Tele-Tuesday: Summer Chaos, Part Two

Last Tuesday, I listed all of the TV shows that I try to watch each night in Summer Chaos, Part One.  I attempted to pick only one or two shows per night, but in some instances I couldn’t walk away without selecting at least three.

And even with these programs watched and erased from our DVR, it’s still full.  One might ask, how is this even possible right now?  Despite it not being the typical television season of September through May, we still find ourselves recording more than a few programs per night.  Plus, during the summer months, we are busier than usual.  Not only do we find ways to deal with the heat, like making frequent trips to the pool and water parks, but we also gather up the troops and travel to fun and sunny destinations.  All of these activities pull us outside and take us away from our televisions.  For our household, this leaves our DVR queue full.

So, in addition to last week’s list, today I’m going to share our left-over bucket that we cram into our weekend viewing.

Here’s to everything else… the rest of our must-see summer television series.


Rizzoli & Isles

C’mon, it’s Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander!!  Angie plays Jane… just one of the guys, solving crimes, but with much prettier hair.  And Sasha plays Maura… a medical examiner who examines bodies and performs autopsies in stilettos.  And lets not forget about the humor…


Our favorite team of cons…because last week I already stated Neal Caffrey is my favorite individual con…  Nate may lead the team, but I personally don’t think Leverage would quite be the same without the supporting cast of Parker (the thief), Hardison (the hacker), and Eliot (the muscle).

Covert Affairs

Sometimes her spy abilities prove to be a bit frustrating, but Annie Walker is with a new team this year—with more freedom.  Maybe this will open up the romantic door with Auggie a little?  We hope so!  We need more Auggie…


So far I’m really enjoying this new generation of Ewings… they’re especially fun to look at!  Christopher or John Ross?  Elena or Rebecca?  It’s a tough decision…

Men at Work

How I Met Your Mother meets Sex and the City…  Men at Work‘s season ended last week, so that’s one less show for us to watch.  But let me just say, it was fun—it was great to see dating from a guy’s perspective—and I can’t wait for the 2013 season.    Yes, it was picked up…

The Glades

A&E is really stepping it up with its original programming…  As one can probably tell from my list last week and this week, I love police procedurals.  But Jim Longworth takes his detective skills to an entirely different level.  Not only is he adorable, but his character is seriously flawed and he walks to the beat of his own drum, ignoring everyone and everything he’s told.  But don’t worry; although the character is a bit of a rebel, he’s not annoying.

Hell’s Kitchen

This season’s group of chefs may be the most dysfunctional ever!  But it doesn’t matter!  I still want to eat at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant… and I’m going to order the scallops, risotto, and Beef Wellington!

Lost Girl

There’s a little bit of Fae (supernatural) sexiness for everyone… men and women!  As a woman, I can honestly say that Bo and her succubus abilities are pretty hot.  My guy’s not here to defend himself, but I think he’d agree—he’s always suggesting we watch Lost Girl on the DVR.  And Dyson?  If someone doesn’t know what I mean simply by saying his name, check out an episode and find out for yourself!

And speaking of SyFy, two more of the network’s summer hits start at the end of the month…



Do you watch any of these shows?  Which summer show/s do you absolutely have to find the time to watch?  I’d love to hear from you…

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Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday – Welcome back to Southfork!

After celebrating our one-year blogiversary last week, Amber West and I return to somewhat of a normal Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday review as we take on a web series, Leap Year, and TNT’s continuation of Dallas.

One of the most anticipated programs this year is the continued story of the duel between the members of the Ewing family.  And after only two-hours, the new Dallas does not disappoint!

TNT has successfully revived the popular soap opera that ran from the late ‘70s to the early ‘90s, even mirrored the original opening as best they could.

Back in the day, we watched the great sibling rivalry between J.R. and Bobby Ewing.   Whew!  Those two brothers never saw eye to eye…

They still look good, don’t they?

We had J.R. (Larry Hagman), the cut-throat oil-tycoon who would stop at nothing to earn his next riches, and Bobby (Patrick Duffy), the more family oriented and rule-following of Miss Ellie’s boys.  And because of these tendencies, Miss Ellie bequests Southfork to Bobby, leaving J.R. with a sour taste in his mouth.

In the new series, J.R.’s wife, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), has left him.  The Texas courts awarded her all of J.R.’s money, making her one of the most successful women in Dallas (and she may even run for Governor).   Since Bobby lives at and runs Southfork, J.R. has nothing.  These events cause him to fall into a deep depression and someone, we’re assuming Bobby, puts J.R. up in a nice retirement community.

Speaking of Bobby, he’s now married to Ann (Brenda Strong), and is suffering from a recent diagnosis of intestinal cancer.  He decides to sell Southfork—the only requirement being that whoever buys the ranch must continue with Miss Ellie’s wish to not drill on her property.  And like the “Good Ol’ Boy” he is, Bobby settles the deal with a handshake.

The new generation of Ewings… HELLO!

