A Football Sweetheart Playlist

Hey, guys!

I normally don’t blog on Thursdays; actually, this is my first ever Thursday post—who says I’m a creature of habit?

Anyway, a few weeks ago, my dear friend Catie Rhodes (some of you may already be familiar with her from our Original versus Remake series) asked if I would be interested in writing a guest post over at her blog to help promote my book.  Knowing me and my love for television and movies, she first asked me to write about a few TV shows and/or films that compared to or held similarities to my young adult mystery Football Sweetheart.  I immediately said I’d do it, and I got to work on the programs that I’d use… definitely one mystery, like Pretty Little Liars, and definitely one with some football, like Varsity Blues or Friday Night Lights.

But, before I started writing, Catie changed her mind and asked that I do something different—create a music playlist for my book.

Obviously, I’m most comfortable talking about television and movies; anyone that reads The Ooo Factor knows this.  But, like most writers, I appreciate a challenge.  So how does one go about creating a playlist for one’s novel?

Please take the opportunity to stop by Catie’s blog to see which songs I “heard” while writing Football Sweetheart.  Some of the music should come as no surprise, being as these songs are mentioned in the book.  However, some of the tunes are strictly background music… these songs represent more the music that I “heard” while writing my novel.  I keep typing the word heard inside quotation marks, and that’s because I didn’t necessarily listen to the music as I wrote, but instead imagined these songs playing within the scenes themselves… sort of like a movie’s background music.


And, thank you Catie for this wonderful opportunity!  You forced me outside my comfort zone… and I honestly had a ton of fun creating a Symphony of a Football Sweetheart!

After all, girls do just want to have fun…

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