescue Me and Prison Break) stars as Dani Santino along with Scott Cohen (The Gilmore Girls and Law & Order: Trial by Jury), Mehcad Brooks (True Blood and Desperate Housewives), and Marc Blucas (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Knight and Day).  As an added bonus, the show is inspired by a true story.  Premiers Wednesday, June 29th

USA: Suits – The new legal series

Instructed by a partner to hire another brilliant Harvard Law graduate for his Manhattan law firm, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht from Whiteout and Love and Other Drugs) recruits a brilliant new associate, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams from Friday Night Lights and many other cameo appearances on popular television shows).  But, Mike has a huge secret – he never graduated college, yet alone law school.  The two unconventional minds work together balancing the law and lying to everyone – now that’s a dilemma, right?  Premiers Thursday, June 23rd

Unfortunately, many of the summer shows on the basic cable channels don’t fare well; however, there are a few that return this year including Rookie Blue (ABC) and Flashpoint (CBS).  The USA network, on the other hand, ROCKS the summer broadcasting, and I’m personally looking forward to their new shows this summer!

What shows are you looking forward to checking out this summer? Do you prefer sex, dating, and  marriage comedies, medical dramas, legal series, or sports-themed television?  I’d love to hear from you!

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