Elle Casey’s Big Indie Book Anniversary Event


Want a chance to win one or MORE of over 100 YA books, including Football Sweetheart?

Then today is just what you’ve been waiting for!  Click over to Elle Casey’s BIG January Anniversary Indie Book Event and sign up to win any number of the listed young adult reads.  Choose from:

Science Fiction
And “Other” genres like Mystery/Detective (Football Sweetheart‘s genre)

The giveaway ends January 15th (tomorrow!!) so enter as soon as you can.  And remember, enter for as many books as you’d like.  Each author is giving away multiple copies of each book, so you’re chances of winning are good!

To enter, simply click on this link and peruse the list.  Once you’ve selected all of the books you are interested in, follow Elle’s instructions and complete her form located below the list for each book.

I’m personally giving away five copies of Football Sweetheart, so be sure to enter if you’d like to win a copy!

Good Luck and Happy Reading!

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