But what about these younger Ewing boys we keep hearing so much about?  Fast-forward twenty years, and the Ewing family is still going strong, bickering included, only with two new faces: John Ross, played by Josh Henderson, and Christopher, played by Jesse Metcalf.

Let’s start with John Ross…

While secretly drilling on Southfork, John Ross and his girlfriend/business partner (Elena, played by Jordana Brewster) hit oil.  But when Bobby finds out about it, he forbids anyone from drilling on his mamma’s ranch.  This prompts John Ross to act just like his daddy.  After all, “he’s a chip off the old block.”  Lying, cheating, and backstabbing seem to be John Ross’s methods of choice—but does he have what it takes to outplay J.R.?

And then we have Christopher, sweet and idealistic Christopher…

Christopher runs Ewing Alternative Energies where he researches and experiments with methane drilling.  Unfortunately, his work appears to have caused earthquakes off the coast of China, and while he commits to finding a way to protect the people and preserve the methane, John Ross is the first to point out his cousin’s failures.  Skipping his honeymoon with Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo), Christopher decides to change his daddy’s mind about selling Southfork—but will Bobby listen?

See now, “the fun is just beginning.”

I’ve used a few of the opening episodes’ one-liners above in this post, but I’m not done.  The writers and creators have definitely impressed me with some of the dialogue in these first few hours, especially when it comes to describing J.R. Ewing:

“Some people are just too damn mean to die.”
“It’s better to be old than to be the devil.”

Larry Hagman still has it!  There’s nothing quite as mischievous as J.R.’s smile…

Before we wrap, let’s not forget to mention the soap opera element.  First, we have the business partnerships between John Ross and Elena, Christopher and Elena, and Sue Ellen and Elena.  Surely one if not more of these are going to blow up in their faces, specifically Elena’s.

Let’s stay on the topic of Elena for a second.  Elena is the daughter of the Ewing’s long-time cook and Christopher’s former girlfriend/fiancé.  But when she received a supposed email from Christopher ending their relationship the night before their wedding, she ran away to Mexico and into the waiting arms of John Ross.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.  At John Ross’s suggestion, and knowing full well of Christopher and Elena’s past, Rebecca asks Elena to stand up for her at her and Christopher’s wedding.  That’s only the first sign we see that Rebecca may not be as sweet as she appears…  When we meet Rebecca’s brother, we deduce that they have been planning to scam the Ewing family for a few years now—but why?

TNT knows Drama, and the new generation of Ewings promises to bring us just that!

And what about the sale of Southfork?  Well, Bobby thinks he’s selling to the Del Sol Corporation on the promise that the ranch won’t be developed.  J.R. knows about this sale, but thinks the Del Sol Corporation is going to turn around and sell him the ranch thirty days after the sale closes, making him the rightful owner of Southfork.  But John Ross has an idea all his own—he brings in a fraud to play the part of Marta Del Sol, and unbeknownst to Bobby and J.R., John Ross plans to take the ranch as his own.

Dallas is definitely still a soap opera.  But how does it rank?  It’s still early, but I must award TNT’s Dallas with the MacTV rating.  The first two hours were definitely a guilty pleasure, and I personally can’t wait for more.

Bring on the oil fields, cattle ranches, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and family feuds.  Dallas, we’ve missed you.

What do you think? Have you watched TNT’s Dallas?  How would you rate it?  Who do you think will win out in the long run—the good Ewings, Bobby and Christopher, or the evil Ewings, J.R. and John Ross?  I’d love to hear from you!

Now click over to Amber’s blog and see what she thinks about the web series, Leap Year.

Come back next week when Amber and I review’s summer time and the heat is taking a toll on our planning ahead.

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Last week, we offered a special anniversary giveaway where Amber promised one lucky commenter from my blog and another from hers to receive a red carpet event photo with the celebrity of their choice.  First, THANK YOU to everyone who participated!  But sadly we can only have one winner.

After using the random number generator at, lucky #8 won here at The Ooo Factor.

Who is lucky #8?  That would be Andrew Mocete… 

Congratulations, Andrew!  Please email  me a photo where your face is quite visible.  The closer, the better… but Amber can work her magic with pretty much anything.

Andrew’s first choice was Spider-Man as his red carpet date, but being that might make Amber’s job a bit more difficult, he mentioned he also wouldn’t mind being seen with Shirley Manson from The Sarah Connor Chronicles.   Who will Amber choose for Andrew? Come back next week and see!

A Recap of The WatchWed Review System:

GTV (Gourmet TV): Everything we want and more
MacTV (MacNCheese TV): Guilty pleasure. Not perfect, but is satisfies
GMacTV (Gourmet MacNCheese TV): A combination of fine wine and comfort food
JFTV (Junk food TV): It’s not great for us, but we’ll go back for seconds
TBPTV (Twice Baked Potato TV): Part gourmet and delicious, while absolutely horrible for our cholesterol
SSTV (Still Simmering TV): It has potential, but the jury is still out
NIV (Nyquil Induced Viewing): Perfect for that late night television sleep timer
LOTV (Liver&Onions TV): Do we really have to explain? Blech

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