Tele-Tuesday: New Fall Drama

It’s that time of year again!  The fall television schedule is right around the corner, and as always, the networks have a lineup of many new programs to accompany our returning favorites.

Some of the series have promise, while others may flop—but, regardless, we’ll tune in to check them out!

Today, we’re looking at a few of the new fall dramas…


If there’s anything we’re all guilty of in today’s world, it’s our addiction to technology.  But what would we do if all of the technologies in the world were wiped out forever?  How would we survive?  And as if living in a world without everything we’ve become accustomed to isn’t bad enough, what if the one we love the most is taken away from us?

Revolution follows the Matheson family after a blackout destroys everything we rely on heavily today—phones, computers, transportation, electricity, etc.  This family possesses the truth behind why the blackout occurred and holds “the key” to reversing its effects and restoring power.  But along the way, and with public order non-existent in this post-apocalyptic world, an evil militia has taken over and wants the power to rule all to themselves.

The series stars: Tracy Spiridakos as Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson, a young woman who will stop at nothing until she reunites with her brother taken by the militia; Billy Burke as Uncle Miles, a former Marine who supposedly has MAD sword-fighting skills; Ginacarlo Esposito as Tom Neville, a captain in the militia; Tim Guinee as Ben, Charlie’s father, the one with the supposed “key” to restoring the power; and Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel, Charlie’s mother.

Revolution premiered last night on NBC.  But don’t worry; catch an encore presentation this Wednesday, September 19th.


We’re all familiar with The Hippocratic Oath, right?  The Oath every single doctor, nurse, and healthcare professional takes, swearing to practice medicine both honestly and ethically…  But what happens when a top surgeon’s family is indebted to the mob and medical expertise is expected as a form of payment toward such a debt?

The Mob Doctor follows Dr. Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro), one of the top surgical residents in Chicago.  Everything is falling into place for Grace and her future looks promising, until she makes a deal with the devil—or mafia—to save her brother.  As a part of her “arrangement” with the mob, Grace agrees inadvertently to do whatever it takes to repay her debt… even if that means killing a patient in her care.  But will she actually go through with it?  Or will she fight the mafia, trying to do what’s right—staying true to The Hippocratic Oath?

The new series also stars: William Forsythe as Constantine Alexander—the mob boss; Zach Gilford from Friday Night Lights; James Carpinello, Broadway alum and husband to one of our favorite Whedonites, Amy Acker; Jesse Soffer, from the Brady Bunch movies; and Michael Rapaport, one of my favorites from the 1995 movie, Higher Learning, and TV series Boston Public and Prison Break.

But here’s what’s concerning—Michael Rapaport is clearly in the commercials for The Mob Doctor, but his name doesn’t appear in the credits online.  Very interesting…  Maybe he is killed off early?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but that would be a shame… considering he’s one of the main reasons I’m tuning in to watch.

The Mob Doctor premiered last night on Fox.  But again, don’t worry; catch the pilot episode again this Friday night, September 21st.


I used to like a show about Vegas a LOT—remember NBC’s Las Vegas, starring James Caan, Josh Duhamel, James Lesure, Molly Simms, and Vanessa Marcil?  Heck, even Tom Selleck starred for a few seasons after Caan left.  Now that was a good show…

But that’s not this Vegas.

Inspired by a true story, Vegas follows a sheriff and rancher (Dennis Quaid) as he battles a Chicago mob boss (Michael Chiklis) looking to take over the desert town in the 1960s.  As their personalities and lifestyles clash, these two men with completely different ideals battle head-to-head.  Who will win?  After all, Vegas is all about winning and losing…

The series also stars Carrie-Anne Moss (the Matrix movies) and Jason O’Mara (Terra Nova).

Vegas premieres Tuesday, September 25th on CBS.


Certain literary masterpieces continue to live on just as strong today as they did centuries ago…  like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Jane Austen’s Emma, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes just to name a few.

Elementary is television’s latest adaptation of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.  Hoping to bask in the popularity of the Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, as well as the BBC’s Sherlock series starring Benedict Cumberbatch, CBS’s new drama places a modern-day twist on the classic story.

Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone) stars as Sherlock Holmes, a former London detective with a bit of a drinking problem.  At the insistence of his father, Sherlock is shadowed by Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu, from Ally McBeal) who is looking to get back into the medical field after her license is revoked.  But Sherlock’s sobriety is not a concern for him and he knows a normal rehabilitation program is not what he needs—instead, he wants to do what he does best—solve crimes.  Together, the duo will solve some of New York City’s toughest cases… whether Watson likes it or not.

The series also stars Aiden Quinn (Prime Suspect, but more importantly Legends of the Fall) as NYC Police Captain, Tobias Gregson.

Elementary premieres Thursday, September 27th on CBS.


What do you get when you cross a high-powered New York law firm with street-smarts from New Jersey?  The perfect attorney for the job—Martina Garretti (Janet Montgomery, from Human Target and Entourage).

