Spring Cleaning – 2013 Edition

Years ago, May sweeps meant that the television industry saved the best for last.  The networks broadcast non-stop, action packed, cliff-hanging storylines every night of the week, hoping to pull in the largest ratings of the year before announcing which shows would receive pink slips.

Time to clean up the DVR…

And while this still rings true for some series, times have changed (for the most part).  Today’s May sweeps ultimately means knowing which shows will return and which shows will be swept away before the season finales have all aired.

Recent years prove that no show is safe: many shows are done after only one season; some shows make it through the toddler years, a minimum of two or three seasons; some programs have aired for years, even decades with multi-generational loyal followers; and, sadly, some still await their destiny.

Television’s broom was very busy AGAIN this year….


One & Done

1600 Penn, 666 Park Avenue, Animal Practice, Ben and Kate, Cult, Deception, Do No Harm, Emily Owens, M.D., Golden Boy, Go On, Guys with Kids, How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life, Last Resort, Made in Jersey, Malibu Country, Monday Mornings, Partners, Red Widow, The Family Tools, The Mob Doctor, The New Normal, Vegas, and Zero Hour

Yet another show that kinda/sorta answers the season’s BIG mystery, but still gets canned before viewers have all the answers…

Supposedly, ABC will finish airing 666 Park Avenue and Zero Hour this summer… as will NBC with Do No Harm.  Personally, I’m going to start watching my TV guide for these episodes in June… probably on Saturday nights.


Terrible Twos & Threes

Alphas, Body of Proof, Don’t Trust the B**** in Apt 23, Happy Endings, Smash, Touch, Up All Night, and Whitney

Out with the new and in with the old. Wait, that’s not right… BUT all that matters is that Jack is back in 2014!! That’s right – we’re getting twelve more episodes of 24!!


Seasoned Veterans

30 Rock, 90210, CSI: NY, Dexter, Fringe, Gossip Girl, Private Practice, Rules of Engagement, Southland, The Cleveland Show, and The Office

Another CSI ABSOLUTELY robbed…


Still Awaiting their Destiny:

Hannibal – but don’t worry; rumors say a cable channel might pick it up if NBC drops the ax…

Ugh, the waiting game…


On a positive note, not all chivalry is dead: some shows have earned advance notice that next season will be their last.  Thank you networks; thank you for allowing the writers to close out a series appropriately for the loyal fans.  This doesn’t happen all that often, just ask Law & Order.

“Final Season.” That really bites.

Burn Notice – Michael, Fiona, Sam, Jesse, and Maddie definitely deserve the chance to close out their story… with a BANG!  Thank you, USA.  Seeing the words “Final Season” still stings, but I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us this summer!

Enjoy it while it lasts…

Warehouse 13 – Announced this month, Warehouse 13’s fifth season will be its last.  Thankfully, SyFy is allowing for the series to run a short six-episode fifth season in 2014, following the conclusion of this year’s fourth season (now airing) to wrap everything up with Artie, Myka, Pete, Claudia, and the Warehouse.


And this doesn’t happen often—ever really—but one network picked up one of the shows it canned last year after its freshman year!  That’s right… a network actually admitted (in a roundabout way) that they were wrong, or at least hasty, in one of their decisions.

Welcome back, Poppy!

Unforgettable – returns to CBS this summer with all new episodes.


Seems a bit insane, doesn’t it?  What’s the moral of today’s Tele-Tuesday?  Don’t get too attached to freshman television series… AND NO television show is safe from May sweeps.

Which of these cancellations came too soon as far as you’re concerned?  Do you think Hannibal has a chance of surviving?  I’d love to hear from you!

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