Friday FabOoolousness – Playing Hooky

Today I’ve decided to take a break from my usual Friday FabOoolousness posts – sort of like playing a game of blogging hooky.  At first I thought about another installment of Movie Madness (we watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and The Darkest Hour last weekend while we were battling our colds).  But instead of writing about things that make me say Ooo, I’m going to partake in a question game that Nigel Blackwell tagged me in.

Like with every game, there are rules:

1) Answer the questions set by the tagger.  In my case, this would be Nigel.
2) Create eleven new questions to ask eleven new participants.
3) Share links to those eleven people in your blog and let them know you’ve tagged them.

Sounds simple enough, right?  So let’s play…


What sort of vacation do you prefer, activity filled or relaxing on a beach?

Relaxing on a beach, without a doubt —  I worshiped the sun when I was younger, but now it’s more the peace and ambiance of the waves crashing against the sand; the sounds of the seagulls; and the smell of the salt water.

Beach view from our cabana...

Last year we were blessed to have the opportunity to spend a long weekend at the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada, Florida (one of the Florida Keys).  We set up a shaded cabana area, lathered on the sun block, ordered pina coladas, and grabbed a book.

This is my ideal vacation, and I can’t wait to book another…

You have to go back to elementary school – what would you rather do, fifth grade science project or show off your latest dance moves on stage?

I have NEVER been one to dance in public without consuming a few adult cocktails ahead of time.  Today I can dance in front of those I love without them worrying about my mental stability, but in the fifth grade?  Definitely not.  I was not at all comfortable in my skin back then…

I’d rather set up a new science fair project.  Actually, I’d probably do the same one – photosynthesis.  I have such a hard time keeping plants alive today, why not experiment and showcase the most successful ways to kill a plant?

What do you juggle the most of? (and don’t forget this isn’t an X-rated site!)

My time — I juggle between writing my YA stories, my blogging, my freelance gig, and finding the time to complete my exercise routine and my house chores each and every day.  Who says staying home isn’t a full-time job?  And we don’t even have kids…

What country would you most like to visit and why?

Italy — visiting the Vatican has always been my number one wish on my traveling bucket list.  But Italy has so much more to offer between the archaeology, the food, the wine, the countryside, and the beaches.  I simply must go.

Image via

Have you ever met any of your childhood heroes, and what did you think of them?

No — most of my childhood heroes were either family members or fictional characters.  Obviously, I have of course met my heroic family members — Mom, Dad, and Mimi; but I was never quite lucky enough to meet the others — Nancy Drew, The Lone Ranger, Wonder Woman, etc.

However, I have been lucky enough to meet a childhood crush, and he lived up to all of my expectations.  Who?  Oh — Matthew McConaughey.

My girlfriends and I were HUGE fans of Dazed and Confused in high school.  During my first few years of college, I drove a beverage cart around one of the country clubs in my home town.  Matthew, as I like to call him, visited his brother one weekend who also happened to be a member of the very same country club.  Needless to say, everyone was excited about his visit; but despite what my insides were doing, I played it cool.  I drove my cart up to him, asked if he needed any cold beverages (and by that, I mean beer), and what he said next literally made me want to scream and kick my feet – “Alright, Alright, Alright.”

I’m not kidding.  He really said it, in that sexy and raspy voice of his.  But that was just the beginning.  After his weekend stay, he sent a few of us autographed portfolio pictures of himself to thank us for treating him like a “normal human being” — and yes; my Matthew picture is framed in an 8X10 frame and was the center of my mantle for the longest time.

Thankfully, my “real-life” guy is very comfortable with my crushes…

Can you imagine what you would do with a mega-lottery win?

No — I really can’t.  I imagine I’d do the obvious, including treat myself and my loved ones to a nice vacation, pay the bills, donate to a few worthy causes, and save the rest.  A part of me thinks that my life wouldn’t change much, other than I’d spend a little more on myself than I do now.