Of course, that doesn’t mean the other members of her firm won’t doubt Ms. Garretti’s abilities—after all, most of her colleagues have Ivy League educations.  Plus, with a traditional Italian family back at home, we can expect Martina to be pulled in many different directions.  Despite all of the naysayers and interruptions, will she successfully balance her family life with a high-powered legal career?

The series also stars: Kyle Maclachlan (Twin Peaks, Desperate Housewives) as firm founder, Donovan Stark; Kristoffer Polaha (Ringer) as Nolan Adams; Stephanie March (Law & Order: SVU) and many other familiar faces.

Made in Jersey premieres Friday, September 28th on CBS.


If I had to rank these in order as to which one I’m most looking forward to, I’d put Elementary at number one.  Not to mention, Elementary falls on my favorite TV night of the week—Thursday.

Revolution probably comes in second behind Elementary, with Vegas following closely behind at number three.  Fourth and fifth place is probably a tossup between The Mob Doctor and Made in Jersey, but that doesn’t mean we won’t give both of these a chance here on Tele-Tuesday.

And just in case anyone missed the premiere of The Mob Doctor and Revolution last night and can’t decide whether or not to check out the encore presentations later this week, come back tomorrow and find out what Amber West and I thought of the two in our Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday reviews.

What do you think?  Will you tune in to watch any of these new dramas?  Which one most interests you?  I’d love to hear from you!

17 Replies to “Tele-Tuesday: New Fall Drama”

  1. As you know, I’ve already checked out Revolution (and will be featuring on this week’s WatchWed), but I am also curious about Elementary. Part of me is ready to hate it – I don’t like the idea of reinterpreting Watson as a woman. BUT I LOVE Jonny Lee Miller, so I am going to give it a chance.

  2. I have to check out Revolution. I love post-apocalyptic dramas, and Billy Burke!
    Zach Gilford’s character, Matt was my favourite in Friday Night Lights. Nice to see him back on TV.

  3. I’ll be DVDing Vegas and hoping for something good. Incidentally, before Las Vegas – in fact, probably while you were watching Saturday morning cartoons – there was Vega$, starring Robert Urich as a private detective. It was one of my all-tme avorite shows.

  4. I taped Revolution, I’ll have to watch it in time for Amber’s review.

    Curious what you think of Mob Doctor. Hopefully it does more than earn a SSTV rating because the premise and, even the name of the show, don’t make me want to tune in.

    I almost feel that way about Elementary because if it’s just going to be a mystery of the week show, I doubt I’ll stick with it, but I’m intrigued enough to check out the pilot.

    Vegas, I’m looking forward to. Great cast and a cool premise.

  5. The Revolution synopsis immediately made me think…Jericho 2.0. Hmmm. And the blurb for Vegas didn’t thrill me, but then I looked again and saw the names Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis. Yeah, I’m there. If these guys took on this project, it’s likely worth a watch. Thanks for the heads-up, Tiffany!

    (I need to look up when Revenge starts.)

  6. We’re recording Mob Doctor and Revolution, although I don’t expect my wife to like Revolution. We haven’t seen either one, yet. Shoot, I haven’t even watched last Monday’s “Major Crimes,” yet.

  7. I am curious about Elementary. I really love A.C.Doyle’s novels and short stories about Sherlock Holmes (I read all Sherlock stories he wrote!), but I have my doubts about this adaptation. Making Watson a woman is a big diversion from the original concept and we all know why the writers did that…but my real fear lies in the character of Sherlock. He was taking opium in the original – yes and he was somehow unpredictable and seemingly moody person, but part of that was a show he was making for his surroundings. He was always in control of (not only) himself. Two Sherlock movies already portrayed him as an unstable (almost insane) person which he certainly wasn’t in Doyle’s works. He wasn’t a “funny” guy, jumping around and I am afraid that this series will also portrait him the way these movies did.

  8. Love, love, LOVE Revolution. For me, it’s a close second to Last Resort. The plot twists thus far have kept me interested, and every once in a rare while, post apocalyptic badasses will draw me in. Plus, chick with bow and arrow=cool (long before The Hunger Games made it so) to me. In fact, I’ll dork myself out by confessing to not only playing D & D in my younger years but to making myself an elven ranger just so I could be good with a bow and arrow. 🙂

    Watched The Mob Doctor for the first time last night on DVR, and although I’d gotten away from medical dramas when I quit my addiction to Gray’s/Private Practice, I may be willing to give this one a shot.

    Vegas & Made In Jersey didn’t really intrigue me, but I have watched the first couple episodes of Elementary. First off, I love Sherlock…second, I’ve been crushing on Jonny Lee since his Hackers days and was highly disappointed when Eli Stone (another great show) got cancelled. But to make Lucy Liu Watson? Way cool!

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