What sort of pet do you have?

It’s more like pets, plural — We have our Shadow, a geriatric mutt who has recently lost her hearing; Shady-cat, my beautiful and somewhat protective Maine Coon; and Lucky-cat, our little, fat, and happy runt that I rescued from the parking lot at work.  We also have a 135-gallon salt-water aquarium, but we’re having a difficult time keeping our fish from dying.  The water tests fine; we have no idea what the problem is what that thing.

Yes, my guy built that beautiful stand and matching canopy (which we really can't see from this picture).

Friday night movie – scary, funny, romance, or … ?

Scary — 100%.  I’ve always had a fascination with scary movies, and I honestly have no idea why.  My parents never watched with me, but they also never discouraged me from scaring the living daylights out of myself.  To this day, I love to watch anything scary — even the B-rated and direct-to-DVD releases.  Nothing is off-limits.

Does seeing tomorrow’s weather forecast matter to you?

Absolutely — probably too much.  Just ask my guy.  I stress about things that I can’t control, the weather being probably the scariest thing in the world to me.  I have a prescription to get me through the worst of the storms, but I refuse to take it.  Why  be all drugged up when I really need to be paying attention to the storms around me?

We recently experienced a severe storm that brought over fifteen tornadoes to the DFW area.  I abandoned my writing, unplugged my laptop, backed everything up to my flash-drive, and glued my rear to the couch.  I watched as one twister devastated the ground for over thirty-five minutes straight without lifting back into the sky.  Once our sirens blasted, I wrangled up the one cat that would come with me, and we sat in the downstairs bathroom until the noise stopped.  Our neighborhood was blessed, nothing bad happened; but I can’t say the same for the rest of the Metroplex.

Whose marriage did you last attend, and with who?

Sarah & Michael — it was a beautiful ceremony in a small, old-fashioned town-square church with only the closest of friends and family in attendance.  The reception was outside the bride’s parents’ house, and the setting was absolutely breathtaking.  I of course attended with my guy, and he even got out on the dance floor with me at one point (something that rarely happens).

Just the two of us...having a great time!

It was a romantic evening, topped off with our Red Raiders beating the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman, Oklahoma.  Heck, it was practically the only Texas Tech victory we were able to celebrate this past football season, so we remember the evening…

You’ve just been tapped to star in a new Hollywood action blockbuster, would you do your own stunts?

Heck NO! — I’m the biggest klutz ever, plus I’m terrified of heights.  I’ve been known to trip going up stairs.  My mom once said that she had no idea how I could be so athletic, yet trip over my own two feet.  Yea, I have no idea either.

Do I look capable of pulling off my own stunts? I didn't think so...

I’m also a firm believer that if anything bad can happen, it will happen to me.  My mom says I’m a pessimist, but I like to believe I’m more a realist than anything.


Well there we have it.  I answered each and every one of Nigel’s questions, maybe a bit much on a few.  Now I pass this game along to eleven others…

Amber West
Jen L. Kirchner
Catie Rhodes
Stacy Green
Angela Wallace
Ellie Soderstrom
Ashley Prince
Liz Schulte
Emma Meade
Jillian Dodd
Angela V. Cook

And finally, my questions for the amazing eleven listed above:

Do you prefer coffee or tea in the mornings?
What book have you read over and over again?
What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
Do you cook and/or bake straight from the recipe, or do you get creative and throw things together in the kitchen?
Where is your favorite place to visit in the United States?
Which animals must you see when visiting a zoo?

And I wouldn’t be myself without asking…

What’s your favorite television show airing today?
What’s your favorite television show of all time?
What’s your favorite movie of all time?
What do you like to snack on when at the movie theater?
Who is your current Hollywood or otherwise famous crush?

If I didn’t include you in my list of eleven, feel free to join the game and play along with us and answer any of the above questions in the comments.  I’d love to hear from you!!   

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